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Model Falls Through a Hole for Your Enjoyment!

10/18/2007 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We know models are taught to look forward when they walk the runway, but if there's a giant hole in the ground, it's okay to look!

Our friends over at caught this video during L.A. Fashion Week. A performer fell on his back during the opening of the show, leaving a giant hole in the runway -- which, apparently, no one thought would be a problem. But, sure enough, a lovely young lady (just the right size to fit) fell right through it!

If she'd eaten just one more French fry, she might have gotten stuck!


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8. Oh how I wish it were Naomi Campbell! I would have paid top dollar for front row! And i agree with this comment who cares if she got hurt... i don't either way i still laughed my arse off... a matter of fact i still am...hahahahahahahahaahahhahahaha

2533 days ago


ok I feel bad if she got hurt, but I can't believe she didn't look for a second down at the runway before going out there, she could have avoided the whole thing. I'd always be afraid that maybe there was something there to trip on.

2533 days ago

Just Thinking    

Wow, pretty amazing how many people ran up to tell her there was a hole. With a gigantic hole like that why wasn't the show cancelled? Why didn't they put up some orange cones or a "slippery when wet" sign? Kudos to the guy who helped her up. Plus, I was glad to see her wearing underpants. I must also apologize to the poor gal because I did laugh my ass off.

2533 days ago

just wondering    

....#22!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahhahhahhahahaha....PLSE TMZ....get another sponser....I can't take much more of the Pantene girl!!!!!!!!!!!

2533 days ago


Wow, wasn't looking where she was going. I've actually have had a bad floor give way under me, it hurt like hell!! Was stuck for a while, scrapes, bruses, and blood. Poor girl, crappy catwalk, give 'em hell chick...

2533 days ago


Damm, that looked like it hurt.

2533 days ago


Why was everyone screaming?.... It isn't like the bitch was gonna get hurt or anything.

Heroin- does a body good, and impairs your vision, too!

2533 days ago


I don't who was dumber..the guy who made the hole or the dumb blind anorexic model!..

2533 days ago


I know that had to hurt but at least she was wearing underwear! Why didn't someone cover that hole before the models started out? NEGLIGENCE....but it was funny!

2533 days ago

nice marmot    

Not funny. That girl was probably pretty seriously injured (did you see how jagged the edges of that hole were?). I do not consider that video entertaining in the least. I don't understand why everyone thinks this is so funny just because she's a model. You'd have to be very petty and cruel to find this video amusing.

2533 days ago


That really looked like it hurt for both the martial artist and the model. For the model however, the fact that no one took time to either a.) fix the hole or b.) notifies everyone theres a big ass hole in the floor is usually how lawsuits get started. Nice job, Designer Person!

2533 days ago


wow what losers...but if it makes you feel better about yourselves to laugh @ someone & call them a bitch then go right ahead =]

2532 days ago


I think its cruel of people to laugh at someone who could have been seriously hurt. Yes it might have been funny at the beginning. I think she ought to sue them. Its their responsibility to keep their models safe and protected. Actually she reminds me of Jessica Mc Clure falling in that little small hole. It would be my luck to fall through a hole if I did something like that. lol

2532 days ago


when she walk out she thought she was that... lmao. then she went into a hole. lmao. how embrssing that must of me.. lmao.. that should show her she isn't all that and teach her for tryint to look all that.. lmao

2532 days ago


wow.... this is funny as hell....

but yall are such haters! don't be jealous that you want this poor girl's job!

2532 days ago
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