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Model Falls Through a Hole for Your Enjoyment!

10/18/2007 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We know models are taught to look forward when they walk the runway, but if there's a giant hole in the ground, it's okay to look!

Our friends over at caught this video during L.A. Fashion Week. A performer fell on his back during the opening of the show, leaving a giant hole in the runway -- which, apparently, no one thought would be a problem. But, sure enough, a lovely young lady (just the right size to fit) fell right through it!

If she'd eaten just one more French fry, she might have gotten stuck!


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hillarious,she said here i come she put on the biotch face the ignorant look and she headed down the catwalk shaking those hips like if she was pushing on midgets down the walkway ,but soon she realize she headed wayyyyyyyy down hill by the actions of samurai king pan tao, who in my opinion is the best most skilled full samurai on the planet ,he probably had to put ice on his lower back for a good 10 hours after his circus act,but if u ask him about the incident he would probably say,is all gooo ice pack get the job done ,you ask the model about the incident she would say talk to my attorney and they sue for her carrer beeing over,which is bull cause it never started,i though she was the cleaning lady with that hair due,talking about dues i think the model should pay for the damage she did, biotch

2564 days ago


The panty-clad crotch shot is obvious but was that also a nipple I saw as she climbed out of the hole?

2564 days ago

tom hale    

Stage Safety....not real exciting topic. BUT, the stage must be safe for the working people at the stage.
Hole in the stage that people can fall into, if real bad. These models can get hurt bad enough to put them out of work. Broken bones, back injury..... who is in charge of keeping these stages safe??

2564 days ago

eyes have it    

did anyone notice that after she got out of the hole her whole front was showing

2564 days ago


Are we supposed to feel bad for her ohh she was bleeding and had some cuts, I am sure the $10,000 dollars that ugly little imp made was worth it, sorry I just do not feel bad, regular people face danger in there jobs every day, there is no way I am going to feel bad for some stupid model who could not see that big hole, yeah I know you are supposed to keep your head up but come on what kind of idiot would just walk into that hole, yeah that is right people a model.

2564 days ago


Most of you all are mean spirited. I would rather fall through a runway than be like you!
And NO! I am not going to lighten up.

2564 days ago


It's not that funny people...grow up.

2564 days ago


wow... the comments are harsh. I sure hope the day something painful happens to one of you, y'all don't get laughed at. People who make mean remarks are jealous and insecure.

2564 days ago


Her front was hanging out before she fell in that hole.
What a hoaky show, I feel sorry for the girl. How embarassing. However, how do you see cuts and blood? All I see is panties hanging out and no bra as usual for a runway model (unless it's the Victoria Secret show). Who's the designer? RAUNCHY.

2564 days ago


Whoa John, you sound like you have your own problems!

2564 days ago


I would have enjoyed the video more if the air-head model hadn't been wearing

2564 days ago


It could have been a crack in the floor and the poor girl would have still fell through! It is because of women like her my daughter is so anal about how she looks! She is almost 5ft tall and weighs 79pds, yet after she sees these girls she starts worrying that she is too big! My kid even beat all the boys in her school in push-ups and I tried to tell her muscle weighs more than fat and she looks awsome! Until these models put on weight (and the celebs), all of us with young girls will have to watch them like hawks!

2564 days ago

sebastipole rathbone    

cant believe the negetive comments delighting in the ill fortune of this model she deserves our good wishes and hopes that she suffered no injury that would damage her career

2564 days ago


Was that a panty advertisement! It was embarrassing for the young lady, but imagine how much more embarrassing it might have been if she werent wearing underwear!

Seriously, I hope she wasn't hurt in that fall.

2564 days ago


BY THE WAY A WAR IS RAGING ...............

2564 days ago
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