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Michael Douglas' Son

To Stand Trial on

Drug Charges

10/19/2007 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The son of Michael Douglas has been ordered to stand trial on cocaine possession charges.

Cameron Douglas booking photo
Cameron Douglas has been charged with felony possession of a controlled substance and misdemeanor possession of a hypodermic needle. Charges were filed against 28-year-old Cameron Douglas and his friend, 30-year-old Christopher Lane.

At a pretrial hearing, charges of being under the influence of a controlled substance were added for Douglas, based on the testimony of a Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Deputy.

The charges stem from their arrest on July 22, when police found Douglas and Lane in a car near a Santa Barbara, Calif. motel -- and found a syringe on the floorboard with liquid cocaine in it. According to the arresting officer, Lane told him the syringe was his.

Both men will be back in court for an arraignment on November 16.

Cameron Douglas appeared with his father and grandfather, Kirk Douglas, in the 2003 film "It Runs in the Family."

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Big Ol' Biscuit    

If this young man was anyone else but a rich celebrity's son (and grandson) he would have been spending the last 10 years or so in federal prison. He got into a road rage incident years ago, and actually tried to RUN DOWN a federal law officer (can't recall whether it was a Secret Service Agent, or a Federal Marshall). The guy was holding onto the door of Cameron's car, and Cameron drove recklessly at about 30+mph, trying to shake the guy off his car. Michael Douglas had to pull massive influence to keep his son from being locked away for decades, and he PROMISED that the kid would get help. Well, I suppose that Michael was subsequently so distracted by the sexuality of Catherine Zeta-Jones that it sort of slipped his mind to keep an eye on Cameron. Hey, Michael: good luck with those little kids, Dylan and GirleyWhatever, but then you'll most likely be dead, or shriveled up and mumbling like your geezer dad, before the little ones start misbehaving.

2528 days ago


His kid looks like his beaten down character in "Falling Down".... D-FENS!!!!

2528 days ago

just wondering    

.........hmmmmmmmmmmm??? #60 seems to have daddy issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...what a loser!!!!!!!!

2528 days ago


'I wanna look as unnatractive as my douchebag Dad.'

2528 days ago


Guess he learned nothing from his Uncle Eric's death.

2528 days ago


I hope they keep him away from the younger kids in that family...ugly picture if not...

2528 days ago


The Douglas family is a classic example of a misogynist generation of enablers. No values and no one willing to take the buck, stop the madness, and care about the next generation.

2528 days ago

Sir Patty's "Falling Down" come to life!

2528 days ago

Apres Ski    

Michael Douglas was the first one to admit he wasn't there when Cameron was growing up. He focused on his career and getting an Oscar for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. However, he's better now, but still, Cameron really hasn't fallen to far from that tree.

And what's worse is now that Michael should have some time for him, he now has a new family with Catherine Zeta-Jones & their two children . . .

Another sad Hollyweird tale . . .

2528 days ago


To #67 are so right. The Douglas family has been a mess ever since Kirk Douglas became a star. He sons learned from him, how to become womanizers and have no relationship with their children. Michael Douglas did the same things his own father did...yes the apple does not fall far from the tree. Years ago I was in a restaraunt north of Santa Barbara and some of the Douglas family were there celebrating a birthday..Michael Douglas came up behind me and grabbed my ass! He is a short, acne scarred jerk! Just wait until Catherine out grows him and dumps his butt. Hopefully it isn't too late for his son.

2527 days ago


This Judge is well know for not only being a poor judge, but make decision based on his "power" and not intelligence. He has made obsurd rulings against those he preceives as wealthy or especially famous. He has a sad jealous personality and has no respect in the community. Someone should investigate him.

Cameron does need help. God help him!

2527 days ago


he looks like his father in "Falling Down" brat or not. it wasn't his choice to be born into celebrity. i don't think peoples children should be referred to as "useless hollywood brats"
how judgemental is that!

2526 days ago


I hope this is the wake up call for him to get sober.

2526 days ago

Carol Villeneuve    

Poor Cameron has been on a downward spiral for years with drugs and alcohol, and he is only in his late 20's. A close family friend dated him for years and cared very much for him, however he could not get the monkey off of hisback. Thank goodness for her she has finally moved on. I wish him well, but please get some serious help. It just goes to show you, that all of the money in the world cannot BUY you happiness. Some still search for it in the form of a bottle, pills etc...
To the Douglas Family: This is a wake up call, get him help before you lose him.
It's time to face the music, and save your life.

2525 days ago


I'm sure Michael has done as much for this son as his other children. The Douglas's are all priviledged. I am remembering that he lost his brother through drugs..hope he can save this son. I am also pretty sure he is helping him now.He's been there himself. I wish them well.

2522 days ago
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