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TMZ Photog to Brit -- Remove Tire from Foot

10/19/2007 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears got intimate with a TMZ photog yesterday -- she ran over his foot!

It happened -- ironically -- as Spears was leaving a Bev Hills medical building.

With one hand attempting to cover her freshly acquired Jolie-esque lips, Spears attempted to exit the parking lot in her Pumpkinmobile while using her other hand to steer. As she tried to make a quick left, with paparazzi by her side, Spears' tire ran over our sandal-wearing photog's foot. Spears stopped the car, trapping our guy for what must have seemed like 4 hours. Ouch!

Spears looked shocked once she realized what she'd done ... but didn't get out of the car to see if he was okay. Our photog went to the emergency room and fortunately, nothing was broken. But, in tire terms, it has not been a very Goodyear for our guy. It's rough out there!

Tune in tonight to TMZ TV to see how it all went down -- and Britney's reaction!


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2563 days ago


maybe his foot should not have been that close to the vehicle, she obviously is trying to leave a parking area, most people would see that and BACK THE HELL UP. what shot are they trying to get that the other 30 photographers are trying for at the same time......You hear other people leaving restaurants or wherever, stating they can't see with all the flashes going off, amazes me no one understands that , I see so many stupid posts from people who just are brainless in their thinking skills its just amazing to know there are so many people who shoot off at the mouth without inserting brain, not just with this but for so many of the other photos and videos of Britney Spears.

2563 days ago


When you get that close to a moving vehicle & you're flashing lights in the driver's face, expect to get hurt.

2563 days ago

Boston Kate    

Good, run them all over!

2563 days ago


One hand on the wheel, no seat belt.

Gimmee more!

I can't get enough of this nightmare mother of the year.

Tick tock, it is a matter of time.

I see serious jail time in her future!

2563 days ago

OPEN UR eyes Lady!    

SERIOUSLY-----------------> TMZ photog Get out of the way! A judge should throw all of you photogs in JAIL for interfering with drivers!

2563 days ago


Good for her!! Maybe now they will leave her alone. There should be a law about the pap. stalking people for a pic.

2563 days ago

Get over it already...    


Your right he is JUST DOING HIS JOB...he needs to do his job and then get out of the way.

2563 days ago


#18 I sure hope your not wearing Leather shoes. How stupid now is that,,,,,PETA....who doesn't love fur? Its warm, cozy, soft and has been used in coats for Years before PETA. it always amazes me how people can say that, then they sit down to a steak dinner, or chicken , or fish, etc.....

2563 days ago


He deserved it! The idiots need to stay the hell away from her car.

2563 days ago


she's STILL driving without a licsense? she can afford a driver or chauffer, so why does she still drive?

2563 days ago


Too bad she didn't throw it in park and keep that moron's foot stuck under the tire.

2563 days ago


This was more than likely just a set up. Why can you all not stay out of her way and perhaps you would not even be in a position to get your foot ran over. Oh and by the way why have you failed to report the story regarding Vincent Kaplan K feds attorney stating she will have her visitations reinstated. The were taken all because of phone reception. What is wrong with you people - why must you insist on degrading an individual whom is a responsible party. For some strange reason you do not give the story on an individual whom should be degraded for his lack of parenting skills and money hungry attitude.....Kfed=Smoking funny smelling stuff on One tree hill set, someone at his home with beer in hand children present and pool fence not installed until after the childrens birthday. If your gonna tell a story tell the whole story and the truth...... No you only want to write about drama that is not even the truth....

2563 days ago


Sad as it is, it is almost like we are watching a sitcom as we watch Britney's daily life. Like many of you, I give Britney the credit that the Paps are to blame here. However, why not have your bimbo assistant drive the car so that you do not have to drive with one hand over your mouth and one on the steering wheel? Many of her mistakes are no brainers. DUH!!! Secondly, if my children were taken from me, you would not see my sorry butt out getting my lips done. I would be doing everything possible to get them back. If I had shown my hind end like she has in the past you wouldn't see me for quite some time. I would PROVE that I have it together and am a responsible, caring, loving mom who deserved to have her children back. I honestly do not think she wants her kids back. She certainly is not acting like a mother who does. It looks incredibly pathetic how she cannot make her drug tests appointments but she certainly can show her routine of gas, Starbucks, and Taco Bell....and lip enhancements.

2563 days ago


I think she is just such a waste, and I really can't stand her at all. However, can the freakin photographers back the F**K up when she's trying to drive away!!!! Do they HAVE to be so close to her car that their feet get run over. Too bad she didn't kill him. It should be illegal for them to come that close to anyone.

2563 days ago
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