Trump's Apprentices Doggin' It on the Job

10/19/2007 3:20 PM PDT
TMZ just revealed some of the stars who will populating the celeb edition of "The Apprentice," and just moments ago -- whaddya know! -- caught them in the middle of a challenge, selling hot dogs on the streets of New York! And NBC wasn't happy to see our cameras there.

While Lennox Lewis, Gene Simmons and Vincent "Big Pussy" Pastore tried to get passersby to stop at their cart, and Stephen Baldwin dished out the wieners to what looked like happy (albeit bewildered) customers. People seemed a lot more interested in chilling with the celebs than in a dirty water dog.

When TMZ got there, production goons did everything they could to block our shot -- which just seemed ridiculous, considering that a huge crowd of people was already gawking.