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Copperfield Reportedly Investigated for Rape

10/19/2007 1:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

FOX News Channel is reporting that a Seattle woman is alleging magician David Copperfield raped her.

The woman told Seattle police the magician raped her while she was in the Bahamas in July. Because the alleged incident happened abroad and the woman did not report the incident until she returned to the United States, Seattle authorities turned the case over to the FBI. We're told that no rape kit was done on the alleged victim in the Bahamas, which could make prosecution difficult.

As we reported yesterday, FBI agents "stormed the warehouse," and seized a computer hard drive, a digital camera system and nearly $2 million in cash.

David Chesnoff, Copperfield's lawyer, told TMZ, "We understand there is an investigation, we are in touch with the investigators, and are respecting the confidentiality of the investigation."


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Yeah, despite my David Copperfield joke, his accuser could very well be an opportunist and conniving bimbo sl*t who really wanted it all along or maybe is really one worthless c*nt making up a soon-hopefully-exposed lie, hoping for the big bucks.

2525 days ago


----------------Many women do not report it for fear of reprisals and ugly comments like yours. It's bad enough to have the courage to speak up, but then to get slammed by another should be ashamed of yourself.Posted at 12:57PM on Oct
19th 2007 by Camilleclaudel


While this is, of course, a consideration, how about the consideration that there are FAR more FALSE accusations of sex-crimes (later dropped) than there are of ACTUAL unreported ones. Get it straight.

2525 days ago


No one reading this has enough information to judge this from any angle. As women, we shouldn't attack a possible victim, but we shouldn't vilify Cooperfield just yet either. Yeah, it's a horrible crime that a lot of women and men have been victims of, but there have also been a lot of false accusations thrown at people, both rich and poor, for a variety of reasons.

Attacking Copperfield before he is found guilty of anything is just as irresponsible as attacking a victim. False accusations make it even harder for real victims to see justice and it does a great disservice to women from both sides. He might have done it and if he did, he deserves to be punished. But if he didn't do it and this is just a way for someone to get revenge or money by smearing his name, then there's no reason to ruin him.

2525 days ago


Duh!.... #44 and all those who think like this: While all that is possible w/ David Copperfield's money, don't you think the FBI getting involved is stretching your theory way too thin?

2525 days ago


The "smearing" of his name has ALREADY begun. Then simple act of making it public does that. Wake up, people. If justice is "equal", then make her name and location just as public.

2525 days ago

Skank You, Y'all    

Copperfield's hot. He can rape me any day...

2525 days ago

Skank You, Y'all    

Dave doesn't need to rape anyone. Although he does a great illusion called:
"Make the weenie dissapear..."

2525 days ago

Skank You, Y'all    

You can't rape the willing...

2525 days ago

just me    

So this alleged rape supposedly happened in the Bahamas? In July? But she didn't report it until recently? And after returning to Seattle? There was no medical examination immediately after the rape and no attempt to gather DNA traces from her clothing or a semen specimen for analysis?

What's wrong with that picture?

I don't understand why the police even took this accusation serious enough to execute this search and investigation. It's a serious accusation but anyone can accuse anyone of anything and I expect celebrities are some of the biggest targets of false accusations. While some false accusations are hard to detect, others are easy. Seems this one is easy. That is unless the police are as stupid as the woman making this postponed accusation.

But I am curious to know why Copperfield had $2 million dollars in cash in warehouse storage. That is a bit bizarre and should arouse some suspicion. But suspicion of what I don't have a clue.

2525 days ago


was the woman aged around six? creepy magicians love kids,thats why they keep ballons down their pants.

2525 days ago


* * *
* * * * *
* *
* * *
* *

2525 days ago


Ok so he is charged with rape.. why confiscate his money then?

2525 days ago


To CamilleClaudel #45.

No, it takes no courage whatsoever for a woman to "come forward" with rape allegations when the police and the media both agree to withhold her identity. It's the man being accused who is named publicly, judged in the media and has his life ruined whether or not he is guilty.

The accuser's name should be made public immediately if the name of the accused is. If she is telling the truth she need feel no shame because she was a victim. If she is lying then she deserves the consequences and to be known as someone willing to ruin another person's life for some kind of payment, out of bitterness or the need for unearned fame.

2525 days ago

Skank You, Y'all    

Dave doesn't need to rape anyone because he's so hot.

Although he does a great illusion called: "Watch the salami dissapear..."

2525 days ago


I thought he was gay?

2525 days ago
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