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Britney Spears: Pumpkinheaded Fright

10/20/2007 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsForget ghosts, goblins and witches, this year's scariest pumpkin pattern is none other than popwreck Britney Spears! It's like Martha Boo-Art, y'all!

Pattern maker has a few novel carving ideas guaranteed to scare the neighborhood kids including the Governator, dead celebs Karen Carpenter and "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin.

The patterns aren't easy, but being able to have a Britney pumpkin may be worth the trouble. Don't scare the kids.


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kim suck    

your mama~

2496 days ago


conclusion ok KimmiAnn Called typo error - never claimed to be perfect but at least I don't lie. I have also learned from my parents (whom are not perfect) IF YOU CAN'T SAY NOTHING NICE DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!! Perhaps someone else can learn from that....

2496 days ago


along with the sites slow keyboard acceptance

2496 days ago

Pairs Hilton    

can we talk about something besides britnany,pairs and linsy?
sersuly its really boring yall talk about the dumiest things

2496 days ago


#12 Rhonda---are you for real? How could anyone give her respect? Besides, she doesn't give ANYONE--not ANYONE respect. She treats her own children like crap--her own parents, her lawyers, publicists, so-called "friends", the courts, the counselor who is trying to give her parenting classes. Good Lord, woman, respect for her? Are you kidding? Look at the mess she is!!

2496 days ago


Janet may I ask how you know this? Cause if you are getting your information via media please let me advise you of this. The majority of what you read has little to no truth. Please bare in mind the following: Never believe nothing of what you hear and half of what you. The only ones who know the truth would be Brit and Kev all the rest is hearsay. I find it horrible that some have placed this picture on someone they really know nothing about. I do know these two children do have a mother and this is sad.

2496 days ago


There have been comments made on here about her killing herself or the media driving her crazy. Well I know this from life reality - I have a child who's father is no longer with us and you don't know how this child truly longs for daddy People need to realize this is not just about Brit or Kev there are two children (innocent) involved and the media seems to be the Judge. I do believe there is a judge assigned to this case. Let him do his job if the media want to get involved please do what a judicial judge does - let us hear about both sides not just one....

2496 days ago


It is her Parents/lawyers/publicists/friends fault that Britney turned out this way. They made her the "MESS" that she is now. They built this monster up - never said no to her - never taught her how to live her own life - just taught her how to "ACT". Now they are paying the price.....
Britney is going to be fine - once the judge makes her follow the rules for a little while - she will cave in. I continue to hope for the best for her. If only to silence all her critics. When Brit's not around TMZ is one pretty boring read...........

2496 days ago

Bobby W    

One day Brit is going to straighten up her life and when she comes back kickin ass and leaving footprints some people will have to get a life

2496 days ago


The server is down :( No Britney Pumpkin Head for me.

2496 days ago


Leave her alone. She is sweet and you (TMZ) are mean and rotten to her every single day.

2496 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

How she REALLY looks would have been scarier......Perhaps a BALD rendition.......JUst a suggestion......Feel free to use it!

2496 days ago


The pumpkin looks better than she does!!!

2496 days ago


she actually looks pretty in the driving pic

2496 days ago


Honestly TMZ can you not please leave this poor girl alone. Honestly she cant pee without the papparazzi hounding her. I actually feel sorry for her. Its pathetic. Is there not enough going on in this planet that you dont have to post such trivial stuff on here. This stuff is so blatantly boring . No wonder the girl is a train-wreck, everything she does is on TMZ, like you need to get a life. Britney is a young woman, she needs some privacy to get her life together and be left with some dignity. I have seen the papparazi following her like idiots, trying at whatever they can to get a pic of her even combing her hair, or, or even just getting a hamburger, the normal things people do in everyday life. Just becuase she gets a burger or has a pumpkin in her car does not make A GOOD NEWS STORY. Like get a story that matters, not this trivial...................... LEAVE HER ALONE.

2496 days ago
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