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New York Loves All Things Big and Small

10/20/2007 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you're endowed like a whale or you're willing to swim across a lake to save a little person, you might just have a chance with the most awesomely divalicious of them all, New York.

TMZ got a sneak peek at a couple of the ways New York's suitors are attempting to advance their courtship -- and emerge as the winner of VH1's "I Love New York," and let's just say a certain blessing of manhood or act of heroism will impress her fabulousness. Our fair lady!

Check out the latest episode of "I Love New York" on VH1 at 9:00 PM on Monday.


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i heard she he has a pee pee

2539 days ago


This girl seriously looks like the grinch who stole christmas.

If you go and search for the cartoon of the grinch who stole christmas and then look at her picture of a front profile. I SWEAR TO GOD, its' the grinch gone black.

I would say she's ugly, but then that would be an insult to ugly people.

And her mother looks like a man!

2539 days ago


why are these guys wasting their time? do they want air time or are they just as stupid?

2539 days ago


Of all the beautiful black, classy women on TV, why in heaven's name did they pick this low-life acting person to have her own reality show. She acts and looks like a moron.

She really is a disgrace to all young black women everywhere. How old is she anyway?

Omarosa was a bitch, but at least she had class and looked pretty good. Why didn't they give her a reality show.

Are they that desparate for ratings they had to scrape the bottom of the barrel ?

2539 days ago


This is not news. If I cared, I'd watch the show. What's Britney doing today? Or is her contrac weekdays only?

2539 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

#32 Karen

Do you mean erect, because all guys at least are packing 6inches. Who in the world would have a 3inch erect p*nis??? LOL???

2539 days ago


my ex boyfriend had a 4 incher while erect. yeah i know, thats why i sad ex.

2539 days ago


and yes it was pink.

2539 days ago



No Way..Are you sure you measured right :) 4in is barley longer then a finger. LMAO In those cases make em stay down town..Gotta upgrade between 6-7in with rhythm thats perfect!!

2539 days ago



How much do you get paid for show/product/celebrity endorsements in your Website and on your show?


Shows and websites like TMZ's get free "stories" from all sorts of entertainment companies. Kind of makes for a lot of one-sided bad crap doesn't it?

Watch for the same thing on the local and national news shows...

2539 days ago


I always thought she looked like Miss Piggy

2538 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

'Spike the Poet', you are 100% correct! I can't believe more people don't notice and complain about this obviously paid advertisements. She's just a nasty, self obsessed piece of garbage! I guess the phone and ass pop-ups weren't paying the bills.

2538 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

anyone that uses the word "classy" is a loser...sorry it is true.

Also New York is putting on an entertaining show. Interesting how so many posters cruelly attack her looks... I wish all of you could paste in your recent pics so we could have a laugh.

2538 days ago


I am completely disgusted with VH 1 and its crappy programming. It isn't enough that they still run "Hogan Knows Best", they also had to have a drunken over the hill so-called rock star, Bret Michaels, looking for his "Rock Of Love". As for this Flavor Flav, what ever the hell his name is, and New is degrading to the Black race 100%. Boy, the NAACP screamed bloody murder over the old "Amos and Andy Show" and how it depicted Blacks in a degrading manner. Yet they say nothing when it comes to all the negative influence of ganster rap and the demeaning way it depicts women. I am fed up with it all. I avoid all VH 1 programming. Although I know it is all acted along the lines of a script and that reality TV is far from reality, it is sad that this is what our young people are being showed as "the real world".

2538 days ago

Ya Think?    

I'm so sick of TMZ forcing Kim Kardashian's ass in our faces. KNOCK IT OFF! Get that crap off the site. How much do the sleazy, plastic Kardashians pay for that advertising. If my daughter was humping her ass for strangers, I'd kick it so hard she'd need surgery to remove my toes from her colon.

2538 days ago
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