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Britney: "I Just Want My Starbucks, Y'all!"

10/21/2007 8:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Starbucks-obsessed Britney Spears and her tag-along pal Sam Lufti went for some coffee in the Valley, where she had to learn from the paparazzi that her single is number one on the charts -- or at least on iTunes. You learn something new every day, y'all!

As Spears waited for Sam to deliver her caffeinated treat, she chatted up the paps -- all while keeping her lips covered. One photog tried to joke with her by asking, "What do you think about Britney Spears?" -- to which she responded, "That's mean!" A pap tried to blame the stupid question on TMZ, but for the record -- it wasn't us!

Since Lufti was taking his sweet time, Britney had to endure more questions -- about her new music video, what her kids are going to be for Halloween (pumpkins!) and expressed worry for her fire-endangered Malibu home, saying, "I don't think it's touched my house."

Good to see she's on top of the situation.


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My Opinion    

The SS Britney has arrived in all her fish lips glory. The SS is for stupidly stubborn or stubbornly stupid. She had her lips done so she could use one hand to cover up her lips and drink her precious coffee while driving with the other. This is suppose to help her drive better...ha! ha! Where is her dog? She'll smell alot better with him around. Sad that she is becoming a future Anna Nichole. Hey, who wants SS Britney to babysit your children?

2521 days ago


She is covering her lips b/c the first 3-4 days they'll be swollen then they will have the final look. So, she is covering it b/c they're BIG right now...they'll go down then it will look good.

2521 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

When was the last time someone saw or read about her in a club? Long ago or did I miss something? Again, if she likes Starbucks, WTFCs? Live and let live.

2521 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

When was the last time someone saw or read about her in a club? Long ago or did I miss something? Again, if she likes Starbucks, WTFCs? Live and let live.

2521 days ago


I think Britney is an absolutely fascinating supestar celebrity. She is so open and friendly and actually appears to really enjoy going out and does'nt mind the photographers. Thank god there are real celebrities like Britney and Lindsay who don't hide behind 12 foot walls in gated communities and only rarely go out for planned photo ops. Thank you Britney and Lindsay for letting us enjoy your lives.

2521 days ago


Malibu and parts of Southern Ca. are burning and all she cares about is a Starbuck
drink.I can't believe she is so self-centered. It would have been nice not to see Britney
on TMZ today.But I guess that is too much to ask for.

2521 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

Sounds like someone here has had Botox injections as they seem to know exactly how it "works".

2521 days ago


if you ask me kevin is in NC and thinks that that is the reason why she got them back too suspicious or he wants something

2521 days ago


I heard this news from my biker friends, they said they discussed this at their forum for a long time, and seems those biker crowd create a specialized forum for this topic at a biker social site called, I ever visited it, it is true, btw, I found so many biker hotties at that site, especially those biker model singles, they are naughty and sexy, and interested in love on motorcycle.

2521 days ago


Beautiful Britney.

2521 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Ha Ha!!!! Poor 'Mrs. Devoted Wife' ( around #41- or so and USING MY NAME!) is trying to harsh on me for calling her an idiot for being #9 on the STUPID, POINTLESS 1st game. Well you are an idiot and even you admit to it! And for someone so devoted to her husband, you sure are quite obsessed with 'wienies'. Sounds like someone has a fixation that can't be dealt with by her husband. And yes, I still believe that Brit is not the sharpest rock in the box ( or knife if you prefer), but the only nasty word I used was 'idiot' to describe you! And as a human, I do feel a slight bit of empathy for Brit- and especially her kids ( crumbsnatcher was used for illustration purposes only), but she did all this to herself and continues to do a lot of very strange things. But you, 'Devoted Wife', are still an IDIOT AND NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE THAT ANYTIME SOON! Good luck with that phallic obsession of yours.

2521 days ago


Did you REALLY think she'd show any concern for her neighbors homes when she shows so little for her own KIDS? She has only one concern and that's BRITNEY. And many people have posted the obvious about her Starbucks obsession and the paps. She could have someone get it for her, she could get it delivered, she could get her own coffee/cap/frap maker and beans. That's what normal people would do if they were bothered by the paps. But she basks in the glory of the attention she gets from them. Whatever else she may be addicted to, GETTING ATTENTION is the most powerful one she has. That would be OK if she didn't drag her kids into it. They obviously don't enjoy the attention as much as she does. And for all you excuse makers---no it's not the paps fault for being there. SHE knows they'll be there and she could go somewhere else to avoid them when the kids are with her. Simple enough IF she wanted to protect the kids from the paps. BUT SHE DOESN'T!!!

2521 days ago


She's a psycho mutt. Anna Nicole Smith Jr.

2521 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

And while I'm still here, what is the deal with this religio nut who proclaims him/herself to be 'God' ( around #44 or so)? So you think that the unfortunate people whose homes are being destroyed by fire and having this done because 'God' is mad at cracks made about Britney? Most of these people are her neighbors and if anyone could sympathize for some of what she is going thru, it might be them. And now you want California to be destroyed by earthquakes? You probably live in the 'Bible Belt' where tornadoes routinely plow through that area as well. I hear there are lots of 'good' Christian folk that have their lives destroyed by natural events too. I guess you just want every other single non-Christian person in this world destroyed to fulfill your psychotic religious fantasies. Nothing against Christians, but you give them a bad name! And isn't proclaiming yourself 'God' an act of blasphemy? I think you need more help than Britney! Seriously!!!

2521 days ago


This bitch is the stupidest skank on the face of the Earth.

2521 days ago
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