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Photo Proves It: Britney with Her Kids

10/21/2007 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears did indeed have her kids with her yesterday afternoon. An unidentified woman can be seen sitting in the passenger seat -- a court-appointed monitor, perhaps?

The photo, not surprisingly, was taken outside of a Starbucks.


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He's Boring now    

Aww Pumpkin

That "matron" looks like something out of Shawshank Redemption.....Keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road Brit...I'm sure driving habits are being noted as part of the Matrons duties.

And stay off of peoples feet with your tires---wont look good on the Trip Report to the Judge.

2560 days ago


good for her! cant wait for her cd to come out

2560 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

It's nice to hear she gets to see her children in the midst of all this hatred people have for her. I wish her the best.


2560 days ago



2560 days ago


Of course friggin starbucks!!! Why when she finally gets to see her kids does she drive them around? why not to the zoo or something? always for a ride...i feel so bad for those kids...they need to be outside playing, not cruising around L.A in the back of a stuffy BMW. I am so over Britney Spears she is the epitome of a loser

2560 days ago

Court junkie    

They don't look happy.....

2560 days ago


Nice body language there Brit. Gee, maybe if I turn my back on the monitor she won't exist, because I'm Britney, bitch.

2560 days ago


My first thought when I heard that Brit regained visitation with her kids was "She's just going to haul them around to Starbucks, etc. lol" and what do you know, I go on TMZ and she's hauling them around by Starbcks lol.
She should be at home playing with them, wth.

2560 days ago


#3 Jimbo---this "hatred" you mention was brought on by her. She did it to herself, and continues to. Perhaps she will understand that someday.

2560 days ago

Gimme a break    

How about a little quality time at home with the kids Brit? Dragging them around in the back seat of a car can't be fun for them. Maybe if you display even a wee bit of maternal affection it might help your case.
And get that crap off of your dash board. Grow up for goodness sake.

2560 days ago

Busted Celebrity    

Britney needs to be a naughty tape star for Halloween... Oh wait too late she already did! DOH... LOL


2560 days ago


So what if she went to a starbucks? We don't know what she did the rest of the day with her children. Everyone is quick to trash her whithout even knowing what they did the rest of the day. Give the poor woman a break & no I am not a Brit fan. Just stating my opinion.

2560 days ago


Someone needs to teach her car seat safety. Looking at that picture, her son is not buckled in correctly. If you don't use them right, they don't work. As many incidents as she's had with her car lately, I can only hope she doesn't have a really bad accident with the kids in the car and she finds out too late that she's not using them properly.

2560 days ago


ha-ha... she's with her kids!! if her visits were even suspended!
She should be doing this... she should be doing that...... HATERS and "KNOW IT ALLS"!!
Oviously she cares about her children or she wouldn't be trying to prove herself to the courts and fight for them.
And TMZ.... as if it was her fault that that photographer of yours got his foot ran over at .2 mph. GET THAT HELL OUT OF THE WAY IDIOT! What she should she have done?? ... just park there for 5 hours so you dumb ass's can stand there taking the same picture over and over or instigate her until she reacts for a 'GREAT STORY"? You prob put your foot there to get a story out of it... I'd be scared of you people too!

2560 days ago


oh and btw.... love the pumpkin too!

2560 days ago
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