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Photo Proves It: Britney with Her Kids

10/21/2007 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears did indeed have her kids with her yesterday afternoon. An unidentified woman can be seen sitting in the passenger seat -- a court-appointed monitor, perhaps?

The photo, not surprisingly, was taken outside of a Starbucks.


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Has she ever considered staying at home with the kids? Try going swimming , or reading to them or getting on the floor and playing with them? Why doesn't she spend private time with them instead of always dragging them around town so they can be seen. Sorry but this girl is too immature & irresponsible to be a mother. I hope Kevin is granted permanent full custody next week.

2503 days ago


I'd sure like to know how she manages to get into and out of court on a daily basis? She loses vistitation and the next day she gets it back- then she loses it again and gets it back..The rest of the world has to schedule court dates and most of the time it takes months to go back to court. How is it that the courts are at her fingertips? Does she have a standing court date?
She is still a total loser and not mom-material. No talent- a washed-up former child star.

2503 days ago

Grandma of Four    

Maybe it is just my age, but I cannot imagine that all the pumpkins on the dash board nor the items hanging from the rear view mirror are all that safe for driving! I do realize all those stickers...a fairly large size at that...are there for a purpose. But that entire front windshield is quite distracting.

Amazing no one is talking about Britney driving straight through that red light a few days ago...caught on tape and you can hear the audible gasps from the photographers...not to mention, you could see that car pulling into the intersection legally, have to suddenly slow down as she went straight through the intersection and swung into the left lane!


2503 days ago


if you think Britney doesn't love her kids you suck!

2503 days ago


I love her Great for you Brit !!!
Hope you have them back soon

2503 days ago


Ritz Carlton, here we come......

2503 days ago


Maybe Brit is addicted to driving for attention & Starbucks & Taco Bell for caffeine & grease.

2503 days ago


TMZ photos of le Brit extra fat backside & her flabby once girlish bod - may drive her to drink &/or a life of stone cold sober?!

2503 days ago

Gimme a break    

I'm sure Brit loves her children. Brit just doesn't know how to balance motherhood with celebrity.

Britney - you can still be a superstar without jeopardizing your kids. The reason you're getting all of this negative publicity (aside from calling the paps yourself) is that it's news. Try a few days of going to the park, playing the backyard, having playdates for the kids, shop at Ralphs or Gelsons - do something other than drive the babies around in the car, going to Starbucks and doing other completely self-indulgent things. When you start behaving like a normal Mom the negative vultures will go on to the next trainwreck.
It is not true that negative publicity is better than no publicity! If you live a normal life, show everyone that your kids are your priority, they're still going to be interested in you, they will still buy your music, they'll still go to your concerts ... they will have RESPECT for you!
You don't need to compete with Lindsay, Paris, etc. for top loser. Wouldn't it be great if you could all get your crap together and be role models instead of poster children for bad behavior? I've never been a fan of Nicole, but look at how she's turned herself around. I actually admire her now.
You can do it Brit. Suck it up, behave like an adult, get the crap off your dashboard, wear clothing that covers your hoochie - be a mommy to those beautiful boys and prove everyone wrong.

2503 days ago


TMZzzz... time w/Brit overload - she needs a new car for starters & a new trainer to lose 25 lbs.

2503 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

You know........All that "STUFF" on her dash and the things hanging from the rear view mirror are illegal in California as in many other states. Distracts from the driver, driving.

2503 days ago


Nothing like going for an afternoon drive with your tykes and a hitchhiker, while wild
fires are blazing all around you, eh? I think the car seats should be the least of her
problems -- it's FIRE!!! (and the hitchhiker lady)

2503 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

Remove that PORN ADD from our view......SHOO SHOO SHOO

2503 days ago

Gassy Jockey    

That monitor needs a crash helmet and mouth guard.

2503 days ago


#45 so you think all it takes to be a good mom is loving them? Get a clue will ya? Being a good mom is hard means putting your kids before your own needs. It means spending time with them and not just driving around town on a coffee run. It means teaching them. It means actually touching them and yes even changing dirty diapers. It means playing with them. It means seeing to their nutritional needs...McD's doesn't cut it for every meal. These boys's needs are not being met and the judge knows it. She's going trough the motions to get time with them. She pushes until the judge slaps her down then she complies. This judge is the best thing to happen to these boys...and I don't see her getting 50/50 back until he's satisfied she's doing it FOR the boys not doing it because he orders it. Anything else and she'll be back to the same ole same ole as soon as she gets them back.

2503 days ago
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