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Photo Proves It: Britney with Her Kids

10/21/2007 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears did indeed have her kids with her yesterday afternoon. An unidentified woman can be seen sitting in the passenger seat -- a court-appointed monitor, perhaps?

The photo, not surprisingly, was taken outside of a Starbucks.


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Lets hope she doesn't get in a wreck, her kid isn't even buckled correctly!!!!!!!!!

2524 days ago


Britney, Britney.
You need help from: 10 good nannies, 10 good doctors, 10 good body gards
10 galloon Star bucks coffee ,Brad and Angelina adopt your kids and stop eating
drunk foods.

2524 days ago


Having Pumpkins, and children's shoes blocking the drivers view of the road is a bad idea brainless.
The old bat in the car is NOT doing her job keeping the kids safe with all the crap in Brit view is obstructed.

2524 days ago


Sadly to play with her kids in her yard she'd have to erect a canopy to shield her from scrutiny by paps in helicopters. Perhaps she has an indoor play room with climber, etc. She sure can't be in the yard in peace. As for Starbucks, in Seattle many family with kids go to Starbucks every morning and it's nice family time, having breakfast, doing homework, hanging out with the kids' friends. It's not the coffee/food run that's so awful - it's that she knows she'll be swamped with nutcase paps and she goes anyway rather than sending an assistant. Still, stay in your home all day every day? You try that depressing life.

2524 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

You're no longer able to find her stumbling out of night clubs for your money shots, so now you're jumping on the fact that she is in the car with her kids and monitor at Starbucks. So? I take my kids out in the car everyday and they don't mind. I also spent a lot of time with them when we are not in the car. What is the big deal?

2524 days ago


My guess is that the "supervisor" has asked Britney to go about her normal routine to see how she handles it with the kids.

2524 days ago


Will she ever learn how to properly strap her kids into a car seat? I hope that's not the court appointed monitor b/c even she didn't make certain that the car seat straps were properly adjusted on the kiddo behind Britney. Hopefully, he won't have internal injuries when momma has yet another car "oops". The bar that clips the two straps together belongs across the sternum not the soft tissues of the abdomen.

2524 days ago


That baby is buckled in wrong, shes a bad mom and that monitor is a total idiot if she thinks it's ok too.

2524 days ago


She needs to learn how to properly strap them into their carseats. Check out the pics!

2524 days ago


tassimo has starbucks coffee now

2524 days ago


All the crap in her car serves one purpose - to draw attention to Britney. Face it, what better way is there to say "here I come" to the paps then to stick six bright orange pumpkins in the front window of your car, and then drive to Starbucks. This woman thrives on the attention, and the worst thing anyone could do to her is ignore her.

Christmas is coming - I expect that next she'll have a big inflatable Santa Claus on the roof of her car with "Britney" spelled across the hood in twinkle lights.

2524 days ago


Can someone PLEASE teach Brit how to properly belt her child in a carseat? I've seen this in numerous photos and I just have to comment. The chest piece (that is sitting on the child's stomach) is supposed to be at the child's nipple level. No point in using a car seat if you don't use it properly. Plus, these kids need all the help they can get in the safety department...

2524 days ago


On X17 there are pictures from this set of her holding a frappe in one hand and driving. I would think the parenting coach might want to make note of this. She's always holding the dog in one hand, or a drink, or something, without both hands on the wheel. This contributes to her poor control of the car - running over someone's foot, jumping a curb, hitting a car while parking, knocking out a headlight. If she had to react suddenly, she could easily be distracted and cause a problem.

2524 days ago


Britney loves her kids! Unfortunately no one lets her breath! Give her a break, she married obviously the wrong guy and is still very young trying to be there for her beautiful children and trying to have fun. I'm glad to see her driving around with her kids and enjoying starbucks, like any other single-mom out there! You go Britney!

2524 days ago



Note the positioning of the dash pumpkins, as well as the one hanging from the rear-view mirror: all of them face outward... for the pap's sake, not her own kids in the back seat... they get the ASS-end of Halloween!


2524 days ago
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