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Malibu Celebs

On Fire Watch

10/21/2007 5:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James Cameron and Olivia Newton-John have been evacuated, and there are many more celebs in the Malibu area whose homes are in danger. Numerous homes along Pacific Coast Highway have been evacuated.

The Malibu County and Carbon Beach residents include: Jennifer Aniston, Sting, Bill Murray, Nick Nolte, Robin Wright Penn, Mel Brooks, Tatum O'Neal, Rob Reiner, Goldie Hawn, Linda Ronstadt, Jeff Bridges, David Arquette and Courteney Cox, David Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenberg,Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

The fire is believed to have started when arcing power lines, downed by fierce Santa Ana winds, ignited dry brush around 5:00 AM Sunday. California has had one of the worst droughts in years, leaving hillsides especially vulnerable to brushfires. Over 1000 acres and numerous structures have already burned. More than 500 firefighters from all over the area are fighting the flames -- still being fanned by gusting winds, which are expected to continue for several days. Roughly 200 homes have been evacuated.

UPDATE: Sources on the scene tell TMZ that homes belonging to Mark Hamill, Sean Penn and David Duchovny are all in danger.

The below gallery shows the Polaroid House this past summer. The nearby LG house sustained fire damage.


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Seriously, who gives a F***!?!?!?! Don't we have more to worry about? Iraq is collapsing, an administration of the U.S.A. is in turmoil, and a good amount of our bridges are on the verge on falling into the rivers below them. So why is it, that all we can care about is freakin celebrities losing prized family memories? Come ON!!! Betcha they can just get another photo from the photographer following them around. I swear, sometimes I wish the celebrities would set THEIR OWN houses on fire!!!!

2560 days ago


Hey TMZ, if you're going to act like a news site, why not report that there are currently SEVEN wildfires burning right now in So Cal, including one in Camarillo/Moorpark that is threatening 250 homes, but I guess since no celebrities live there it isnt newsworthy? The smoke is so bad at my home 5 miles away that you cant see the sun and its almost as dark as night!

2560 days ago


I got room for Jennifer at my house, tell her to hit me up.

2560 days ago


Same goes for the Agua Dulce fire, which has raced down 15 miles to threaten hundreds of homes in the Santa Clarita Valley. Lots of "below the line" entertainment folks here; guess they don't count either.

2560 days ago


It doesn't matter how much money a person has - it is their homes - it's horrible to lose your home, all your possessions, your personal belongings, your pictures, etc.. I pray everyone is safe.

2560 days ago


Let's all boycott Tmz for a day for those stupid Kardassian pop-ups!!!

Yah ! NO ADS, TMZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2560 days ago

kim suck    

TMZ??? what THE F*** is with the lard ass Kardassian pop ups??

2560 days ago


Doesn't singer Josh Groban live around there, too?

2560 days ago


I thought Mel Gibson owned Malibu?...He needs to be there putting out the fires as well

2560 days ago


Lately I log on just to see that skank Kim Kardashian shake her ass

2560 days ago


We just got E! channel in south Canada, and it is soooo lame.

And if kim kardassian is the main draw, why watch?
Who watches TV anymore, anyway?

2560 days ago


Do I sense another LiveAid concert coming on?

How can you say no to these celebrities folks? Let's light up the tote board!!!!
Think about it, how will they replace all those awards, their multi-million dollar homes, it's up to you people to help them. Afterall, if we don't help them, you don't expect other countries to come to their aid do you? And once you help replace their expensive gowns, jewelry, fancy cars, they will then turn around and build schools and hospitals in third world countries and adopt babies from those countries, well because Hollywood can't be bothered with American causes.

And now John Cougar Mellencamp (current last name to be announced) with a little diddy sure to show how much he hates America and it's all American's fault that this happened, so the least you can do is call in NOW...

We are the world...

2560 days ago


Do you have anymore information about David Duchovony's house and whats going on with it, have they been evacuated or anything????

2560 days ago


Oh, and just FYI, I just talked to my mom and she reminded me that when they had their house in Malibu they couldn't get fire insurance because of the things like fires. Sooooo.....

2560 days ago


All three of those men(aniston, Sting, Bill Murray) are rich enough to buy a whole bunch of new homes.

2560 days ago
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