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Anderson Cooper:

Armed and Fabulous

10/22/2007 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

CNN golden boy Anderson Cooper is blowin' up -- literally!

Anderson Cooper
The 40-year-old news hottie showed up to a NYC screening of "Planet in Peril" this weekend, looking extra fit and buff. Check out those guns!

360 is not only the name of Coop's program -- it's also what he benches. Lift with the knees, Andy!


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anderson's video is so cute - i hope he will go to sesame street again !

2567 days ago

anderson is soooooo cute !!!!

2567 days ago


everyone looks buff in a Men's small polo

2567 days ago


Anyone can look buff in a men's small polo.

2567 days ago


he's a spoiled brat..and a gay one (not that there's anything wrong with the that).

2567 days ago


He is hot but my boyfriend is much sexier.

2567 days ago


@ Sami - what the hell are you talking about, of course Anderson went to Carter's funeral. That was a very ignorant comment.

Anderson is a terrific jouranlist and very down to earth human being. I had a great opportunity to meet and talk with Anderson. He was humble and a complete gentleman. And he is so very HOT and SEXY. Sorry had to say it LOL

2567 days ago


He is suppose to be gay for real. Once night recently on his show the other news broadcaseter was teasing him about some hi profile girl and that people would be talking about it, and he laughed and said "Everyone would know that would not be true." and he laughed about it in a way that you KNEW he what he meant. He was gay. Most people know it but who cares. He is a great journalist, and a great guy. I llike him very much whatever he chooses to be is fine with me.

2567 days ago


Does he shave his legs too? He's a hottie. I don't give a rat's ass if he's gay, straight, or bi. I'd tap dat ass no matter what. He could pretend I'm a man if that helps him any! ;

2567 days ago


WOW!!! Those arms must be 8 inches around! My wrists are bigger. Come on TMZ, keep it real-this guy is a shrimp.

2567 days ago


Is he gay or not, I haven't heard should someone ask him?

2567 days ago


Personally I'm fine with him being gay. ;P

2567 days ago


Why, Gordo, because you think only gay men are pedophiles? Like, some older men don't molest little girls? You're an ignorant douche.

2567 days ago

He's Boring now    

If he's so gay and 360, why isnt he more open minded in his views? The guy is becoming a CNN paid for liberal----I dont get it---people that are supposed to show 360 degrees of a story who rarely do, than are also Gay, but more close minded than the staunchest of right wingers---I mean whose the real close minded one?

I thought Gay people are supposed to have some kind of sensitivity to those that are different, which should include other sides and views of a story. Frankly I find Anderson to not be as open and free minded as I thought he would be.

It is making me now believe Gay people are more one sided than those they profess persecute them for being Gay.

Gayness no longer is a badge of open mindedness, but rather, especially with this Commentator, a sign of one sidedness....he should change the name from 360, to 180--only half the story is presented...his half...the liberal CNN view.

2567 days ago


Why are people so uninformed? His mother is not wealthy. She lost her company (licensing rights) in the mid-eighties- was dead flat broke and had to be supported by friends for several years until she could start selling art again and writing books. She lost both her homes- NYC and the Hamptons. She only was left 4 mil by her father when the famous "Little Gloria" trial happened in the 30's. She blew through that and started her clothing co. which kept her and her (non-working husband, Anderson's dad) afloat.
Great classy lady, but wealthy-NOT. Anderson, I'm sure, is underwriting her now.

2567 days ago
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