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Britney Gets Her Kids Back ... For Now

10/22/2007 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ has learned Britney Spears has regained visitation rights with her children.

Her lawyer Anne Kiley says the pop tart is allowed to visit her two sons, but she would not elaborate on exactly what that visitation would entail.

As TMZ first reported, Los Angeles County Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon issued the order, stating "Petitioner's [Britney's] visitation with the minor children is suspended pending Petitioner's compliance with the court orders." Britney was seen driving with her kids over the weekend.

Another custody hearing is scheduled for Friday.


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2555 days ago


Something everyone needs to know, particularly her Brit Twit fans.

Britney Spears, plain and simple, just doesn't want to be a mom. It;s not hard to observe nor is it hard to understand. There are many young mothers and dads who've created this fantasy of having kids, the perfect family and appearing "grown up". They like the IDEA of being a parent, showing to the world they're "grown up", when in fact they're far from it. Not all young parents are like that. Some really do understand the gravity of real life and having children. Most do not.

Most see it like having a pet, just something warm and live in their houses or apartments that will validate their own perceptions of their immature selves and keep them from being lonely. This isn't unusual nor specific to this generation. This is pretty typical across the board down through the ages. Britney had a vision of herself in her mind, her deluded imagination, as being seen as The Modern Young Superstar Who Has It All. But it was merely a typical immature fantasy. But with her high profile, her celebrity and money, the problems she creates, for herself and those around her gets compounded.

The sad part is she, due to being groomed for self-centeredness all her life, gave birth to real live human beings. Human beings she has no real interest in and has no clue what to do with. She's forced by public perception and many around her, her mother and a few others, to play act the "loving, caring, nurturing mother", but she clearly doesn't know how nor want to know how to be a good parent and really would prefer they go away.

Her children were cute for a moment when they served her narcissistic, self-interested ego and PR purposes, but now they're boring, irritating and are clearly cramping her "style" and causing her untold grief she could and does want to do without.

A lot of the times most of these type personalities (I have a female friend who from childhood on always knew she never ever wanted children and she's stood by that) know they don't want kids and so do not breed. Britney is one of them but without the personal self-understanding to know she is and to consciously prevent her shaved loins from pumping out unwanted children.

By the way, ladies. Real men aren't interested in the whole"Little Girl" bald hooha look. Adult men who like women like them to look like ADULT females, not pre-pubescent children. Real ADULT men are not pedophiles looking for adult women to play act at being little girls. A little trimming is one thing. But the bald look is really creepy and weird.

As one adult male I would ask you adult women to stop the pedo-look. Thanks.

2555 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

America and the World it is time to stand up to the elite central banking system that rules our lives:

Forget Britney! Wake up before all your freedoms are gone!!

2555 days ago

Skank You, Y'all    

Britney, I don't understand???? You try to cover up the lips on your face...
Why don't you cover up the other ones???? (just sayin')

2555 days ago

Skank You, Y'all    

It just dawned on me why Skankney shows us both sets of lips...

So we know that she can piss & moan at the same time...

And for the children's sake... get them away from her!!!

2555 days ago



GreatestConOfAll, # 31!

You're onto something there!

If ya haven't been to Slate already check out the BB, the Ballot Box. We get into some stuff like what you're talking about and more:

2555 days ago



2555 days ago


get rid of the dumb kim pop ups. pathetic.
Kim has little respect to do all this garbage. I really pity her family

2555 days ago


This little tramp doesn't deserve all the attention she is getting. What will those little boys think when they grow up and find out their mother is no better than a slut? In fact, probably most of those porno star types probably have better priorities than Ms. Spears and her other irresponsible friends. They are so wrapped up in themselves that they have no idea that people with class look down their nose at their trashy ways. They may think they are "cool", but to others in Hollywood who DO have some class, they are fodder for their gossip and just make asses out of them when their backs are turned. Are they so stupid that they can't even see that?

2555 days ago

DA's leak    

Kim K is uber fine. Love to love that ass.

2555 days ago


So, parenting these days consists of innumerable car trips around So. California with one's kids strapped in the back seat.

So much for quality time with one's children.

And the idiot courts allow this continual change of custody plans. How in HELL can these kids have some continuity in their days????????? Babies need to stay home and live a normal routine day in and day out. Going somewhere is the exception!

2555 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

I agree, I can't read 80% of the comments b/c of all the adds! It is so annoying. I think tmz wants people to just keep logining in and out several times in an attempt to get rid of the ads - that way it appears that tmz gets so many more hits. This only started on my computer about a week ago.

tmz plays tricks ~~~ tmz plays dirty ~~~ tmz pretty much sucks anyway

October 30th quickly approaching .... go Britney!

2555 days ago


can you please take that annoying ad of kim kardashian off of the site?

2555 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Britney obviously has mental health problems. If I were her mother I would kidnap her, if I had to, and get her to a mental health facility for tests. I don't think she is an alcoholic or a druggie. I think that slimeball Federlouse sent her over the edge. He has been after her money since the day they met. The Paps should be arrested for constantly stalking her - you, too, TMZ. She's so distressed, she's not thinking right. She's worked all her life and never went through the teen-age rebellion years like the rest of us. It's catching up with her now. I feel very sorry for her.

2555 days ago


I wonder if the reason was that kevin has to be in NC for filming .......just too quick if you ask me

2555 days ago
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