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Britney Gets Her Kids Back ... For Now

10/22/2007 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ has learned Britney Spears has regained visitation rights with her children.

Her lawyer Anne Kiley says the pop tart is allowed to visit her two sons, but she would not elaborate on exactly what that visitation would entail.

As TMZ first reported, Los Angeles County Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon issued the order, stating "Petitioner's [Britney's] visitation with the minor children is suspended pending Petitioner's compliance with the court orders." Britney was seen driving with her kids over the weekend.

Another custody hearing is scheduled for Friday.


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Remember the Name DIANA...Why don't the damm photographers lay off!
she may be a celeb..but I tell you I am amazed she has not take the bridge yet
I would have run into a wall myself if all those idiots were chasing me 24/7

GIVE HER A BRAKE ....I am no britt. fan but this is all so stupid!!
and I am sure with all her money her kids were living way better then many

And will grow up and become human beings ,,,,just fine...


2560 days ago


Quit itching it so much- it is juicing up the car seats- UGH!! Drip- Drip!

2560 days ago

DA's leak    

#41 = Flat

#42 = Ass

#43 =White chick I bet

2560 days ago

DA's leak    

Kim K. looks yummy!

2560 days ago


sometimes the law is on the woman side -because the 'week part'-, but this is showing us that the man can be the 'week part' also, check it out Mr.Justice.

2560 days ago


There's no justice in the world.

2560 days ago


Sorry #5 Atlas. I'm Black, not flat assed and SICK TO DEATH of that damned Kardassian ad. Here's one for you: I WILL DELIBERATELY AVOID PURCHASING FROM ANY ADVERTISER WHO DEALS WITH HER. She needs to quit. Someone needs to steer that trick to a strip club.

2560 days ago


#75 Atlas: Is she even a U.S. citizen? Britney and Paris may be showing all their business (as publicity moves, I'll bet) but they're true U.S. girls. The last thing we need in this country is for tramps whose recent heritage (parents or grandparents) is rooted in some other country. Kim: Take that crap to Iran or where ever the last few generations of your family are from.

2560 days ago


#61 please don't speak for me. I don't believe there's anything wrong with Kevin taking care of his children. I'm so sick of hearing about "her" kids. They have two parents and one is not in any condition to be caring for them. At this time Kevin should be the primary caretaker and as such should receive child support just as you or I would in his place. Being the mother does not gaurantee her rights to them..being a responsible parent does.Not being a "star" or rich doesn't mean Kevin has any less right to them either. It's time for all the Britney fans to face up to the fact that their "hero" is a bad mother who isn't even making more than a token attempt to be with her kids. After two years she doesn't have a clue how to even care for her kids. She now has all the resources i.e. the parenting coach, her mother, anything else she needs to learn and she can't even do that..she may be a star but as a parent she leaves a lot to be desired. Her career may be over in a few years (if not sooner) but she's their mother forever. I'd not want to be in her shoes when Sean and Jayden want to know why she did what she's doing now...why Starbucks, tanning were more important...why she couldn 't just do what the judge ordered to keep them.

2560 days ago

DA's leak    

#81 aka Tipsy

You sound like an ignorant racist. USA! USA! USA!

2560 days ago


i can't stand that funky azz broad, i think she has someone to tip off her where abouts,thats why she always gets caught by the cameras, it's funny how one can sell their soul just to be seen. mark my words.... those kids are going to grow up with serious problems.TMZ please deal with real life topics instead of trying to ruin peoples lives.....

2560 days ago


I agree with Sherry, #74. She is a young girl who just had 2 babies back to back. And then the pap, stalking her every move 24/7. No wonder she is breaking down. Give the poor girl a break. Put yourselves in her would you be handling it all...sheesh!!! Cannot believe the mean and heartless people in here. It is obvious the girl is on the verge of a breakdown and so many people criticizing her....she is young...i'd like to see how all of you would handle your every move being broadcast to the world...maybe the ones who are the most critical are even worse than her...they just are not having stalkers broadcasting their every move to the world...Maybe they need to be so harsh too make themselves feel better...

2560 days ago

What is wrong with you TMZ    

GOOD FOR THEM ALL! The kids need to see their mother and I hope that this works out with the family, so many families have divorced parents without all of the luxuries and attention that these boys get. Some kids have no one at all.

It's nice to take your kids out for a ride, too bad she has the stupid paps who won't stay out of their faces. Maybe the court matron will see THAT too.

There are MUCH worse mothers and fathers out there, and so many kids with no one, and nothing.

2560 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

To: Youki (#52): No, I cannot honestly say that is what she does the rest of the day with the kids. Can YOU honestly say that she doesn't spend any quality time with her children? Same question for TMZ - you post one single move in every day of her life. You have no idea what she is doing the rest of the time. So, come on, Youki, and and tmz, you guys get off it. Unfortunately, we all know that there are a lot of kids in this world being treated worse than Britney's children (and, please, don't twist that statement).

2560 days ago


that's what her stankin azz get i hope the worst for her, she started messing with kevin federline " im not going to call him k fed because thats a insult to the streets" when he was with a pregnant chick, so what does that show you about her, she got married after a drunken binge and had it annulled after one day. that is sick. can you say media genius.

2560 days ago
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