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Brit in Distress, Back in Hotel Hiding

10/23/2007 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A blue-eyed Britney Spears hit yet another photographer with her car yesterday -- and the incident left Spears an apologizing, nervous wreck.

Cameras caught Spears on her way out of Beverly Connection on Monday, where she accidentally ran into a pap with her Benz. Though the photog kept saying it was his fault, Spears repeatedly apologized, at one point looking as if she were about to cry. Of course, she could still have pink eye.

Spears then took refuge at at the Beverly Wilshire hotel with her latest assistant.


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Get a Clue    

She is out and about EVERY DAY without bodyguards and hitting up the same spots, what does she expect?

And what is with this fascination with checking in to Hotels in the same town she lives in all the time?

She lives in a secured, gated house, yet chooses to check into high profile hotels all the time. Tell me that is normal.

STAY HOME for ONE DAY skank, and you can have a day in peace without the paparazzi.

2555 days ago


No wonder this girl has so many problems. Give her a break. The girl can't do anything without someone there looking. It's a shame...

2555 days ago


She really should get a driver until all the crazy paps leave her alone.
If she would stop going out for coffee so much they would get bored with her and move on.
It really is a problem feeding a problem.
Can't wait until a pap gets completly splattered - now that would be newsworthy !!

2555 days ago

kim suck    


2555 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

If Britney did not want this attention, she could easily make it go away. I DO think, however, that purposely impeding a person's forward motion in any way--even for a second--is both a civil offense and a crime. If she wants it to stop,whe should start filing restraining orders against specific individuals who repeatedly do this. But, I think most celebs know this and Brit is no exception. She needs to quit crabbing and paps need to get out of the way.

2555 days ago


You guys are gonna be responsible for her having a nervous breakdown. Back off for a while and give the girl a break. I know she's a good news story but she's also a human being. Take a week off from Britney at least. And for Gods sake stay away from her moving vehicle.

2555 days ago

kim suck    

blame HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ass****~!!!!! its easy to hide from these people!

2555 days ago

Team K-Fed    

I think it's funny. They have these high-tech cameras that can take a picture of an ant taking a crap from 100 miles away but they are on top of her car. Awesome. I'd run them all over if I were famous. But she loves the attention. She only feels bad because they might not pay for her gas if she keeps running them over. I wonder if she cries as much when her kids are taken away...

2555 days ago


Britany will come out a winner!!!! She will make good with mo and she will show the world again what "great guy" Kevin Spender loot is. Look how he treats her now that the $$ is coming in. He should get checked for all his times on tmz in the passed. Out late nite with and newborn and prg.Wife. Sure now everyone forgets..

2555 days ago

too sad    

whats the point of driving in cirlces to starbucks, the gas station and a posh hotel for a few hours, then to the fast food joints?
i dont get it.
its like
the only thing she has to do !

2555 days ago

W T F ?    

The paps should give her some physical space! Otherwise they get what they deserve. Twit's dented, pumpkinmobile is a testament to her trashy ways.

2555 days ago

C Ya    

These people really need to get away from her and let her freaking live her life!
I have said it a million times and I cant believe they are just NOW getting ran over.
I dont see how the poor girl drives anywhere!

2555 days ago


Brit, try to get a restraining order against these idiots.

2555 days ago

kim suck    

dear G--SHUT THE F*** UP! BIT**!

2555 days ago

kim suck    

dear C Ya---IDIOT!

2555 days ago
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