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Brit in Distress, Back in Hotel Hiding

10/23/2007 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A blue-eyed Britney Spears hit yet another photographer with her car yesterday -- and the incident left Spears an apologizing, nervous wreck.

Cameras caught Spears on her way out of Beverly Connection on Monday, where she accidentally ran into a pap with her Benz. Though the photog kept saying it was his fault, Spears repeatedly apologized, at one point looking as if she were about to cry. Of course, she could still have pink eye.

Spears then took refuge at at the Beverly Wilshire hotel with her latest assistant.


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Also....she really should get a driver so she could sit in the back with blacked out windows so they can't take her pic. Let someone else do the driving.

2558 days ago

my, my, what truth dacoits you are    


2558 days ago


People need to back off and give this young lady and family some space. I would run over the paps too if they were in my way. she does not need to say sorry to no one!! her ex needs to find a job and get a life and not sponge off of her.

2557 days ago


She's young and she's got to be exhausted. If she had someone around her who cared at all and gave her some help and good advice she wouldn't be such a wreck. Who could be normal with a life like this. Can you imagine not even being able to do the most mundane things without having a horde of photographers and people all in your face and space.

2557 days ago


well crisco the thing is Britney calls the photogs herself so she loves the attention and wants all the publicity.

2557 days ago


Do you actually believe everything you hear in the news, Pwner? Next you will be saying that you actually believe that Bill Clinton did not have "sexual relations with that woman"

2557 days ago


I can hardly wait till she makes real road kill out of photographers & hangs it in her den. You idiots are asking for it.

2557 days ago


You people are dumb. You complain about the paps harrassing Britney but you can not wait to see another video of Britney. If you do not like the TMZ why do you continue to visit this website? Don't you realize by visting this webiste you are supporting the action of TMZ. Paps harrass celebs simply because people will pay to see it, so it continues. If no one cared about celebs they would quit doing it since there would be not money in it. Most celebrities are not dumb. Yeah, she could stay in her house and no one would bother her, but if she did that she would not get attention and attention equal money from endorements, cd sales, etc.

2557 days ago


Here is a secret most people do not know:
Wheter good publicity or bad publicity it equals money. Britney purposely gets attentions from photogs because it makes her money from endorsments and such. Thats just how it works. The more times your name is in the news wheter its good or bad is equal more money since more people notice you.

2557 days ago


I just had this funny picture of Britney in a Monster Truck like BIG FOOT just going to town smashing, crashing and crushing everything and everyone in her path, mowing down all those intrusive photogs that strew her pathway, cameras flying everywhere.

Even if she generally enjoys the attention of the paps, it has got to sometimes get so incredibly irritating. It is a wonder she hasn't had a nervous breakdown.

Regarding earlier comments on going for coffee for photog attention: Sometimes a cup of coffee is just a cup of coffee, so to speak. I mean gees, she can't even use the toilet with the whole world wanting to come in and watch. (reference Subway incident last month.)

2551 days ago

justin jpstar13    

i only see brit in the new$ all of the time in the they wood say she gets money.

2548 days ago
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