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Denzel -- American Signer

10/23/2007 8:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Denzel Washington, ever the gentleman, doesn't mind signing autographs -- as long as it's just one per person.

Such was his output, as TMZ observed, when he gave out his Johnny Hancock after a taping of "Regis and Kelly" in New York. Meanwhile, Vince Vaughn wouldn't give an eager fan his scribble, blaming it on the trailing paps. Kanye West was more obliging outside of the Mercer Hotel, where the orange-tastic chef Mario Batali got stuck behind a constipated cab. Elsewhere around the Big Apple, Kelly Ripa, Whoopi Goldberg, and Josh Hartnett made their rounds.

Finally, TMZ was there as pop princess Samantha Cole celebrated her birthday, rolling up in absolutely blingerrific style in a Bentley that almost -- but not quite -- upstaged the b-day girl, replete with $4 million in diamond trim.


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Logo Designers    

hey #9 - denzel cheats on paula all the time

2491 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Oh, Thanks 'Alex' ( or whatever name you're using for whatever site) for such an in-depth point. Hope you're being paid well for shoveling all this B.S. on a website blog while avoiding paying those sites ( and avoiding prosecution!). Maybe you need to play down to some in this crowd with a new website "I'm a Rich Beitchdotcom" Or "Gee, my best, most trustworthy buddy told me about a site where you can get blown by various major starlets by just signing up and allowing us to check that you have a valid credit card! Well, I don't know about you fellas, but I think I might just go over and check it out!"....... Sure Alex, sure.

2558 days ago


how can you not know who denzel washington is? alex are you getting paid from that other site or what? denzel is one of the premiere actors around. incredibly talented. i always liked denzel..but never thought he was hot until training day..then...oh my god!! denzel is only the first african american male actor to win an oscar and he has 2. supporting actor for glory and best actor for training day. i can't wait to see him in his new movie american gangster. he has been is soooo many good movies...richochet. john q. man on fire...deja vu.

2558 days ago

32 hearts    

Denzel was not saying he'd only sign ONE person's autograph...he was saying 'Who haven't I signed for?' as if to say he didn't want to miss anyone. Why must you turn everything into a negative TMZ?

2558 days ago


actually,James Baskett was the first african american to receive an oscar....

2558 days ago

Internet Website Designs    

denzel is da man!

2558 days ago


Samantha who??? She is a washed up...not even one hit wonder that organizes catering and babysitting jobs in the Hamptons....give me a break. My secretary probably has more clout. Keep riding on Peter Cook and Shaggy's coattails.

2557 days ago


Love how they focused more on the tires than the orange tranny posing next to it in that cheesy dress - pathetic!!!

2557 days ago


When we took fifty kids from Montana to go see Danzel Washington in Julius Ceasar on broadway, he not only gave a great performance, but stuck around outside while a lined formed for his autograph and his picture. There were probably two hundred people that night and he stayed and made that extra effort to please his fans. Those kids will never forget it. I imagine the chaos can get to be too much, but Denzel is a gracious man.

2557 days ago


Paula has got to be the happiest woman in the the world-to get to spend the rest of her life with such an all-around hunk....God broke the mold when he made Denzel....

2557 days ago

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