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Kelly LeBrock: Bigger and Redder

10/23/2007 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Through the magic of weird science, the curvy 47-year-old ex-Mrs. Steven Seagal made a huge splash at a Beverly Hills award show on Monday. I just called to say I love you!
Kelly LeBrock
Don't hate her because she's beautiful!


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She got a big ol' booty...wonder who tappin' that today

2472 days ago

Oversize Escort Car    

Kelly knows how to use those smokey eyes.....
That's what keeps her looking so we just sit here hoping Steven is doing her justice!
What a fortunate guy he is.
He "hotness" is ageless - like Lena Horne. She will be making us guys howl when she is 80!
The added cushioning shows she is still human. You still see the fire.

2472 days ago

Triple Play    

Oh My Gawd, what happened to her? She was so very hot. as the Lady in Red . she is still very pretty but wo isshe big. Kelly fr th ove o all young boys wh watch your movie, Please stay away from the Krispie Kremes. We miss the smaller version of you

2472 days ago


She looked beautiful 20 years ago. She has a lot of miles on her.

2472 days ago


I agree, she looks normal to be honest, she's pretty. She was beautiful back then, but she looks like a drinkers to me, and has put on a more then few LBS. I don't think she's age that well............

(just my two cents)

2472 days ago


She probably was starving herself 20 years ago to look like that.
Come on, she looks healthy. Not every one wants to look like a
heroin addict/anorexic Nicole Richie.

2472 days ago

L.A. Douchenozzle, Esq.    

She put on 40 pounds since back then.
Time and gravity do HORRENDOUS things to women.
I love seeing the stuck-up hotties slide inexorably toward old age, kicking and screaming every inch and pound along the way!!

2472 days ago


She used to look so good. She has put on so much weigh. Either the picture did not do her justice or she has not aged that well.

2472 days ago


She looked great then and looks great now - what was that movie like 20+ years ago.

2472 days ago


I'd give her a good shag, just so I can say, "I Banged Kelly LeBrock". How bad can it be?

2472 days ago


47? I'd do her, nothing wrong with that vintage.

2472 days ago


11. Looks like she put on a lot of weight. oink oink oink

Posted at 2:53PM on Oct 23rd 2007 by JIZUM must be a child who thinks other children are sexy...she's a woman and she's a beautiful one at that....I'd love to see the critics put under a microscope...I'm sure we could all find plenty of faul with you....and nowhere near as beautifuls as this woman is...give me a break!

2472 days ago


I keep wondering who all these pathetic people are that sit home and wait to be "first" on TMZ. Why is that exciting to them? There's got to be something better out there for them to do.

2472 days ago


She looks fantastic! Like a real women. Beautiful

2472 days ago

Christy Fisty    

She looks fantastic.

Hush up, gaywads.

2472 days ago
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