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Parenting Coach to Brit -- I'm Not A Potted Plant!

10/23/2007 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney Spears' parenting coach has submitted her report to the court, and it ain't pretty.

Sources say the two-and-a-half page report says Britney totally ignored the coach -- didn't even acknowledge her presence. The coach says she was unable to teach Britney anything, because Spears didn't want to listen.

The report, which was presented to the court yesterday and will be critical in determining if Spears should regain 50/50 custody, concludes that Britney often ignores her kids and lives in her own little world -- that Britney often disappeared and wasn't around the kids or the coach. We're told the coach has said Brit spends a lot of time on the phone and changing clothes.


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Had it with Brit    

I have heard just about all I can take concerning Brit and her babies.
1. Lock her up she is a loose canon.
2. Give custody of those 2 kids to anyone but her or Kevin.
3. Stop paying attention to her and maybe she will go AWAY!

2522 days ago

Vix aka Team Aniston    

If Britney doesn't "click" with this Parent Coach, then she should request another one. Common Folk, like ourselves, are allowed to do this with other "professionals," why can't she? Let's give her one last chance, if she blows off another Parent Coach, the Judge shouldn't give her any parental or visitation rights -- nada. She's a lost cause Celeb and she deserves everything she has and hasn't been working for (children.) She's lost her way in this world and no one can give her directions back to sanity, but herself when she hits rock botton. Apparently, her rock botton is lower than most of us.

2522 days ago

a guy    

no. 92, where is your proof that they lie? show your intelligence by backing up what you say. playne jayne was right you idiot. you show your ignornace by what you say. where is your proof that casa workers lie?

2522 days ago


TO #71:

I would say you are compeltely wrong about CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate). A CASA is appointed to your case by the judge and always considers the best interest of the child. They can speak to whomever they want (teachers, doctors, parents, child, etc). The parents sometimes talk to us and sometimes do not on the advice of their lawyer. The sole interest of a CASA is what is the best interest of the child. A CASA report might be 50+ pages long of history, summing up to their conclusion. Versus a state welfare worker, who's report might be 2 pages. A state worker might have 50 kids to think about. A CASA will only have 1 child (sometimes including their siblings). Just because a CASA is on the case, doesn't mean you don't have a social worker.

They are volunteers, who do all this without pay. They give their oppinion to a judge. The judge is under no obligation to follow their recomendation. CASA volunteers are loving people who care about the best interest of the child. Our creed is to a "friend" to the child and advocate for their best interest and their best interest alone.

Sometimes we meet these kids and they don't even have clothes (beyond what they are wearing), a cuddle toy, toothbrush, etc. We have social groups that help up provide the child backpacks, with basic needs to comfort the child. We speed countless hours advocating for their best interest.

Usually, a judge asks for a CASA because the case is the worst of the worst or needs someone to make sure nothing is left beneath the cracks. The judge is the ultimate deceider, we are hear to provide the judge all the information we collect plus what our thoughts are for the child's best interest.

I am sorry that you are so hurt. I am sorry that you can not see that a CASA wants nothing but the best for your child.

2522 days ago

Playne Jayne    

FUnny, because I removed 3 kids who were beaten by their mother when she was on an alcoholic bienge....

Put them with grandma and grandpa and I know they are safe. I am making a positive change

what are Le sigh and the other R-tards doing... probably beating their babies... and having more of them.. drinking and inbreeding... dropping out of school... causing the crime problem in America...

and all you can do is try to mess with me... for shame... go love your children and get an education maybe they will be able to help others like themselves one day

2522 days ago


"Playne Jayne" "I wonder" and "Im new" are all the SAME stupid uneducated BITCH.

TMZ please block the IP on this idiot.

2522 days ago

Whammer Jammer    


Good post.

2522 days ago


Rather than run around and writing stories about Britney Spears's parent skills and how she doesn't care about the court orders, the press should be out writing about children who don't get the breaks from the CPS or the court system.

Maybe if the press left Britney alone, maybe she would get that she isn't the hot shot every - body thinks she is. Stop feeding her ego and let her fade away.

2522 days ago

Some Faustkateer    

49. Looks like I'm in the minority on the Poll. I vote they have joint custody. (uhm...minus the joints.)

#49: You crack me up! Thanks.

2522 days ago


#15 Patricia--I'm with you 100%.

I like Britney, and strangely enough, I have more respect for her (as a performer) since trhe VMA's. I think it took guts to go out there like she did. I also enjoy seeing her playing up to the paps--it's amusing to me...anyone can see she THRIVES on the attention, and I find it somewhat fascinating that she is so famous (or infamous--whatever).
However, the facts are she is no longer just poptart Britney. She is a MOTHER to 2 boys whether she likes it, or was ready for it, or whatever. If she can't handle it, give them to their father, and let KFed and Brit's mom raise them. She obviously doesn't care!
If this parenting coach is telling the truth, Brit doesn't deserve to have these boys. Any man can be a father but not any man can be a daddy. Same goes for women--any woman can give birth (well, almost any woman) but that doesn't automaticllay make you a mommy--which Brit is NOT.
She obviously has no respect for authority, and thinks just because she is so famous, the rules don't apply to her. WRONG Britney. Ask Ellen about that. You are nothing special in that aspect. In fact, while I do enjoy seeing what ridiculous thing you 're doung on TMZ everyday, you're just that--a daily joke. I have no respect for you as a woman or mother, and clearly I'm not the only one.
Grow the f**k up already. For the two human beings you gave birth to.
bye y'all!

2522 days ago

Playne Jayne    

Please... sweetie I am one person... just i say a Playne Jayne...

I know what is right and wrong for only me, but i do what i can for people like me...

I try to be positive because "Hate is baggage, and life is too short to be walking around always angry."

2522 days ago

a guy    

Janet are you serious? if the court thought it right that he monitered they would do so. Courts don't conspire against one parent. they look at both, and obviously Britney has given reason for their actions. are you that immature that you can not see that? and you're comparing a joint to the garbage britney has done. like holding a baby in one hand nearly dropping because she was holding a drink in the other? that's on video tape, watch it and you will see why the courts made their decision. why don't you realize that?

2522 days ago


I think Britney is under some Louisiana voodoo curse! She needs to hirer a curandera because this is not normal who would curse the Britney Bitch?

1. Christina Aguilera.......her pop tart rival she didn't get as much hype for kissing Madonna too?
2. Madonna...... her kiss of death!
3. K-Fed....his sex was a curse!
4. Joe Simpson.....he did it for his girls.

2522 days ago


#103 JD is a CASA worker I would want on my case if I ever had one. She/he sounds like a decent honest person.

However "Playne Jayne" is just plain scary and that is what gives CASA workers a bad name.

2522 days ago

a guy    

sorry 107, i am me, id give you my email to prove it but then that might be a bad thing

2522 days ago
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