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Plenty o' Juice -- O.J. Raked in $1.2 Mil from 2003-05!

10/23/2007 8:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently, being found liable for the deaths of two people and making millions aren't mutually exclusive: O.J. Simpson made nearly $400,000 in income from his NFL pensions every year from 2003 to 2005, for a total of $1.2 million, and even earned $50,000 from what he calls "appearances," according to tax returns released to the father of Simpson victim Ron Goldman -- and obtained by TMZ.
OJ Simpson
Fred Goldman's lawyer, David Cook, tells TMZ that what he's really interested in is the $772,090 in "personal property" that O.J. claims on his 2005 return, because the pensions are exempt from the $33.5 million judgment that Fred won in 1997 -- and which they've been trying to collect ever since. Cook says he's not sure what the "personal property" consists of, but says he'll be going after it.

"He's a very wealthy man sitting on a lot of assets," says Cook of Simpson. "Meanwhile, Mr. Goldman is a 67-year-old working man." Cook says that they're attempting to seize Simpson's Florida house, and will investigate the $50,000 in gross income that Simpson claimed in 2003 and 2004.

To put O.J.'s yearly pension into perspective, Simpson made a reported $733,000 in 1978, when he was the highest-paid player in the NFL, nearly doubling Joe Namath's pay.

Simpson's lawyer didn't immediately return calls for comment. Just last week, the State of California Franchise Tax Board revealed that O.J. owes $1.4 million in back taxes.

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I will have to say the Browns have moved on and do not want to keep going on TV talking about it they see no point they were as close and loved Nicole as much as Fred and family. I do not know how I feel about the Goldmans. Until one has walked in there shoes it is hard to say. I think the reason the Browns have not been involved with this book as it trashes Nicole so badly. That is why they have backed down so much.

2525 days ago


To #3.
Yes, he would. O.J. Simpson killed both of those people. Ron Goldman was only returning glasses when he was brutal murdered. No amount of money in the world is going to bring that back, true. But, you people underestimate the feeling of loosing a child... he wants revenge on O.J., and taking the money that the man so tightly guards seems to be a good choice.

Whats going to be O.J.'s new phrase? "If you didn't see a gun, there must not have been one!"

2525 days ago


Your son is dead! Why in the hell would you want money from someone who may have killed your son! Is this really about the death of their son or is it more less out for a payday. That's what it looks like to me even oj is entitled to macking some kind of a living to get by. Even they can't stop him from being able to survive. When OJ wrote the book they went after the book! Why is it always about money what they can get from him! My mother was murdered 20 yrs ago and I would be damned if I take one cent from someone who I believed did it! I rather see them rot in hell first!

2525 days ago


OJ was also found RESPONSIBLE in another court of law.


2525 days ago


Goldman is a money hungry fool who should have paid more attention to his son when he was alive.
O.J. is an idiot who lost his identity years ago ...he hasn't been black in many, many years now.

2525 days ago


Fred doesnt really care about sidney or justin who were nicole's kids

2525 days ago


I am so sick of all the people are so sure that O.J. is guilty of those murders. He was found INNOCENT!!! I never believed for one minute that he was guilty.
Fred Goldman makes me sick! He had no relationship with his son. He was nothing before O.J. and will always be nothing but a sick money hungry media whore in the future. I'm sure that his son would be ashamed of him if he knew - Oh, but wait, I guess he may have know something that we do not know about his dad since he had nothing to do with him when he was alive. Wish everyone would leave O.J. alone to live what is left of his life since being destroyed by the media, public opinion and Fred Goldman.

2525 days ago


With all the really bad things that happen in th world on a daily basis and done by all types of people,WHY SO MUCH HATE FOR BLACKS?

2525 days ago


If OJ didn't do it then why would he write such a disgusting book????? It is toying with the Browns and the Goldmans. it is laughing and making fun of the entire judicial system cause in his eyes he beat the system. Even the guy said he acted like he did indeed do it when he was telling the story how the dog wagged his tailed when he saw OJ, detail stuff that only he would know if he were there. He did it but the jury more then likely didn't like Marsha Clark, and they were to dumb to understand DNA and her presentation of it was to boring.

2525 days ago



2525 days ago

Rita media slut hater    

for all you oj fans who bash the victims family, walk a mile in the Goldmans shoes you just dont get it DUH

2525 days ago


Good luck trying to seize his Florida house. If Cook were any kind of decent lawyer at all, he'd know that it can't be done, since residences in Florida are protected by the state constitution.

2525 days ago


For Christ sakes Goldman - give it up. They guy is going to jail for the rest of his life. Be happy for that and stop trying to get rich off your son's death. The world is as tired of you as they are of OJ.

You should take lessons from Denise Brown. She isn't trying to profit in anyway off her sister's death.

2525 days ago


How is OJ getting an NFL pension that the Goldmans can't touch news??

2525 days ago


I am very glad Fred Goldman has been going after Simpson every chance he can. And I hope Goldman never lets up. Simpson owes 33.5 million in judgement that he has refused to pay. He's lucky the courts haven't thrown his a** in jail for that reason alone.

I am praying Simpson does not escape his current charges. Instead, I hope he dies in jail in as much pain as possible. I also hope the courts allow Goldman permission to obtain all of his assets and remaining estate.

2525 days ago
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