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Plenty o' Juice -- O.J. Raked in $1.2 Mil from 2003-05!

10/23/2007 8:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Apparently, being found liable for the deaths of two people and making millions aren't mutually exclusive: O.J. Simpson made nearly $400,000 in income from his NFL pensions every year from 2003 to 2005, for a total of $1.2 million, and even earned $50,000 from what he calls "appearances," according to tax returns released to the father of Simpson victim Ron Goldman -- and obtained by TMZ.
OJ Simpson
Fred Goldman's lawyer, David Cook, tells TMZ that what he's really interested in is the $772,090 in "personal property" that O.J. claims on his 2005 return, because the pensions are exempt from the $33.5 million judgment that Fred won in 1997 -- and which they've been trying to collect ever since. Cook says he's not sure what the "personal property" consists of, but says he'll be going after it.

"He's a very wealthy man sitting on a lot of assets," says Cook of Simpson. "Meanwhile, Mr. Goldman is a 67-year-old working man." Cook says that they're attempting to seize Simpson's Florida house, and will investigate the $50,000 in gross income that Simpson claimed in 2003 and 2004.

To put O.J.'s yearly pension into perspective, Simpson made a reported $733,000 in 1978, when he was the highest-paid player in the NFL, nearly doubling Joe Namath's pay.

Simpson's lawyer didn't immediately return calls for comment. Just last week, the State of California Franchise Tax Board revealed that O.J. owes $1.4 million in back taxes.

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Didn't the jail guards hear OJ confess to Rosy Grier? But he was probably lying.

2554 days ago

Percy Jackson    

# 39 I agree with u after all the csi info we get today on t.v. it would be "IMPOSSIBLE" to commit the crime and not have a lot of "BLOOD"evidence not show up.U can,t clean up that good in that short of a period, at night also,think about it people.O.J. was innocent.

2554 days ago


#6 O.J. is a pedofhile? That is a new one on me.

2554 days ago


OJ's kids are making money off of their mother's murder. Why isn't anyone complaining about that?

2554 days ago

yvonne adler    

The NFA is legally exempt from satisfying any obligation. No one can touch it. That' is an unfortunate fact. The house is also homesteaded and out of reach. Those Directtv receivers in his garage have already been snatched by the federal government and he had to pay heavily for the stolen items. Now, let's concentrate on getting him behind prison bars. For one of the previous posters statements that Simpson was declared "innocent." WRONG!!!!!! He was declared "Not Guilty" (i.e. not proven). LAPD closed the case because they know who killed Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.

2554 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

Drop dead Fred! You blood sucker!

2554 days ago


48. I believe that OJ did do it, and was fairly shocked when he was found innocent, but at the end of the day, he was found innocent. The fact that this " grieving " father was able to successfully win a wrongful death lawsuit against him is utterly ridiculous. He is a money grubbing jew in every sense of the word.

Posted at 9:02PM on Oct 23rd 2007 by diegoldmandie

Take your anti-semitism and shove it diegold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

2554 days ago


Alot of people who are telling the Goldman's to get over it and quit hounding OJ for his money are being hypocritical. If either of you had won a judgement for $33 million dollars, you would all be saying "Where the heck's my money?" It isn't about replacing their son with an amount of income, there's no amount that would ever be big enough. It's about holding OJ responsible for something a jury found him guilty on in regards to the civil lawsuit.

2554 days ago


There is an excellent chance that O.J.'s income is not going to matter much longer anyway. The co-defendents in the case against O.J. here in Vegas flipped like pancakes and plead guilty to lesser charges today. They are going to testify against O.J. and he could be looking at a pretty lengthy jail term if found guilty. There are witnesses and co-defendents in this case that are going to sing like birds.

2554 days ago



Ugh, that would be, "He hasn't killed anyone and NOT gotten away with it". If you think he didn't do it. then you are an idiot. As far as the Goldmans giving up, it is not so much about the money but about hitting the killer where it hurts most, in the pocketbook.

2554 days ago


give someone enough rope and they'll hang themselves . OJ is stupid

2554 days ago


The Goldmans only get 17 cents for each book sold. They are NOT in it for the money. I'm sure they would trade everything to get Ron back. They want the world to know how sick and disgusting that murderer is and since he's always flaunting his life, they want to make him pay and ruin his life. The only reason the Browns have "moved on" is because of OJs kids. They need to keep that connection.

2554 days ago


If you ever had money owed to you for any reason or any amount, you want that money. It was awarded to you and you should get it. you shouldn't have to pay more money to collect from deadbeats. I am owed just $2000, and I have to find out where they live now where they work. Pay to start garnishments, pay sheriff to serve papers, if they can find them and get them to answer the door. It's not right, that the person owed has to do all the footwork and fight for what has been awarded to them. Can you imagine what the Goldman's are paying?

Guilty or Not, the court awarded it.

2554 days ago

Amy Silverman    

OJ will take the fall for this,he will die pennyless in jail,bitter and fogotten with his throat slahed and stapped repeatedly like he did Nichole and Ron

2554 days ago


everytime o.j. takes a crap, gold(digging)man is there with a zip lock baggie so he can bag it, tag it and put it on ebay..get a job...

2554 days ago
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