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Sean Penn

Loses Trailer in Malibu Fire

10/23/2007 5:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For the past three days, Malibu -- playground to the stars -- has been ablaze. TMZ cameras filmed Sean Penn's trailer, completely destroyed just hours after the fire began. It's not clear if the actor was in town on Sunday.

Dozens of celebrities were evacuated when the unpredictable fire got too close, including Olivia Newton-John's family, country music star Tanya Tucker's daughter and "Dancing With The Stars" contestant Jane Seymour.

Celebrity rehab Promises was also evacuated as a precautionary measure. Not so lucky was the LG Summer party house -- its deck completely collapsed when fire hit the property. Castle Kashan and its memorabilia, owned by socialite Lilly Lawrence, burned to the ground.

L.A. County Fire Department told TMZ that right now, there are no active fires in Malibu, but evacuations are still in effect due to ember activity. The winds have abated, but firefighters remain on full alert. 4,400 acres have burned in Malibu, with fire destroying the Presbyterian Church, six homes and one commercial building. There is not yet a final count on the number vehicles burned. Officials expect the fire to be fully contained in the next couple of days -- if the weather cooperates.


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Isn't that his Airstream Trailer?!? Bummer!!

Noone who owns an Airstream is Trailer Trash.

Oh wait, you're not cool enough to own one.....

2521 days ago


Morgan - When you say 'Trader' - you must actually mean 'traitor' - meaning someone who betrays their country - not someone who trades. Try a dictionary - it might help you considerably.

2521 days ago


He is an American Trader and a wash up surfer boy. Madonna has suck him dry to the point that is nothing more than a dehydrated bag of kool-aid.

2521 days ago

Someone who knows better    

You people are all completely retarded.

TMZ, check your accuracy on this one. Love your site, but source better next time.

2521 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Posted at 4:03AM on Oct 24th 2007 by BOEING 787
Posted at 11:44AM on Oct 24th 2007 by Dang
* * * * * * *
Out of curiousity, how many posters did you survey about their political affiliation? Did they specifically tell you they were conservaties or right wing? Quit generalizing turd faces. A lot of people dislike Sean Penn.

2521 days ago


A loss of this size is a horrible tragedy for ANYONE....celeb or not. My prayers are with these people.

2521 days ago


TO BAD HE WASN'T IN IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2521 days ago


All I need are some tasty waves to put out these flames, Mr. Hand!

2520 days ago

Wendy M    

I am so sorry to hear how close this is to Mr. Penn's home and that he lost property during these horrible fires. My prayers go out ot him and his neighbors for their safety. Some of the earlier posts sound hateful. Who are you people, with the mispelled words and poor sentence structure that would wish anything but good for anyone? It does not make any difference how wealthy someone is. The losses are just as tragic. Sean Penn is a brilliant actor with a compassionate soul. You can see this in all that he does. Stop misreading the tabloids and newspapers. See these articles as they are. Sean Penn was in New Orleans helping to rescue people at his own expense. In addition, he was in the middle of that infested water, concerned not for himself, but for others. He went to Iraq to understand the plight of those that are involved. As a sister with a brother who is a Marine that has served in Iraq twice, I am grateful for Mr. Penn's interest. It is obvious that Sean Penn has the desire to see these things for himself rather than listening to another person's version. I applaud him and I thank him. We live in the United States which gives us the right to have our own political views. Stop the criticism and see the brilliance. By the way......Sean Penn's newest movie, Into the Wild is absolutely brilliant. Extremely well done. The story was directed in a way that allows you to see how significant this young man was. Excellent messages!! I walked away with open eyes and a desire to cherish relationships with those that cross my path. I would love to see it again. I may even find more great messages. The music and cinematography was impressive as well.
Wendy M.

2520 days ago


K, I know this doesn't totally relate to the story, so je m'excuse, but to Democrats Are Evil: are you aware that this country was founded so that people with differing viewpoints could come together to debate and compromise to form a system of government that seeks the best for all involved. You may not like what he says or what I say, but the fact is that he's taking full advantage of exactly what democracy was created for, and degrading him because of it makes you the one who's anti-American, not him.

2519 days ago
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