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Tom Brady's Favorite Receiver

10/23/2007 12:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Brady threw six touchdown passes against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday afternoon -- but his best score came the next day.

Brady stayed in town to hang out in South Beach on Monday with supermodel girlfriend, Gisele Bundchen.

Insert your own "tight end" joke here.

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# 19....oh my gosh......LMAO! I was literally putting a bite of food in my mouth when I read your comment and I almost spit it out onto the keyboard I laughed so hard. She could definately use a sandwich. Or something. That skirt must be a size 0 and it is falling off of her. Too funny. Thanks for the chuckle. :)

2495 days ago


Tom Brady is a piece of crap. Instead of being on the beach knocking up someone else, he should be visiting his baby. What a pig! Shame on Gisele too, selfish slut. She should tell Tom "Instead of being w/me you should be w/your baby"

2495 days ago

Andrea from Ontario Canada    

What do you call two nuns and a whore on a football field?

Two tight ends and a wide reciever.

Badda Boom! Badda Bang!

2495 days ago

dirty white boy.    


2495 days ago


Gisele Bundchen’s grandfather was a Nazi pilot who killed hundreds of people by dropping bombs on their heads during World War 2. When he realized the war was lost, he flew to Brazil like a coward. He met a German girl and decided to marry her to perpetuate the Aryan race. They had many children, and one of them met another German girl whom he married. Some years later, the Bundchen descendants dropped another bomb on our heads: Gisele. And I can’t thank them enough for that.

Arnold Schwaneggers father was also part of the Nazi's as well

2495 days ago


For the love of Buddha, throw that girl a porkchop. She's about to blow away!

2495 days ago

Go Red Sox    

Hey Erin...Get your fricken facts right before you write your garbage!! Tom Brady was with his baby's mother for over 3 years...all of a sudden she becomes pregnant?? Are you kidding me....sounds like a trap to me.....oh, and by the way, just because his baby turned 2 months and he was not around Big Deal, He happened to be working in Florida playing football you fricken jerk! I quess you don't watch football on week-ends?? He is very much involved with his child, and besides ~it's none of your fricken business what he does~

2495 days ago


everyone has thier opinion on this whole situation but poor Tom when it is all said and done his sons last name is Moynahan not Brady OUCH!

2495 days ago


Gisele is NOT ethnic! Gisele BUNDCHEN is 100% German, who lived in Brazil. She is NOT latina at all! Both of Gisele's parents were Krauts! I don't know if they have nazi connections, but just read about Gisele's habits for keeping her home clean. She's a nazi clean freak. Gisele is GERMAN. Her grandparents on both sides were probably Nazis.

2495 days ago


If two people can't communicate and make it together in a relationship-kids or no kids, it's time to let it go...Is there anything in this lifetime that lasts forever?...some people stay in relationships for the kids and are so very unhappy and end up resenting the wasted time later on. "Love and Happiness"-it's not just a song, it's what people want far more than any thing else in the world. Respect and communication...did you guys go see "Why did I get married?"

2495 days ago

independent voter    

He's a dork and she looks like a reject from "The Bachelor". And please people if you go out with someone for 3 years and are having sex the odds are a baby is going to be born no matter what the birth control is.

Bridget will find a great father for her son. Tom can chase models for the next 10 years and then when he finally loses all his hair and has a gut and is a big has been his son will only remember the great guy who raised him and you know that won't be Brady.

Yuck I wish the Pat's would trade him. He's tarnished the whole team. He's an embarrassment. He's only great because of the offensive line and everyone knows it.

2495 days ago

Go Red Sox    

TO Paula #40

I get home delivery of OK magazine, there she was right on the cover with her baby right after the baby was born ~I'm sure she didn't do that for nothing~ I'm sure she got paid very well for that article. Brady didn't even know she was going to do that....he saw it on the newstands....that lady has no class at all....

I think alot of these mean comments about Brady are brought on because the New England's Patriots are the best football team around at this point.....grow up!

2495 days ago


He's a meatheaded fattie and she looks like a guy. Happy breeding.

2495 days ago


Tom Brady I love you and The patriots as a team-plus you are hot!...But Peyton is hotter, and my go to guy this year...GO COLTS!!!!!

2495 days ago


Re: Gisele - her body made her famous - right now she is just a rail. I don't find it attractive, but I will say that Victoria's Secrets must do wonderful things with their push up bras. =)

As for Brady and anyone calling him a dead beat - GET A LIFE! Are you people really thinking that anyone who plays a professional sport should not have a child because they can not be physically present with the child at all times? STUPID! Tom is supporting the child financially. I am sure he wishes he had more time with his son, but he has a JOB that takes him away from his son.

KEEP IN MIND that is part of the reason him and Bridgett broke up - he DIDN"T want kids yet. His career keeps him very busy. ANd it is A very impressive career. I don't expect most of you people here to know or appreciate anything about the greatness that is Brady's career. Look up his numbers if you have any doubts that he is going to go down as the greatest QB of ALL times.

FACTS (and check them if you don't believe):

1. Tom and Bridgett broke up because they wanted different things (He didn't want kids and marriage - she DID!)

2. A month later Tom starts to date Gisele

3. THREE MONTHS after the break up with Bridget, she announces her pregnancy

Brady has a right to a life. He had his career before his son came along. If he is to support his son, he needs his job. Simple as that. When the season is over, he will have plenty of time with his child - JUST LIKE ALL OTHER PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES WHO HAVE KIDS!

2495 days ago
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