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Tori and Dean

Inn Fire Danger!

10/23/2007 10:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

spelling_breaking_fm-1TMZ has learned Tori Spelling's Southern California bed and breakfast has been evacuated because of the wildfires.

Tori and husband Dean McDermott own Chateau La Rue, located near Temecula, Calif. The inn is currently featured on their reality show, "Tori and Dean: Inn Love" on Oxygen.

People magazine reports Tori and hubby were in L.A. Monday to catch a taping of "Dancing With the Stars" and support former "90210" castmate Jennie Garth. She told the mag, "We got a call that our Temecula [wine country] B&B was being evacuated. We had a lot on our minds tonight. We have friends who are watching [the situation]."

McDermott added, "We don't know the extent of it. There were guests on their way [to the B&B], but they were notified and sent back. The whole town of Fallbrook was evacuated."


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It's Me!    

How dare someone say that California needs to burn to the ground. I live in Southern California where all the fires are. I consider SoCal my home. You selfish bastard. What kind of sick minded, worthless waste of life would ever say that? You need some serious help.

I know this isnt meant to comment on other people's comments, but I was completely offended by it. I'm sure that other Californians whether they are NorCal or SoCal will feel me on this one. We're talking about serious damage going on with these fires. I almost needed to be evacuated and I know several people who's houses burned to the ground. It's a horrible loss.

2566 days ago

Tina M    

Chris, Thank-you for responding.....keep safe in L.A.

2566 days ago


I think Tori is up there as one of the ugliest women in hollywood, and she's only getting uglier. Last night on DWTS, she looked miserable sitting there watching, maybe she know that Dean only married her for the bucks, it definitely wasn't for her looks.

2566 days ago


Tori has had way too much plastic surgery. She looks just like a transvestite. Does anyone believe that she runs an inn?? Oh please!! She couldn't cook her way out of a paper bag! Oh, and I guess we're also supposed to believe that she and her baby live in a trailer in the back yard of the inn with a full timne nanny, right??

2566 days ago


Enough already!
Are your lives that shallow that you think any of your cruel comments mean anything to anyone?
They said awhile ago that they're renting with an option to buy.
At least they're trying to discover and run a business themselves. That endeavor leaves almost no time for a personal life.

2566 days ago

mickey lou    

Looks like someones had too much plastic surgery!

2566 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Tori & Heidi...separated at birth? Same bad horse face, and horse mane, er, hair.

2566 days ago

Go Away    

Leave it to this over privleged narcissist to use a tragedy to garner plublicity for herself.

2566 days ago

Tough times don't last, tough people do!!    

Tori is loosing it, tell the carver to back the hell up. And note to all white women stop injecting your lips, cheeks butt and what ever else you come up with because it's not worth it. When they all fall off then what you gonna do?

2566 days ago


#25 Is that you Crocker?

2566 days ago


For all the negative comments: What a sad bunch of ugly people. I don't have to see your faces to see how ugly you are, it comes out in your posts.

Cali People:

I am praying for you and hope the winds die down soon. I can't imagine the pain and heartbreak of losing your home. I hope all that live in the fire ravaged areas are safe and sound. Ignore the negative comments and realize the source. So many sick people post on TMZ and it really makes you think how sad their lives must be.


Get a life and really take a good hard look at yourself. I feel sorry for your familys.

2566 days ago



2566 days ago

Never inked up!    

Amber #100

You said it yourself, what comes around, goes around right? Well, I'm thrilled to see it go around to these two horrible people. This is KARMA coming to bite them in the ass finally.
BOTH of these two pieces of work were married when they all of sudden decided after 3!!!!!!
weeks working on a movie they were soul mates.

He had JUST adopted a baby girl. They had a 7 year old and Daddy flies in, on vacation no less, to let his WIFE know he all of sudden isn't in love with her and has no respect for her either. Just like that he leaves. THEN has the gall to tell his ex that Tori really needs to meet their son since she is going to be a part of his life!!!!!! OMG! Gee, I'm sure that will last about minute.

COME ON!!!!!! If these two aren't more deserving for this to have happened to them then I don't know who is!

You go Mary Jo! {that is Dean's ex wife's name} I hear things are going pretty good for you. I wish you happiness. And all this Tori and Dean bashing is good for your soul!

2566 days ago

Dr Frankentstein    

What the HHELL is wrong with her big ol blocky face???? Her hat size is "Pumpkin". Her cranium is in perfect proportion to her body...if she was 3 hours old.

2566 days ago


# you sure spend a lot of energy on Tori and Dean's life for someone who seems to despise them....just saying!

I think you must have been dumped huh? A little bitter maybe?
What kind of human being wishes ill will on someone?
Shame on you!

If you spent as much energy on your own life instead of theirs maybe you would'nt be so bitter and angry.....I sense some sadness in you as well.

Check yourself!

2566 days ago
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