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Wildfires Displace Residents, Residents Displace Football

10/23/2007 5:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The San Diego Chargers call Qualcomm Stadium home -- but as of this morning, so do 10,000 people evacuated because of area wildfires. As a result, the team doesn't know when or where they'll be playing their next game.
Qualcomm Stadium
Since the stadium is northeast of downtown and out of harm's way, it is being used as an evacuation center. Four years ago this week, the team was in the same exact situation and ended up playing a "home" game in Arizona. That could be problematic this week, since the Arizona Cardinals are off this week, and the stadium is scheduled to host a motorcycle show Friday through Sunday afternoon.

The Chargers are scheduled to host the Houston Texans on Sunday afternoon, and the NFL has not yet decided what to do.

Over 1,000 homes have been lost in the San Diego area.

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Julie G.    

I really feel for the San Diego residents!!! I have commented on other post that I wish for people to spend more time to find the ways to help. I am really fed up with all negative comments about celebrities. The reason I post because I used to live in San Diego County- Temecula. So beautiful area. It's really sad to see my friends lost their homes and so the people in part of Rancho Bernadino ,and 6 counties are losing theirs. It is irreplacement things for them as you read this post. LOST EVERYTHING!!! It is reality. Please don't put any negative or make fun or be about to be childish pls. Praying for this to be stopped before it gets even worse and hopefully San Diego Charger won't have any problems with getting the games to play at their home by end of next week.

2559 days ago

busted Brad    

Who cares about football right now! People need to get thier priorities in order.
These people are going through so much right now. Football can wait!

2559 days ago

busted Brad    

F@#*k football!

2559 days ago


It's just horrible ! But just looking at the pictures of the houses on the beach, you can understand why the fires can spread so fast...one house just lights off the next because they're sooo close together...so much for privacy.

2559 days ago


i don't think the government is ever prepared for the
need of the people
in cases like this.as Americans you should worry.while they are living
off of us as tax payers.lobster fancy cars.look at what is still going
on with Katrina.

2559 days ago


I've decided to no longer watch Glenn beck. He's gone too right wing paranoid psycho. Painful. Ouch

2559 days ago


Have the African Americans started to rape and loot yet like they did in New Orleans.

2559 days ago


I highly commend the governor for all that he is doing to help all those residents! There is a governor who really stepped up to the plate to help his own citizens and that says a lot! I have friends who are down in San Diego, but luckily, they are out near the beach. Nevertheless, my friends have family out near the stadium. My friend said that it is just insane that all of this is happening. I live in Washington, and I know that Washington and Oregon fire trucks are on their way to help. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those that have been touched by this disaster.

2559 days ago

Julie G.    

Did a favor to post for her, Sorry to post it here, I try to post it everywhere til some body genereous enough to help her.

Date: 2007-10-23, 7:43AM PDT

Please help if you can.

My friend Leslie has been evacuated from her Poway home because of the fires. She has had to evacuate a total of 70 animals, 10 of them being horses. She also has 3 llamas, several goats and sheep, chickens, ducks, bunnies, cats, and others. She runs a small non-profit rescue organization and all of her animals were saved from slaughter, neglect, or abuse. Right now, she is sitting in a parking lot at a Westfields shopping mall with all of her animals, a couple of cars and one two horse trailer. It's the Parkway plaza shopping center near El Cajon (by Best Buy and Borders.) Her horses are all tied to the trailer and are OK, but all the other animals are inside the cars or the trailer where it's getting hot. If anyone has the capacity to help her out, please call her. Her name is Leslie and her cell phone is (858) 829-7846.

2559 days ago


We are terrified. It's horrible here in SoCal but the love of neighbor for neighbor, the businesses, the firefighters, police, and other rescue people, our governor and all the wonderful people around the country who are sending help and prayers make us see just how very good, kind and brave people can be. Thank you. Please, even though we are having awful fires in LA as well, pray for San Diego, what these people are going through can't be relayed to you through the media. Seeing it first hand is just a living nightmare. God Bless you San Diego, LA loves you and we will help any way we can. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Love LA

2559 days ago

just wondering    

....#11....email Ellen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2559 days ago

Internet Website Designs    

this sux

2559 days ago


This is not another yearly fire. Read the LA Times, you obviously don't live here. Think please before you make such comments. There are 1,000,000+ people who have been evacuated here. That's right over a million people. Do not pass judgment please until you know the complete scope of what you are judging. I am thankful to God this isn't happening to your family. I would never treat you or yours as carelessly as you just treated us. I wish you well and am sorry you can't feel the same for us.

2559 days ago

North Sunset    

I grew up in San Diego and have close family and friend ties there. My heart goes out to them and I hope they are safe. I know some have probably lost their homes already and some are not out of harms way. The beauty of San Diego is also reflected in the people there. Thinking of you all from San Francisco.

2559 days ago


First this is not an accurate picture..... Second - San Diegans are not thinking too much about making room for the football players and fans - many of them are already at the stadium! Say what you will about a fire every year in the area - you could say the same for the people in tornado alley or the inevitable hurricane season that wreak havoc on the south....

2559 days ago
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