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Wildfires Displace Residents, Residents Displace Football

10/23/2007 5:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The San Diego Chargers call Qualcomm Stadium home -- but as of this morning, so do 10,000 people evacuated because of area wildfires. As a result, the team doesn't know when or where they'll be playing their next game.
Qualcomm Stadium
Since the stadium is northeast of downtown and out of harm's way, it is being used as an evacuation center. Four years ago this week, the team was in the same exact situation and ended up playing a "home" game in Arizona. That could be problematic this week, since the Arizona Cardinals are off this week, and the stadium is scheduled to host a motorcycle show Friday through Sunday afternoon.

The Chargers are scheduled to host the Houston Texans on Sunday afternoon, and the NFL has not yet decided what to do.

Over 1,000 homes have been lost in the San Diego area.

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No Avatar

just wondering    

...this shot makes the horrilbe fires look so close to the stadium!!!!!!!!!

2555 days ago


How does the fact that the fires are bigger than normal make up for common sense?

Normal rational tells me that a way to avoid earthquakes and fires is by not living in the area where they happen. That also goes for tornado alley to keep my house from being destroyed by tornados. Or New Orleans to avoid living below sea level. People have insurance (home owners and what not) for instances like this. Their posessions will be replaced. They are alive... So it's time to debate relocation. Maybe they can get out by the time this happens next year. Just an observation.

2555 days ago


Just look at the difference, how people are behaving at Qualcom stadium in San Diego and how they they behaved in New Orleans!
Middle class Americans are there in San Diego and behaving in an orderly fashion. Need I say more?

2555 days ago


This "composite" photo is horrible. It's not only misleading (the fires aren't cresting the hill behind the stadium or else people wouldn't still be there... D'UH.) but it also looks like something a 1st grader would cobble together for a collage project...

How's about a little less fake drama next time??? Especially when there are an ample amount of real photos of the fire out there...

2555 days ago

Charger Fan    

Go Chargers win this one for your town !!!!!!!

2555 days ago

He's Boring now    

Is FEMA running this show? Probably not, thus there is water and food and cots and comfort and red cross helping out. SuperDome was a failure not because it was mainly Black people, but because the basics were not taken care of.

These people would freak too if they were hungry, thirsty, and receiving no direction on whats next.

Football? Cancel the game and show the World sports has its priorities right in its own community.

2555 days ago

Chic in Paris, France!    

Our prayers go out to all of our friends and residents of San Diego and L.A. I am a former San Diegan.. no living overseas but have countless friends, family and former students/famiies living in San Diego... Friends who have been evacuated, lost their homes and others who are doing everything in their power to help in this catastrophic situation.. I was there in SD three years ago and that was bad enough.... I know that San Diegans are strong and helpful to their fellow residents... I have seen this on many occassions as I lived in San Diego for over 23 years!! I pray that this will all end very soon because the loss is unimaginable! No one can really imagine what is going on unless you are there going through it or you have gone through something that is just as devastating... NO ONE should ever have to go through something like this or other disasters ... hurricanes, earthquakes, stroms, etc...

2554 days ago

Chic in Paris, France!    

I wanted to also add that this photo is doctored to look very dramatic... They flames are NOT in this area near the stadium but TMZ decided to dramatize the already horrible situation by providing a false perspective... I have friends in ALL parts of San Diego.. and some are very far from the fires... but the air quality is very poor and that has an effect on EVERYONE'S overall health.....

2554 days ago


My prayers are with all of the people that are facing this horrid incident. This picture however looks fake. The picture looks like the people were photo copied into the stadium. Am I the only one who sees this.
Anyway God be with them in Southern California.

2554 days ago


Don't these people get it, you live in a fire zone why would any reasonable person rebuild in an area they know has a propensity to burn? Any sympathy I have is lost when people do not learn from previous events!

2554 days ago


Can't the NFL just postpone the game?

2554 days ago


i feel bad for the people in san diago and everyone else effected by the fire, i heard people at the stadium was treated very well, they had plenty of water, good food all the supplies they needed they where all set as soon as the evacuations started and that shows how are govt. are on top of things and will do anything to help our citizens and thats great i hope no futher injuries occur out there, but the only other thing i have to say is HOPEFULLY THE NEXT TIME ANOTHER KATRINA HAPPENS OR ANOTHER HORRIBLE EVENT IN A MOSTLEY BLACK COMMUNITY THE SAME RESPOSE TIME AND THE SAME EFFORTS ARE MADE TO HELP THOSE PEOPLE BECUASE CLEARY THAT DIDNT HAPPEN IN NEW ORLEANS AND WE COULD CLEARY SEE THE DIFFERENCE OF "ERGENCY" WHEN IT COMES TO SAN DIAGO..

2554 days ago


Burn you swine Burn. As I said Burn you swine burn.

2554 days ago


Are you for real?? Who gives a flying cra p about football right now?? Our county is burning down!! Get a heart TMZ

2554 days ago

K -Fed-Up    

Hey Chris - you can thank the African American Mayor of New Orleans for not being prepared. Obviously the mostly white run state of California had a plan! Obviously there is no looting and raping either. Gee I wonder why?

2554 days ago
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