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Colbert Campaign: Big Shtick May Dip Doritos

10/24/2007 1:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wry TV host Stephen Colbert has launched a faux-ish campaign for the presidency (with Republican airport restroom foot-tapper Larry Craig as his running mate) -- but the joke could backfire if the Feds take corporate campaign contribution laws seriously -- and bar Doritos and others from sponsoring "The Colbert Report." What's the truthiness?!
Stephen Colbert
Amazingly, Colbert is trying to get on the ballot in his home state of South Carolina (as both a Democrat and Republican), he launched a campaign website, and officially announced his candidacy on his show. In a shrewd political move, he appeared with potato-headed Tim Russert on "Meet the Press" this past Sunday.

It's a tricky matter for the Federal Election Commission, as running a real, but fake, but truthy-ish campaign could cause all kinds of tricky corporate sponsorship laws to trip up commercial sponsors and even Comedy Central, unless Colbert admits it's all a joke.


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Merry Christmas    

How does this make the younger voters take our election seriously? If anything, it makes it worse. He's not really running, so he needs to stay out of the sandbox if he's not playing. Whether we hate or love the people seeking the presidency, they deserve a fair shot, after all they are spending all their time, money, as well as pouring their heart and soul into the election. If Colbert wants to be known as Ross Perot or Ralph Nader, then so be it.

2525 days ago


thier souls "oh" pleazzze. You are kidding right. Thompson can't compose a sentence, Hillary thinks that women will vote for her if she says all this crap about out daughter and role models and obama's big deal is not wearing a flag pin. Please we need young people to at lease know what an election is and the process. Colbert is making a boring and confusing process fun. Its the times we live in. A great leader of our time said" I belive the children are our future" (lol) This is what you future looks like buddy get use to it.

lol respect this is just stress relief for me so.......

2525 days ago


Look any American can run for President, and I support what Colbert does. he is showing America that we dont need to settle for a giant douche or a turd sandwitch. We have options and he is becomming that option. No one like John McCain because he wont say what people want to hear, he just speaks the thruth about any issue at hand and is blunt about it. In my opinion Americans are to scard to say what they really think. It always has to be politicly correct. Well you know what America is not politily correct so why do all the people have to be. Lets all just be Americans and start carring about US! We are the people that are suffering here we need to just stay focased on the USA. Just to bring another point into view lets pull all the media outlets out of the middle east and let our Men and women do what they get paid for! The media blows all this out of purportion and frankly if we were just able to go and do the job at hand with out fear of being proper and "politiliy correct" this war would be over by now

2525 days ago


I've seen a turd sandwich with mayo they are not bad. Impressive response that made me lol. But seriously "the children are our future teach them well and let them lead the way" I think Maya Angelo said that.

2525 days ago


I like that I learned that you needed $25,000 to run for the Republican ticket and $3100 for Democrats and that there isn't much of a barrier to running for President. (And if you think about it. If you can't raise $25k then you aren't going to be anything but a potential spoiler. Nader, Perot)

He is using his humor to point out a truth. If you don't get it, it probably can't be explained to you.

2525 days ago


I hope Colbert can get on, I think if he did that alone would deal a major blow to the damn politians that have been in office way to long anyway. America should just stand behind Colbert teach the Politicians a lesson! Maybe he could stop congress from voteing on there own raises they recive every year because the cost of living has gone up so high. If you make over 150 grand a year to serve the people you dont need a raise! Politics drive me nuts

2525 days ago


Its not funny if you have to explain it

2525 days ago


Come one Giant Douche or Turd Sandwitch!!!

2525 days ago

chin chin    

I consider him to be an as&hole & a complete turd... although, his pathetic attempt to be hip & cool is quite humorous!

He's totally succeeded at comedy; however, I'm laughing AT him & not WITH him.


2525 days ago


i LOVE him. no, scratch that, i adore him. oh and #11? im not a "kid" and i think its hilarious. i dedicate this one to you, moron: LMFAO

2525 days ago


This guy is funny. I did not think anyone would take him seriously when he said he wanted to run for President. But i guess some people did. I told my husband the news even reported it. He told me it's joke.

2525 days ago


Potato-headed Tim Russert!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! that is so damn funny i laughed for 2 minutes

2525 days ago


I love the fact .Start your own blog on !

2525 days ago

kate f    

i see what you guys are saying, but while i see the potential for abuse here i also think it is a very interesting commentary and satire on the method of the democratic process. i also think that, while we may not know the "real" colbert, as someone said, he very likely has a real respect for the process and will go as far as he possibly can go until he puts the election in serious jeopardy. -- i also believe that colbert's participation will have a latent effect of alerting younger voters to more details of the 08 election than they would otherwise have been exposed to. let's see where this experiment takes us without judging too quickly. incidentally, doritos ARE so delicious, i think they must put crack in them or something because once you have one you gotta have the whole bag.

2525 days ago


Now this is a good joke. But his believe it or not his poll numbers are higher than alot of the other Presidental runners. Now wouldn't this be something to watch. at 13 percent of the polls running in his favor he could be in there. But we all know he cannot because of the federal campaign laws.

2524 days ago
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