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Hilton's Stomach-Turning New Flick

10/24/2007 3:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clips of Paris Hilton's latest film role has found its way to the Internets -- and it's a bloody mess!

Last night's Scream 2007 Awards on Spike TV premiered the trailer for her new sci-fi/horror/musical, "Repo! The Genetic Opera" -- and man is it brutal! Hilton briefly shows up in the clip -- wearing a dominatrix outfit and black wig -- and she even "sings!"

Warning -- this intestine-spilling video is for mature audiences only!


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I think someone gave TMZ a version that had "what's in your wallet?" edited out. All in all, I'd have to say it was a good commercial. I had a good chuckle.

C'mon, the concept's so simple even a heiress could understand it.

2519 days ago

It's Me!    

Wait, what? Is this movie for real?

2519 days ago


#43 - Meatloaf isn't on the cast list according to IMDB, but Paul Sorvino is so maybe that was him.

Really - the scariest thing about this movie is that Sarah Brightman is in it!!!!! She originated the role of Christine in The Phantom of the Opera. As a longtime Phantom fan (I've seen it 6 times on Broadway) I'm not sure if I want to scream, eat my own eyes, or both!!

2519 days ago


It looks craperiffic!!!

2519 days ago


Paris has to get permission every time she enters Canada because of their no tolerance on DUI convictions. Bush even had trouble entering. See the article below for their laws. I am surprised this is not a problem for her.

2519 days ago


are you sure its Paris Hilton and not Perez Hilton?

2519 days ago


This is what people with a lot of money and no talent are able to get on film. I would comment, sarcastically, that Paris' parents must be so proud. But the truth is, they probably are and don't feel embarrased for them. Kathy Hilton's grooming by Paris' grandmother to land a rich husband (Rick Hilton) is New York legend, and Paris is simply the product of her mother's learned parenting style.

2519 days ago


WTF? Is this a real movie or a joke? Looks like it was done as a tax write off! I mean who in their right mind is going to watch this? The trailer looked more like trailer park! *lol* They lost money on this one as soon as craft services dropped off the doughnuts!

2519 days ago


Nothing less than totally gross.... she's a loser.

2519 days ago


For god's sakes, enought already. I'm tired of this "woman".
So far past done, PLEASE no more.

2519 days ago


Wow! Is this for real? It looks like SUCH crap. Poor Paul Sorvino and Anthony Stewart Head. The credibility of their careers is about to plummet. As for Paris, let's hope we at least get to see her die again like she did in "House of Wax." Maybe it'll stick this time.

2519 days ago

just sayin    

Not even worthy of the dollar store's bargain bin.

2519 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Wow, this looks like a HORRIBLE mash up of Rocky Horror and an Evanescence video! And having Parisite in the cast ensures that it will be a flop! Straight to DVD and placed on the lower racks, if it is even marketed. I bet the producers crapped themselves when they saw their 'star' getting booed at the awards show! Another tremendous waste of money, time, and people's dreams of being in a good flick. That 9 bucks ( or the price of a dvd) I sure won't be wasting!

2519 days ago


ugh this is horrible, I dont think there are words adequate enough to describe just how awful this is!!!!!!!!!! But it definitely isnt a surprise that Paris Hilton would be in this movie/musical/opera, she's a disgrace to women everywhere

2519 days ago
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