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Hilton's Stomach-Turning New Flick

10/24/2007 3:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Clips of Paris Hilton's latest film role has found its way to the Internets -- and it's a bloody mess!

Last night's Scream 2007 Awards on Spike TV premiered the trailer for her new sci-fi/horror/musical, "Repo! The Genetic Opera" -- and man is it brutal! Hilton briefly shows up in the clip -- wearing a dominatrix outfit and black wig -- and she even "sings!"

Warning -- this intestine-spilling video is for mature audiences only!


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OMG...luckyyou dont cut Rocky Horror Fans down like that! I cant believe someone would waste money to make a movie like that. Buy far the worst I have seen...Far more cheesy than Snakes on a Plane!!

2524 days ago


Is this garbage the way Paris is sending a good message to young people and trying to fool herself into thinking she is any kind of a role model? Give it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

2524 days ago


Tragic...and even more tragic is the fact that Anthony Head is also in this film. Note to Tony: You didn't bank the money from 7 seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

2524 days ago


What a shame. I love, LOVE Tony Head (who actually really can sing....Buffy fans remember Behind Blue Eyes????) Hard to believe that he would drag himself down to Paris's level with this drivel.

2524 days ago



2524 days ago


I didn't think Paris Hilton was capable of being worse than she already was - but boy, was I wrong!?!? Dreadfully awful. That was the most painful 30 seconds I've experienced in a long time. WOW, someone needs to get a clue - Paris can't act, can't sing, I'm not sure what she can do. Sadly, I felt sorry for her in jail, however, THAT movie clip was "criminal"!!

2524 days ago


She do,what she do...
Leave her alone...
-She is a nice person !!! And for future -
People see only what they wish to see...

2524 days ago


OMG!!! That is really, really, really BAD!!!!!!!!!! So not HOT!!!!

2524 days ago


she should go back to porno's.

2524 days ago

Beth Carey    

Don't care about Paris, but the interaction and singing between ASH (Anthony Stewart Head) and Sarah Brightman is amazing. So yeah, color me crazy but cult campiness can be fun and this looks like fun.

If you have to take all your movies seriously, well then I'm sorry you have to miss out on the fun. :)

2524 days ago

TR sucks    

actually it looks really cool. maybe a genre not everybody gets or likes, well okay, then don't go see it. But it still may turn out far better than most of the typical, predictable hollywood-formula-plot movies made every year. Many such films with so-called "big name" actors actually are pretty crappy. Repo looks like it's taking a risk to be and do something different. we'll see. Remember, Rocky Horror was considered a flop when it first came out as well. Then, it became a enduring cult classic. More recently, Hedwig and the Angry Inch was poo-poohed before it left the gate, then it became a new classic and a sucessful broadway show as well.

oh, and you mis-identified which actor was paris. intentional ? just so you could refer to her negatively? hmmmmmmm.......

2524 days ago


uhmmmm! yeah i don't ever want to be at that opera.

2524 days ago



uhm people that left mean comments are only JEALOUS

2524 days ago


This looks like a really bad Rocky Horror flick ( a movie I love btw). At least in R. Horror, the main people could actually SING (Tim Curry and Meatloaf). Someone threw away a lot of money in making this, er, film. I wonder if the editing guys were on the ground laughing as they pieced this together.

2524 days ago

Mele Mel    

OMG! whatta piece of garbage just like Paris.

2524 days ago
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