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Laura Bush: Abu Dhabi Do-Gooder

10/24/2007 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

First Lady Laura Bush is waging a war of her own in the Middle East -- against breast cancer!
Laura Bush
The 60-year-old, who had a cancerous growth removed from her leg last year, met with breast cancer survivors in the United Arab Emirates this week. Mrs. Bush chatted with the ladies, clad in their little black burkas, at the Sheikh Khalifa Medical Center in Abu Dhabi.

Laura's helping launch the U.S.-Middle East Partnership for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research. October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


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Read a book and turn off your cable news people. Not all Muslims chop off heads and hate the west. Laura Bush is to be commended for spreading breast cancer awareness and helping to save lives. Vote for whomever you like, but please, spare us your obnoxious political spew. As women, we all know there is only good to be said about her visit. Keep your extremist political views seperate from this worthy cause. Strong, healthy, educated women dont raise babies that blow themselves up. Nuff' said.

2555 days ago


if someone is wearing a burqa , it doesn't mean they are beaten all the time. This is called prejudice. There are a lot of women beaten in America even though many times they're hardly wearing anything. There is more violent crime against women in America like rape , domestic beatings etc then in Islamic countries.

2555 days ago


They should take their rags off in respect for Laura so she doesn't think she's in the middle of a bunch of ghouls.

2555 days ago


I could care less where mrs dubya is going.

One thing tho' TMZ: those women aren't wearing burqas. They were burqas in Afghanistan and some Pashtun were them in Pakistan too. The women on the picture wear chadors with niqabs. Typically Middle East.
Afghanistan is NOT in the Middle East!
Sheeshhh what's up with the geography knowledge nowadays?

2555 days ago


Hey Laura what do you have to say about your husband and Condeeleeeeezzzzzsssssaaa Rices affair.

2555 days ago


I believe you mean, "there are more "REPORTED" beatings and rapes in other countries. This is partly because women will get BEATEN if they report a beating. Also partly because forced sex on a wife is NOT considered rape as it is in civilized countries. Talk about PREJUDICE! hah.

2555 days ago


is this the new moonbat mantra? LOL So a white man could NEVER be interested in having a smart woman in power around him without wanting SEX?? Man you democrats are SICK in the head!

2555 days ago


Which one of these doesn't belong?

2555 days ago

Proud Muslim Woman    

Sincere Advice :

The only reason why Muslim women cover that way is to obey that very order from God, not from men.

...and also to differ from the 'real' satan who is clearly sitting in the middle of the picture, aka Laura Bush.

About 1.3 women are raped every minute in the USA... seems like you have your own animal impulses to deal with!

Did you know that the covering of women is also required in the Bible, otherwise their heads must be shaved... look it up!

Seems like the only difference is that we Muslim women actuallly follow our religion fully!'re all a bunch of un-educated fools making assumptions while knowing absolutely nothing!

Get off your couch... Educate yourselves, learn about the true Islam.

2555 days ago


I notice that most of the comments left, including my own, are critical of either the wardrobe contrast of these women, or of the politics of left, right or islamofascist. The fact is that Laura is there to HELP these women (who can not always get the attention of the media for women's causes there) get BREAST CANCER AWARENESS on the front burner as it is here in our own supermarket checkout lines. Kudos to Laura for a show of TRUE AMERICAN FEMNINISM! And let us face facts, our IDEAS are about the only thing we export anymore aside JOBS. :)

2555 days ago


They say that when you start growing old, you may lose your mind.....this picture does not really matter. You have less to lose when you wear a burkha......go for one will ever miss you.......essentially you never existed to begin with.......just a black robe with no face and no personality. Wow....amazing how they can wipe out the entire female population and no one cares. ALL I CAN SAY...THIS IS DEFINITELY A KODAK MOMENT! iT IS SO FRIGHTENING....IT IS AS THOUGH THEY NEVER EXISTED.....JUST A MASS OF BLACK WITH FRIGHTENED EYES! THANK GOD FOR AMERICA AND THE LAND OF THE FREE!

2555 days ago


To- Proud Muslim Woman, Why do you call Laura Bush "the real Satan"? You've got one heck of a nerve!!! And I suppose that's the THANKS she gets for helping you Muslim women by drawing attention to fighting breast cancer.

And YOU, a Muslim are trying to teach the Bible to us Christians? You're proud, alright... and it's NOT the right kind of proud to be, either. Where exactly in the Bible does it tell that women need to be shaved if they don't wear clothing up to their eyeballs??? Answer... NO WHERE. For your information, the Bible teaches NO SUCH THING.

When Christ came He FREED women from oppression. He made no distinction between Jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female. My advice to you is for you to get off of your couch and educate yourself about what the Bible really teaches and learn all about Christianity.

2553 days ago
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