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Laura Bush: Abu Dhabi Do-Gooder

10/24/2007 7:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

First Lady Laura Bush is waging a war of her own in the Middle East -- against breast cancer!
Laura Bush
The 60-year-old, who had a cancerous growth removed from her leg last year, met with breast cancer survivors in the United Arab Emirates this week. Mrs. Bush chatted with the ladies, clad in their little black burkas, at the Sheikh Khalifa Medical Center in Abu Dhabi.

Laura's helping launch the U.S.-Middle East Partnership for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research. October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


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He's just another Idiot    

#56 Are you posting from prison or a psycho ward? Laura Bush and her daughters are classy ladies who do much good. What have you done good lately? You are an idiot. Would you have rather had that bimbo Mrs John Kerry for First Lady? Thank God, that didn't happen.

2558 days ago

Vintage '51    

Dale #42 Re: Laura#19-Yeah we thought the same thing (am I psychic?) I hadn't read her comment before posting mine but your comment forced me to read hers.Thanks for pointing that out. LOLBAY

2558 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Why don't you ignorant liberals shut up. George Bush is our President and Laura is our First Lady. You would think after seven years you would have figured this out.
Stop writing like idiots and watch the World Series or don't they have TV reception in the trailer parks?

2558 days ago


Sure, cancer is serious, and she's doing a good thing, but George has done as much as anyone possibly can do promote cancer by ignoring global warming and air pollution and being in bed with big oil and reining in the CDC and the Epa and NASA in devious ways no-one ever thought possible, or even imaginable .... He is truly amazing, his ignorance is stunning .... no one man has wrought as much destruction to this planet since Hitler ....
It is a sad day, truly.

2558 days ago


if she had good advice the correct thing to do is not meet these wemen in a setting like seems like she endorse that way of more thing how the eff does the lady in the far right sees anything?

2558 days ago


IN response to #49 the comment by "Allah is Satan, not God"

I can promise you that I'm a hell of a lot brighter than you are. You can spew your rhetoric as often as makes you happy - it's apparently what makes you happy. Rock on with your bad self. How about you listen to others for a minute. For example - my point (which seems to be lost on you, so this is probably a waste of energy) was that breast cancer is something that needs to be recognized in every country, culture, and religious sect for obvious reasons. I am well versed in how women are treated in other cultures, but that doesn't downplay in any way the efforts of people to educate. Maybe your ignorance blinds you? It apparently drives your fingers to type.

2558 days ago


Amazing lady Laura~~~

Click my name to view the hot talking about this lady!

2558 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Can you guess which one is not like the other? la la la

2558 days ago

Contradictory George    

A Lady of the fifties, in the age of prim and proper, with the women of the unchanged code of the Islam vail. Where are the women of the 21st century? The females who are the vanguard of health awareness though out the world. People who have done more than just a photo Op!

2558 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

George Bush has higher ratings with the public than Congress. Congress has the lowest ratings in history. Stop bashing President Bush and do something about our lowlife Congressmen. The Democrats and the Republicans argue all day and never make any decisions. It's the worse Congress ever !

2558 days ago


HAHHA if you guys only knew what they have under those barkas.. Ive been there.. and lets say.. that gettup is nice little cover up when your going in and out of hooka bars and the NIGHT CLUBS in DUbai. Losers. LOSERS ALL LOSERS>

2558 days ago


Thank god I live in the USA

2558 days ago


I have seen these women in the changing rooms and let me tell you they dress like sluts under those get ups. the men want the world to think they are modest lol they are just the oposite!

2558 days ago


Laura Bush , in my opionion is a lady Period. She is an asset to the Bushes. She has a lot to deal with , if you lasten to the "gossip" Georgeie Porgies drinking and doing some of the things he is and had to our country. I honestly believe we would not be in Irag or ather countries if his dad hadn,t started with Suddam. You go girl you look good anywhere.!

2558 days ago


Again to address - #71 "Allah is Satan, not God" comment
Obviously - my point was lost. I am well aware of the difference between a cult and a sect - but you have proven that you aren't. I get down on my knees and pray every day, and I believe in a God that is one of love. Again, you seem to be unable to read. I am well aware, as are most, that women in other cultures are not treated as they should be. Your rant has nothing to do with the article and what I said. Grow up, get a life, and open that closed mind - you might learn something.

Have you never in your life thought you could make a difference? If you have, you are losing in this forum.

2558 days ago
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