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MLB Star's Home Gutted by Fire

10/24/2007 4:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David JusticeTMZ has learned the home of former baseball player (and ex Mr. Halle Berry) David Justice has been decimated by the wildfire.

Justice's neighbors include several current and former professional athletes, including Chargers star and NFL MVP LaDainian Tomlinson. According to the San Diego Union Tribune, the entire area was evacuated and although Justice's home burned, those of Tomlinson and former San Diego Padres player Phil Nevin did not.

Nevin told the paper his neighborhood "looks like Mars. The house across the street was engulfed in flames. It burned down in like an hour. I'm safe. My family's safe."

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The wildfires are indeed a very sad situation. It is a reminder that we should always have an emergency plan to keep everyone, including pets, out of harm's way.

2520 days ago


okay then#26 GOD your are seriously annoying got you've been crying about this on the post about the drunk guy and now here??? You must of been one of those whiney kids in schools that always ran and cried to the teacher because someone looked at you the wrong way. GROW UP.

2520 days ago


you cares

2520 days ago

how dumb    

To #30 - I haven't had time to check the news today, but I haven't heard ANYTHING about FEMA being involved AT ALL in the CA fires. In fact, last nite on the news, one of the area's officials stated that the city had to jump in and start setting up shelters and care centers because the other organizations (American Red Cross, etc.) were "stretched too thin". There were citizens volunteering at these shelters, distributing supplies and other stuff.

So I don't think FEMA is even involved... it is the City's own citizens who gathered together and started doing what needed to be done.

Please don't make this a race issue. It is the city itself who has pulled together and started relief efforts, and Arnold brought in the Guard. Please people - stop making everything a race issue. I think this simply says a lot about the CA citizens... they sure do pull together. Why does race matter?

2520 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

Why don't all of you RACISTS ( of any shade of skin) take your RACIST rants and SHOVE IT DEEP AND HARD WHERE THE SUN WILL NEVER SHINE!!!!! In case you didn't notice, this is a story about people losing their homes. Oh, too bad that you made the wrong choices in your life and will never be able to afford a nice house. It sucks to lose a house no matter how much it costs! I guess many of the racists here wouldn't be sniveling so hard if their double-wide burnt down.

2520 days ago


That's what you get for cheating on Halle and slapping her around. Karma is a bitch and I don't feel sorry for you. Anyone else who's life has been affected by this national disaster, I am so sorry.

2520 days ago

Ted neck    

Lets see -they listened when told to leave? - most had cars? -they had planed ahead?-most have jobs? - this is not a crappy dirty crime infested area?

2520 days ago


I'm a Yankee fan for the last 45 years and Justice is the only Yankee player that I ever hated.

2520 days ago


#30.......George Bush hates black people......How many times you have to hear it???

2520 days ago


Honestly, the outreach we have seen on TV for the victims of the wildfires is on a STATE-wide level, NOT National. I'm sure President Bush is keeping an eye on the situation, but- I'm positive he's allowing the Government of California to maintain the majority of control in this situation. Stop putting all the blame on President Bush- I swear some people will look for ANY thing to point the finger at Pres. Bush. and to make this a RACE issue. Lay off it and grow up! Comments like that really show your maturity level and your education level.

2520 days ago


#35- you're right. all donations have been made by residents in the area, and volunteers are people who's classes got cancelled, who's offices were shut down and who had time and heart to help. FEMA either got there yesterday or today. somethin like that. the news changes by the minutes.

2520 days ago

how dumb    

To #33 oj sucks:

Sorry if I annoyed you, but I really enjoy reading these sites when I need some downtime from working. So it is disturbing to me how people make a lot of these blogs into racial issues, when they shouldn't be. It is more disturbing when certain racial comments are allowed, and some are not.

I'm actually trying to CLEAN UP the blogs a little bit. I'm not crying to anyone and I sure didn't whine in school. Your comment is just rude. If no one ever "whined" about unfairness, there would be no civil rights for anyone ever.

I had to make a point, I made it.

Now move on. thank you.

2520 days ago


I tried to park my double wide in MALIBU but the city would not allow it something about,only rich, famous and eternally tanned could live there. I feel sorry for them 'cause double wide 'livin is the best except for them tornada's. Also what does shove it deep and hard mean. Sounds like something you have to experience to REALLY know!

2520 days ago


Hillary Clinton really cares about the state that will definitely give her a win. She could care less about the fires. She's too busy making sure Hollywood pays up bigtime!

2520 days ago


#18, you are an idiot. I'd much rather read about this fire that is devasating a community that I used to live near instead of some stupid story about yet another celebrity getting drunk and making a fool out of themselves. The fire is justifiable news, not that!

I would also like to say to those of you that are complaining and comparing this to Katrina, alot of those people were given ample warning to vacate before the hurricane hit but didn't but then you have these people being affected by the fire are only given a few hours, they have almost no warning. Big difference.

2520 days ago
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