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MLB Star's Home Gutted by Fire

10/24/2007 4:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David JusticeTMZ has learned the home of former baseball player (and ex Mr. Halle Berry) David Justice has been decimated by the wildfire.

Justice's neighbors include several current and former professional athletes, including Chargers star and NFL MVP LaDainian Tomlinson. According to the San Diego Union Tribune, the entire area was evacuated and although Justice's home burned, those of Tomlinson and former San Diego Padres player Phil Nevin did not.

Nevin told the paper his neighborhood "looks like Mars. The house across the street was engulfed in flames. It burned down in like an hour. I'm safe. My family's safe."

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Those of you who have nothing nice to say need to shut up. He is a great guy and has a great family. And for those of you that care he and his family are safe.

2556 days ago


FEMA sat up camp Wednesday Morning at Qualcomm, they had to wait for the area to be designated a federal disaster area.


2556 days ago


On a very personal note, this is my family member you are all commenting about. It is a very difficult time for our family, as we suffered multiple evacuations and loss in our family. We deeply feel for all affected by the fires in San Diego and throughout Southern California, and we are very grateful for all the firefighters, law enforcement, military, and volunteers who are working so hard to make everyone in the community as comfortable as possible during this difficult time.
As you can imagine, it is very difficult to read all the inappropriate, ignorant, and cruel comments that transcend all bounds of decency. Shame on you. No person should ever have to endure, or wish upon others any kind of tragedy.

2556 days ago


that's what y'all get for living in that inferno hell pit, down here in the south, we got things called hurricanes, and my home was washed out in the gulf by Ivan. i really feel for ya...

2556 days ago


@omofmom and any other insensitive pricks, he's got three kids all under the age of 8, think about that for a second. He never cheated on nor abused Halle, despite what you may think. She even says so in the February 5, 1997 USA Today Baseball Weekly, and May 13, 1996 issue of People Magazine, both published after they were divorced. So if Halle says nothing happened, why do you think something did? By the way, Halle does admit being beaten by a former boyfriend, around 1990-91 before she met Justice...likely either Christoper Williams or Wesley Snipes. But your informed opinion was good too.

2556 days ago


#123 Okay Blaze you have done your research and I am sorry that I offended a fact hound like yourself. I am sure that you can tell all of your buddies in the Justice for Justice fan club that you really burned me. Good one!! High Fives all around dumb a$$. Beause who doesn't know that Baseball Weekly has all of these indepth articals about wife beaters. I guess if my husband beat me I would tell People. Ya thier the ones to tell. By the way if I had a prick it would be sensitive.

2556 days ago

Show some Decency    

V, Blaze and anyone else who knows DJ, just ignore the trolling haters. I knew as soon as I saw the news that they'd be out in full force, trashing him for a marriage they know nothing about and for rumors that were never proven and HB even said were untrue. She's been very open about other abuse in her life, so if it actually happened she'd tell everyone. It's been over a decade, and I'll bet he'd like nothing more than for his name to stop being mentioned in every news story about his ex, the perennial "victim."

Just because he's wealthy doesn't mean he doesn't deserve the same sympathy as the countless other families who've lost their homes. It just means that he's in a better position to recover from it. And it definitely means that his young innocent children should also be given some measure of consideration, but the people on this web site would rather trash someone just because they can than show a shred of decency for a family that's suffering.

Much like others affected by the wildfires, I hope he and his family are safe.

2556 days ago


I was going to address #124 directly but I've realized how senseless that would be at this point. Just to set the record straight, I'm not in any kind of Fan Club and I wouldn't consider myself a fact hound either. I have, however, seen David Justice as an amazing athlete and a smart, strong role model for almost 20 years. There are very few with public images as positive as his, except when he is dogged by the ignorant opinions that come out of the woodwork anytime something like this happens.

I don't know him or his beautiful wife Rebecca personally, I just know what kind of effect following his career had on my life and the lessons I learned from that. That they are in the hearts, minds and prayers of legions of fans like myself means more to me than a few weak opinions. God bless.

2556 days ago

Show some Decency    

Karma, huh?

Well, in that case, I guess HB's got some coming her way for that woman she hit with her SUV and then left in a smoldering car without bothering to check to see if she was OK.

2556 days ago


Sorry he loss his home BUT the wrong you do will come back and bite you in ways you can't imagine! Treat people well and have respect!

2555 days ago


FIrst of all I can't believe that I am actually doing this, but I heard about it so I had to write a comment. You all need to stop being such haters and get off the computer and make something of your lives instead of wasting time on this website. you are making some of the most ignorant remarks I have ever read and I'm sorry that you are so stupid that you believe everything the media tells you. He would never slap anyone around! but some of you bitches should be slapped around! have a heart there not looking for sympathy so keep your remarks to yourself.

2555 days ago
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