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Paris Hilton's Stomach-Turning New Flick

10/24/2007 3:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton: Click to watchClips of Paris Hilton's latest film role has found its way to the Internets -- and it's a bloody mess!

Last night's Scream 2007 Awards on Spike TV premiered the trailer for her new sci-fi/horror/musical, "Repo! The Genetic Opera" -- and man is it brutal! Hilton briefly shows up in the clip -- wearing a dominatrix outfit and black wig -- and she even "sings!"

Warning -- this intestine-spilling video is for mature audiences only!


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#10 its a big fall from a high horse so watch out. Paris is a dumb a$$ She wants to go on larry king and say she is going to do good things then she should follow throught. Plus she did'nt just win the lottery she has had money her whole life and will have her the rest of her life. If you love paris so much then marry her (how's that for mature)

2553 days ago


Hope she's doing this for chairty!

2553 days ago


she has the uglyiest pus i ever seen

2553 days ago


I don’t have an education, but I want money and fame. I’m a huge Paris Hilton fan, and I want my daughter to be just like her – my daughter’s going be a star! I don’t care if she quits HS, cashes in on sex tape notoriety, goes club hoppin’ till dawn, gets arrested, lies to the judge and gets thrown in jail. If that’s what it takes for my daughter to get fame and money, go for it! And what’s wrong with a few racist comments? With fame, money and looks, my daughter will say anything she wants -- she’s entitled to set a bad example. So what if she lies and uses some people – it won’t hurt anyone, right? I mean, with the right handlers and PR team, who’s going to know?

She’ll have to marry into some wealthy family with a famous name. Without that kind of backup power, she’ll never be able to keep those cameras flashing and people spending their hard-earned cash to buy her act. (Ka-ching!) Success is money and fame!

Anyway, screw all those people who rag on Paris. I’m sick of hearing this lame crap about character and higher standards. Don’t they know who Paris is? Don’t they know that money and fame are above criticism? I’ll label them all “jealous haters.” So what if it isn’t true – gotta throw something back, right? Can’t let their daughters look better than mine. Mine will have a ton of fame and money anyhow, and that’s all that matters.

2553 days ago


I will go to watch the movie but i am covering my eyes everitime Paris Hilton is in the screen and my friend is goin to cover mi ears when she sings

2553 days ago


We all know Paris will do ANYTHING in front of the camera, and I do mean ANYTHING.

2553 days ago


The guys look hot! Movie may be worth that

2553 days ago


The music in REPO is excellent, the theme is very dark. It deals with body parts being sold and repossessed if people do not make their payments.

This has all the makings of a horror cult classic. LOVE the music.

Paris plays the daughter of the villain and she has a nice strong voice from what we can tell from the clips.
She always said she wanted to make romantic comedies and horror movies, so that's what she is doing.

The reviews so far for everyone,including Paris, are very good.

2553 days ago


All of you people who say bad things about Paris will be forced to watch this movie 24/7 when you die.

I have spoken.

She will win several academy Awards and be hailed as the greatest actress and singer of all time.

Once more I have spoken

2553 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Dear Paris,

I am a great fan of yours but I don't like horror movies.
I won't watch this one.
I enjoy watching The Simple Life over and over and over again.
Also Pledge This.
I liked your album.
800 Pound Gorilla

2553 days ago


The director of Repo is Darren Bousman from the SAW movies, so of course it is scary.

Paul Sorvino, from the Sopranos, plays the villain and he sings a very good tenor.
Paris also has a very strong voice, much stronger than on her CD,and of course Sarah Brightman and Alex Vega are also strong. So the cast is great.

Seems to be similar to the opera " Die tote Stadt " which is full of vampires and ghouls.
Supposedly all the dialog is being sung, this should be very interesting.
I don't usually like this sort of thing but just from hearing the music clips I know I'll go see it. The music is great.

2553 days ago


People being judgemental about Paris Hilton's personal life - it's getting kind of old and it's no one's business. Just old stuff warmed over and exaggerated by tabloids. Who cares.
There is no one in Hollywood or in this world who is lily white.

I want to see this horror opera even though I know I might be scared. But I'll grab my boyfriend and squeeze him hard whenever that happens.He has to hold me, just like on scary rides.

But I'll see this movie if it's the last thing I do. Maybe we'll go with a group of friends. It should be fun. Too bad it won't be out till April, it would make a good Halloween flick to see.

2553 days ago


it is what it is, some people will do anything for the almighty dollar, but I would have used a pseudonym

2553 days ago


LoL, I do that too.
I can only stand horror movies with a bunch of friends around me. Then it's fun. Sort of.

I think Paris also has a comedy coming out in the spring titled The Hottie and the Nottie. I liked her in The Simple Life and I think she will do fine in whatever movies she picks to do. Can't wait to see what the fuss is all about with REPO.

2553 days ago


Anyone who pays money to see Paris in anything, even her porn videos, is insane.

2553 days ago
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