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"The Hills" Are a Lie

10/24/2007 1:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Montag's breasts (and relationship and singing career and apartment and office job) aren't the only fake things on "The Hills"! The whole "reality" show is too. Shocker!

Cameras snapped the gruesome twosome of Heidi and Spencer filming scenes of the fauxality show at LAX (the airport, not the club) on October 12. At first, all appears legit as Spencer is seen dropping off Heidi, appropriately enough, at the curb. But minutes (and a costume change) later, the douchebag duo shoot another scene, making it look like Heidi has just returned from visiting her folks in Colorado. Faster than the Concorde!

It's official: everything about Heidi and Spencer is a sham! Team Elodie.

A rep for MTV says "This was a pickup shot for continuity that in no way affected the storyline."


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I have never EVER seen any of these shows, but it is so obvious that it is a scripted "reality" show. If people thought it was real, they should have their heads examined.

2556 days ago


Why is she wearing different clothes if it happened minutes later?

2556 days ago

so what?!?    

Personally, I don't care if it is real or fake. It's good! Team Elodie!

2556 days ago


MTV is a sham !!! What happened to music television?? Go back to the days when MTV was revolutionary enterainment, their ratings were awesome then . Now MTV is a cable soap network with rap music being dominate music on the air, that is when they even air videos. MTV just.. well it sucks now. Everything they put on is edited with pretty people having lots of sex and getting hammered in the meantime, these people are hand picked like the old days of American Bandstand... And when the kids want to watch videos , they turn to BET now because music television is not music television. Get this crap off the air and play music!! Me?? well i will stick to VH-1, at least i'll get some music there....

2556 days ago


The whole show is a staged. Last monday's episode where LC is curling her hair, the cameras pan away and come back to her starting on the same piece of hair she had already curled but this time it was straight.

2556 days ago


That wouldnt be the first time that they dubbed something to look real in the show. If you watch the episode when she is talking to Spencer in the house about Elodie screwing her over and not able to go to dinner with him because the boss is mad at her, he has no beard and then when he is whinning about not going to their anniverary dinner, he has a full beard and same topic....


2556 days ago

I like how you strike a deal w/ no longer relevant MTV (MTV Networks/Viacom) to PLANT these paid stories (by MTV to TMZ) and attempt to pass it off as "gossip". I think I'd _rather_ see more Britney driving news. You suck, Harvey!

Speaking of sucking:

2556 days ago


This is old news and old pics....TMZ is way far behind.

2556 days ago

mo1 guys are HILARIOUS!!! But I have to tip my hat to you and say you're the best.... ;-)

2556 days ago


I think they forgot to change his costume!

2556 days ago

Julie G.    

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2556 days ago



2556 days ago


And in this day of illusion your surprised why??? these "wag the dogs" shows, wars, news cast and overall illusion fed to the public is surprising again because why??

2556 days ago

just sayin    

The only thing they changed was their shirts, reportedly. However, his shirt looks the same to me. Yes, it was shot after the fact because the reality actors are only followed a few days a week. The producers admitted that it was done to keep the story in context.'s old news. A week or two ago the producers came clean.

2556 days ago

Sick of It All    

On the show that aired Monday Lauren goes out to dinner with Gavin and is wearing nail polish. She comes home RIGHT AFTER THE DATE and calls Scrody (I mean Brody) and NO NAIL POLISH..........................


2556 days ago
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