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Jada Pinkett Smith Butches Up

10/25/2007 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No, she's not reprising her role in "Set It Off," but Jada Pinkett Smith is still seriously trying to play up her thug life. Those Beverly Hills streets are rough, yo!
Jada Pinkett Smith
The 36-year-old celebuwife -- and wannabe hardcore rocker -- didn't wear one of her designer gowns or any borrowed Harry Winston jewels in these ridiculous pics, taken after performing with her metal band, Wicked Wisdom. Strike a pose!

Finally, there's something more preposterous than Will Smith's rap career. Switch!


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FO Wife    

Saw her band on one of the late night talk shows a while back...they suck.
She also was doin the heavy metal hair and head shakin thing that totally looked stupid.

2532 days ago


************* STANKYYYYYYYYYY !!! ***************


Will is definitely the pretty one of the two.....& that ain't sayin' much ...........

2532 days ago

Papa Bear    

I've heard from some inter circles in Hollywood that both her and Will are Bi-sexual. Also, she looks ridiculous looks like she's holding up to drum sticks that she just got through eating all the meat off of................too old to try and pull this look off..just makes her seem like the joke she is.

2532 days ago

DEE-VA 1960    


2532 days ago


Leave her alone, she is just having fun. You guys should try it, metal is good for you! Keep rockin' Jada!

2532 days ago


Damn, talk about multiple personalities! The music didn't sound that bad but it's just not something I would have imagined Jada being into.... from ball gown to head banging.

2532 days ago

Papa Bear    

she looks like a skinny old man in these pics...gross. but then again i heard Will likes it like that.

2532 days ago


She is such a MAN!!

2532 days ago


Is it just me, or are her index finers abnormally long?

2532 days ago


Good gawd, people. Why the ugly, nasty remarks about her. We are born with the looks we have. Not everyone is born as beautiful as you (think you) are. Most of us live with what God gave us and learn to appreciate what we have.

She has wonderful children with Will Smith. You don't read about Will, Jada or their kids in the news much. That is a GOOD thing.

If she wants to have a rap band, whether she is good or not, it is an outlet that she likes and no one should be critical of it.

All of you who post negative here really need to get a life. Really!!!

2532 days ago

Dog is a racist mutt!    

I saw Wicked Wisdom on tour with a bunch of other well known bands. I had serious doubts when someone told me who the singer was, but they sounded pretty good after all was said and done! They were a pretty tight band and threw down as hard as anyone else there. I later read that she's been doing the band thing much longer than she has been doing the acting gig. She is very passionate about rock and metal music and has been all her life. She is no poser when it comes to her musical tastes. Yeah the pics here make her look cheesy, but when she was on stage, she wasn't just playing at this, she felt it and people could tell by watching her! Much respect for that!!! I'd much rather listen to her music any day, than listen to that over-synthesized vocal crapfest that Britney is putting out!

2532 days ago

Blah blah blah    

You guys are being extremely nasty. Let her do what she wants, don't like it, don't listen. However I had NO idea about some of the post I have read about their private lives. Don't know if any of it is true, but it surprises me. I loved Will on Fresh Prince. Oh well, to each their own.

2532 days ago

Fake People Suck    

Hey if any of you likes rock her group is actually good, she kicks ass. I would have to say that she is up there with Otep! That is just an fyi for any true rock fans!
But as far as she looks in this she does look goofy but she is pulling off the death metal pretty well, she has actually had this group for a while.
Really she rocks pretty hard. I know I didn't believe myself until I saw them......You forget that it is Jada.

2532 days ago


I have seen jada on talk shows, and i have always been impressed. she loves her kids and her family. it doesn't seem like she takes the easy way out when it comes to raising her kids. i admire her for that. she is a very down to earth person.

2532 days ago


I have never posted a comment before, but what the hell is this.....
She is no hardcore rocker.....I happen to know a few and none of them throw up gang signs...... this is laughable....

2532 days ago
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