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Katie Holmes: Amazon Woman Dot Com

10/25/2007 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unlike Nicole Kidman, it appears Katie Holmes is not contractually bound to wear flats!
Katie Holmes and her husband
Sporting a pair of sparkly, stiletto Scientoloheels, the third Mrs. Cruise towered over the crowds -- and her 5'7" husband -- at a Berlin premiere on Wednesday.

Suri's dad will be happy to know Katie has found a prescription drug-free way to get high!


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Robin Givens, Toronto, Canada    

I totally thought that was Sandra Bullock! What an awful dress, Katie needs a boob job, just dont' go to Posh's surgeon.

2523 days ago

Sir Nigel Buttercrumpet    

GAWD, she looks like crap since she married that wack job. She used to be soooooooooo cute.

2523 days ago


Is there a baby under there??!! Doesn't look like her either,Shoes are cute??!!

2523 days ago


With all that money you would think she'd buy a decent dress!!! The one she is wearing is hideous!!!

2523 days ago


She is so pretty! Hopefully she will wake up and get rid of the creepy husband....Hes a control freak , with short man syndrome!!!!!!!!

2523 days ago


That is a terrible dress. Is she pregnant?. The top half of the dress makes her look flat chested. I don't know why so many women continue to where dresses that do not fit their body type.

2523 days ago


Oh, come on! How many Scientologists get paid to read this site daily and say nice things about what Katie-she's-a-child-bearing-woman-now-so-call-her-Kate Holmes is wearing! That dress is AWFUL on her. Like so many of them are! She has this strange propensity to wear dresses that squash her boobs down low and make them look like they're closer to her navel than her chin, and the waistline on that thing...words fail. She looks hideous! Jackie O my ass!

2523 days ago


I love her hair style, simple but beautiful on her.

2523 days ago


She looks like a fricking STEPFORD WIFE!!!!!!!!!!! S...C...A...R...Y!!!

2523 days ago


Notice how the cult leader always has her in his sights. She is not allowed to be away from him. As for those kids, they need to be taken away from him. As long as he is a member of that cult, then they are in danger. Anyone who thinks I am wrong, check out Scientologies views on kids and how they should be raised from birth, according to the cult founder. It is pretty scary. Oh, and for all you Tom ass-kissers, I am not saying all this because I don't like Tom Thumb, it's because I think cults are dangerous and nothing good comes from being brainwashed into joining one.

2523 days ago

Syl C.    

She looks awful and so does that dress. The dress reminds me of when she would go out in public after she had Suri, and wore dresses like that so people would think she was pregnant, Since she had conceived way before she met Tom Cruise. Too bad Shorty didn't have his lifters on. Somone pleez tell her to throw that dress in the California fires.

2523 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Why are the Hollywood bimbos getting their hair cut like Victoria Beckham? Posh isn't much of a role model with the pig (I mean pug) nose, the boobs under her chin, the tart clothes and shoes. With all of Tom' s money, Katie she should hire a stylist.
Mr. & Mrs. Cruise are the dimwits of Hollywood since they were kissing on each other all over the world before their marriage. Looked like they were trying to prove something. Since his rantings with Matt and silliness on Oprah and putting down Brooke Shields, I have decided not to add to his bank account by seeing his movies anymore. Tom is NUTS !!!!!!

2523 days ago


Is she pregnant again? That is the only explanationI can come up with for that dress and how it bulges out. WEIRD DRESS AND HUSBAND.

2523 days ago

I said    

She looks like an ostrich. Seriously.

2523 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Nothing but trolls on here today.
Tom once said in an interview that Scientology really helped him when he was messed up,
and was instrumental in getting him where he is today. Last I looked, people are free to choose their religion or philosophy for themselves. Looks like parts of it worked for him.
What I don't like is the silly 'alien' aspect of it, and the scary cultish pressure they exhibit that makes me think there's much to hide. (that BBC reporter thing - whoa, not good on them...)
If Cruise clarified whether he actually believed in the whole Xenu thing or not, it could go a long way to helping his image. I can see how some aspects could be really helpful to some easily influenced and confused souls, but other aspects of it seem so ludicrously irrational and fantastically so far-fetched as to be laughable.

2523 days ago
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