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Security Tight for Britney Spears Custody Hearing

10/25/2007 8:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

K-Fed and BritneyThe custody battle between Britney Spears and K-Fed heats up tomorrow morning, and the court isn't taking any chances, y'all.

According to court officials:

"A second weapons screen station will be set up on the eighth floor tomorrow between the elevators and Department 88. Cell phones, recording devices and cameras will not be permitted past the weapons screen or in Department 88. Reporters are urged to make other arrangements for their cell phones. Anyone who has a cell phone with them when they go through the weapons screen on the eighth floor must give it to the deputies before they will be allowed past. Deputies will then provide a claim slip, or receipt, to retrieve the phone later. Individuals who do not have business in the courtrooms on the eighth floor and do not have a seat in Department 88 will not be allowed to congregate in the hallway."

No phones?! What is Britney going to do?!


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Here go our tax dollars again in our state of California and LA County---All that security is very expensive. Why can't Britney just let Kevin Federline and her mother raise her two toddler boys? She could care less about these boys and has a tour planned ahead of her. She hasn't had any re hab for her alcohol and drug use--I don't care if she does have a 'parental coach' and she and Federline are getting counseling through the courts. She still needs to get psychological and intervention help.

2557 days ago


Don't get so wrapped up in blaming Spears for the tight security. It may have more to do with Federline who continues to employ bodyguards, and who, recently at least, seemed to believe, despite lack of any evidence, that his life was in danger, thus requiring bodyguards.

2557 days ago


Does anybody know whether the security is tighter this time than the last time they were in court?

I mean, is this standard operating procedure for high profile cases, & TMZ is just making a big deal out of it because they have nothing else to report on?

2557 days ago


Maybe it would do Britney some good if she actually went to a custody hearing. Show some interest in those garden gnome children of hers.

2557 days ago


She'll probably ask (in hypersqueak), "Why didn't the judge lock down the building for me?"

2557 days ago

Gimme a break    

I think they should have to pay for all of this extra security. Why should we have to foot the bill for their privacy?
I'm getting sick of this.

2557 days ago

Blah blah blah    

Boy in Hood

Excellent Point.

2557 days ago

Kyle Gordon    

ok Ya'll this is it i'm gettin my kids back and i'll be wearing panties from now on... ok ya'll ya'll ya'll ya'll. I will not drink in front of my kids and no drugs what-so-ever. Not even pot! I am goin to clean up and get my calafurneyea license ya'll, and volunteer my singing services to help out our hard working firemen putting out those big fires ya'll and maybe toast some mashmellows! Well thats it so ima gimme more starbucks and icecream peace ya'll!

2557 days ago


YES she is gong to pay attorney fees. She makes more income.
Yes he will get a sizable income to take care those kids. If she hadn't been a neglectful motherl, then it would have been over in Nov because spousal support was to end
So get some brain cell and stop blaming K -Fed

2557 days ago


Any fool who thinks Brittney is going to court every other day to get her kids back, so she can be a mother to them is a crazier then she is.. She just wants the public to think she wants them. She's a poor excuse for a woman, a sister, daughter and most of all... a mother, if you can call her that. Can't wait for Karma!

2557 days ago

Gimme a break    

And the knucklehead that says "Britney pays taxes" ... she's used way more police and court services than she's paid for. I AM paying for her crap.

2557 days ago

2557 days ago


Give it up Britney! Get help. After you are clean, you can try for custody. You really need help honey.

2557 days ago

just wondering    

...ROCKY # 12...u had some valid points BUT...of crse WE will only see her with the kids for photo opps!!!!!!!!!!!!!...she sure isn't sending out invites for neighbourhood bar-beques!!!!!!!!!!...she is the MOST photographed person in the world right nw...what do u expect....she can't be behind her gates all the time!!!!!!

2557 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

#32 If you are not K-Dud, you must be Shar. Shar is still pissed because K-Freak left her for Britney and her money. But, Shar, you wouldn't have any child support from K-Freak if it weren't for Britney. We all agree that Britney has some mental health problems but that doesn't give K-Freak the right to go after all of her money. He shouldn't have those kids, either. TMZ, how much are K-Freaks lawyers (at Britney's expense, of course) paying you to trash Britney every day ??? Maybe the kids belong in a foster home 'til the two idiots grow up and accept some responsibility in rearing them and K-Freak gets a job and stops living off of Britney.

2557 days ago
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