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Woman Says -- Copperfield Creeped Me Out

10/25/2007 5:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An Atlanta woman went on camera with TMZ TV and said David Copperfield made a move on her during his Vegas show, just days before the FBI raided his Vegas warehouse and seized digital camera equipment and a computer hard drive.

The woman -- Amanda from Atlanta -- says Copperfield's people singled her out before the show and "marked" her for David to invite her onstage during the performance. Afterward, Amanda, who was wearing an extremely short dress, says David wanted to meet her backstage, where she was escorted by one of his assistants.

As TMZ first reported, sources say Copperfield has used his show to "pick up women," targeting them in the audience, bringing them backstage after the show, taking their pictures with a digital camera, and then interviewing them on the things they liked. In particular, we're told the women were asked if they liked the Bahamas -- Copperfield owns a series of islands there.

The investigation was triggered by a Seattle woman who claims Copperfield sexually assaulted her in the Bahamas. Copperfield denies any wrongdoing.

Other women have written on the TMZ message board, recounting experiences where Copperfield allegedly hit on them during his shows.

To hear Amanda's story and the tales of other women, watch TMZ tonight. Check your local listings.


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She is prolly just a Lesbian anyway


2562 days ago


Everyone is talking about this woman and other women in judgement, what about David? What's it say about him that he chases after low class trailer trash? Seems to me anyone with half a brain in his position should have enough sense than to mess with the trash....

Sounds to me like he's just as stupid as these girls.

2562 days ago


aint gay nor is she hot.

girls like that come a dime a dozen.

2562 days ago

Bob. My name is the same forwards and backwards    

a.) That girl is gross. b.) She's an attention whore. and 3.) She's a gross attention whore.

2562 days ago


What guy wouldn't single her out? She's dressed like a whore. She's just crying 'wolf' for her fifteen minutes.

2562 days ago


I know someone who was picked out of Copperfield's audience several years ago and dated him for a while. He never "raped" her.

Also, Wayne Newton picked out a woman who was in the audience of one of his shows and he's now married to her.

I wish I had an audience of men to peruse for dates. I certainly would take advantage of it!


2562 days ago


14:57....14:58....14:59.....Ding! Your 15 minutes are up!

2562 days ago


This happened to my best friend and I!!! We were in vegas in June and David invited us both onstage and then asked us to stay afterwards! He took our pictures, asked us to fill out a questionaire with all our favorite things on it, then gave us a brochure for his Bahama's islands!! THEN his assistants called us for the next least 3 times a day... inviting us to the Bahamas! Better yet, once we never called back David Copperfied himself called me and gave me not only his work # but his cell # too!! Ewww hes a creep...he knew we were only 19!!

2562 days ago


The sluts a liar.

2562 days ago


So what? Is it a crime to try and pick up women?

I can understand if he sexually assaulted someone, but not just trying to pick someone up and using his fame to do so.

2562 days ago


For Pete's sake, her dress is fingertip length... high school girls wear MUCH shorter things to class.

2562 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

Hey, didn't I see her on Girls Gone Wild? C'mon...she loved the attention then and she loves that TMZ is reporting her sob story now. Once a ho, always a ho!!

2562 days ago

kim suck    


2562 days ago


Nothin different than what rock stars do. Big deal.

2562 days ago


I remember back in 1989, Mr. Copperfield took one of our sisters on the road with him when he left Texas after a show and dumped her at a airport without a ticket when he was finished with her. As long as you got his eye, your golden, after that, your trash.

2562 days ago
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