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Brit Has Left the Courtroom -- For a Moment

10/26/2007 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ just watched as Britney Spears, with her hair down, walked out of her custody hearing, escorted by a handful of Sheriff's deputies and her lawyer. As she walked out, she looked agitated and upset.

Then, two minutes later, she walked back into the courtroom, with her hair now on top of her head. Hair and makeup!

One note, her lips are ENORMOUS. You cannot make out the shape of her upper lip.

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Now I know TMZ is making this up. No woman can put her hair up and make up on in two minutes

2519 days ago

George Clooney is a Pu$$y    

I had to check my hair cus I gotta look good in court ya'll.

2519 days ago

Fly on the Wall    

I hope the fish-faced bitch gets so upset and depressed that she does herself in, then we won't have to hear about the worthless skank any more.

2519 days ago

Olde Grfeywoolf    

Who is her physician?

2519 days ago


I find it weird that the press is so interested in what she does. She does nothing but the cameras follow her around as if she matters.

2519 days ago


kevin wants the money that comes with the kids because hi alimony runs out in november he is a looser he left shar jackson when she was peregnant with his kid so he could run after money. looser i cannot stand him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2519 days ago


Why is it so hard for people to believe he may be a good dad now?

2519 days ago


What an idiot.

2519 days ago

Reality is....    

Come on you all......we really shouldn't rush to judge so quickly. Although I was a parent at age 25 and I had my stuff together, we do NOT really know what goes on behind closed doors. Yes, I think she's probably a selfish, snotty, uppity, spoiled girl who needs a serious reality check. But also, yes, I think as many mothers will tell you, she probably loves her children more than anything. She made a tremendous mistake getting pregnant by this man.

What does he do?: How do we know what he does behind closed doors. We know he smokes pot, and you can't tell me he doesn't snort coke either. Neither is better than the other, and the one telling thing for me is that while she wants to move away from LA with her boys, he will NOT allow it. Shouldn't he want his boys away from this chaos? It's in the best interest of his children to get them out of this area or they will be forever traumatized.

One is not really any better than the other, he doesn't have the pappo following him around for his every move, but I have seen plenty of photos recently with him partying it up with tramps in clubs, with joints hanging out of his mouth, etc. Is this a good role model for a father?

Why should he get them? Why should SHE get them? And the biggest question....why are HER parents, the boys grandparents there in court supporting her? If I were in this situation, you wouldn't be able to DRAG my parents away from this. Where are they????

2519 days ago


She thinks having Angelina Jolie lips will make her a better mom.

2519 days ago


cannot stand him he is only in it for the money that freaking bum with no money living off of britney, he wants the kids and the money that comes with them

2519 days ago


She is digging her own grave. I bet her lawyers hate her.

2519 days ago

Reality is....    

#22 Sam,

It's so hard to believe because once a snake, always a snake. Someone like him does not change overnight just because they had kids. You forget that he had kids with Shar and he was still a snake even after.

Because Sam, we can see photos on line of him smoking pot, we can see photos of him online partying it up in clubs, we can see photos of him online hitting on mindless tramps, and we all know that he has no morals because he left a pregnant girlfriend for another stupid ho.

What makes you believe that he really DID change? He's a punk, always has been and always will be.

2519 days ago


me thinks the judge ordered a drug test right then and there. She was probably ordered to and the deputies escorted her and stood while she did. I remember reading she did the tests but they came to the lawyer not the court as ordered. Sounds like that isn't flying with the judge. Sounds like Britney bitch is getting the cold slap of reality.It's about time. I don't wish bad to her but she brought this on herself. Even after the judge ordered things she still tried to be in charge...she can't accept the judge is now in charge of what happens to her kids.She's in for a rough ride until she understands AND accepts that the judge is in charge.

2519 days ago


Mr. Lee - funny you should say re: Kevin that once a snake always a snake. Then shouldn't the same apply to Britney? Once a slut, always a slut?

2519 days ago
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