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Brit Has Left the Courtroom -- For a Moment

10/26/2007 6:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ just watched as Britney Spears, with her hair down, walked out of her custody hearing, escorted by a handful of Sheriff's deputies and her lawyer. As she walked out, she looked agitated and upset.

Then, two minutes later, she walked back into the courtroom, with her hair now on top of her head. Hair and makeup!

One note, her lips are ENORMOUS. You cannot make out the shape of her upper lip.

Story developing ...


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I think that Brit's biggest problem is that she doesn't know how to be a good parent. Look at the example she had... a pair of parents who saw her as a meal ticket from a very young age. Maybe Brit just doesn't know what to to with a child that isn't a meal ticket. I don't think Brit has any idea how average parents treat and love their kids. They train Panda parents how to treat their children by showing them videos of other Pandas interacting with their babies... maybe they could do that for Britney. I think that Brit has been searching for a long time to find that fairy tale that somehow she believes is out there but she doesn't have the personal tools to achieve it. If you didn't experience love as a young child you don't know how to give it as an adult.

2554 days ago

Reality is....    


Because his parents are a couple of losers? I think I heard his father is some alcoholic, his parents divorced when he was young and didn't have anything to do with each other. They shuffled him back and forth and wasn't ever involved in his life much? He would live with his dad for a few years, then his mom for a few years, blah blah blah.

No wonder he has no morals? He didn't have such a great childhood either and is repeating the cycle with HIS two boys..

2554 days ago


NO Way---

Brit brit didn't have a committment to Shar. Kevin did.
Crappy, yes. Kevin didn't even tell Brit about Shar.

2554 days ago



2554 days ago


LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 6:12PM on Oct 26th 2007 by ITS BRITNEY BITCH

Unbelieveable that a 25 yr old would set up a Spears tribute site and update it 24/7.
You need a life GF..... that is something I would expect from a 6th grader........

2554 days ago


I see parents in my own city worse then brit, you guys are hating cause she's got money and your broke ass don't.

2554 days ago

thats right    

# 61 you are so wrong when you say that if you dont have love when you are young you dont know how to give it when your an adult, my mother and I dont get along and my mother abused me when I was younger but I have to kids and I love them with all my heart and they love me we are all best of friends to, so that is so not true. Britney thinks she can do what she wants and get away with it but she does not seem to realize is that her actions hurt her boys and they did and she is suffering for that, she made her bed and now she has to lie in it. She went after Kevin when he was with Shar and she was pregnant she should of backed off, and even when they got together everyone told her to leave him and she didnt and now look what she got her life into a mess and she cant get out so now maybe she will learn but I dought it very much

2554 days ago

Reality is....    

Same with Kevin Federline, I have read his father was an alcoholic, his parents divorced when he was very young....he was shuffled from parent to parent, and lived with one a few years then would move to the other parent and NEVER had any stability either. I also read his parents weren't very involved in his life either.

So there we have it, he's making sure the cycle keeps going with his boys. Why should he fight to stay with Shar? What should he have enough backbone to fight off Britneys advances?

He didn't learn any of that stuff when he was a kid, so why should he have any morals.

2554 days ago

a guy    

Susie you are mistaken. She had a well-grounded family. She was treated very well by both parents. She always spoke highly of her brother. And if her parents were what you say they were, then her sister would be all messed up, and her sister is way more mature than Britney. Even if she was showboated by her parents, they never mistreated her and she was a great person until she got older. If what you say were true, then she would have been messed up way before her mid-20's and it would have shown. she is well into adulthood, this stupid bitch just made her own self stupid and greedy. She cares more about her image on a CD cover than anything else.

2554 days ago


Mr. Lee - you still don't get it, do you.

No one knows depression better than I do. And I know that people who are depressed do not (I repeat DO NOT) assert themselves in such a selfish manner. Pure bunk!!!

Stop enabling.

2554 days ago


To # 59

I was responding to another poster who asked why her mother wasn't there. I said it might be because the hearing was closed. I would have been surprised if it weren't closed to everyone other than the interested parties.

Am I surprised that Kevin's mother is not there? Not really. He's almost 30 years old and throughout his and Britney's relationship, his mother was not there to hold his hand, unlike Britney.

And no, that is not a slam against Britney. It's just something that I noticed. Kevin's mother may not choose to be in the limelight. She may prefer the sidelines; there may be some difficulties between them; she might be helping care for the kids; she may have a job. I don't know.

Men just don't usually have their mothers trailing after them everywhere they go, so I don't find anything odd about his mother not being there.

2554 days ago


Did you not read what I said? I would never do that to another women. Hypocrisy is alive and well in Brit's world.

2554 days ago


She just had a litle fun that got out of hand, She's fine if people would stop watching her every move. Every body needs to let loose once in there lives. that does not mean she does not love her kids, they were at kfed 'swhen she was out.I think he needs more money to live the kind of life he did with brit and more child support would do it.

2554 days ago

Reality is....    


I am speaking from personal experience sister went through the EXACT same thing, minus the fame.

Her husband was a whirlwind relationship, he started having an affair after they had two small children, she was beside herself with grief.....she finally as a last resort went to file divorce papers, just to get him to open his eyes as to what would happen if he didn't straighten up. She THOUGHT the divorce papers would be his wake up try and work out their problems.
Guess what, it wasn't. He said "goodbye" and left her with two small children and a broken sense of self esteem and worth.

It destroyed her, he was her life...and all she ever wanted to be growing up was a mother and a wife. She started going out, to make herself feel a little wanted by people (men). The attention she got made her feel better...well, not really, it was only superficial. The next day she would feel even worse about herself, feel useless and worthless and like a failure....this went on for almost a year. She started doing coke, partying to help the pain. I actually took her children away from her and kept them.

It took some professional help to get herself to realize that one man did not make her who she really was, and that she could be a good mom, a good woman without a man.....

Her story ended up being a good one, and she's an awesome mom now. She was a "okay" mom when she was around even while going through whatever she was going through.

I know that some counseling and some medication really helped her, and she has a new sense of self worth now.....

Mothers and women that depend on men to define who they are can suffer horrible side effects when a man leaves them.

I get it, but I don't think you do.

2554 days ago


She cant control the hearing but she can control what she's wearing..she's coming unglued and maybe she'll get it this time. Of coarse I've said that a few time before and I was wrong.

2554 days ago
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