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Britney Changes -- Again!

10/26/2007 7:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brit Brit just walked out of the courtroom during the hearing and took a 10-minute break. She walked into the bathroom and presto change-o! -- she changed her dark black sunglasses for brown Chanel ones. She also took her hair down. It's intermission y'all!

Britney is extremely upset, and one observer said she was crying.


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LCpl. Sheppard    

Too bad she can't change into a good mother :(

2532 days ago


I can't wait to see how the Britster decorates her car for Thanksgiving

2532 days ago


Can you believe this... Brit is in the trouble she is in because her parents used her as a meal ticket her entire childhood so she has no idea how to be a loving Mom and now this has just been announced...

"Religious publisher Thomas Nelson said it will publish "Pop Culture Mom: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World," by Lynne Spears. Nelson spokesman Curt Harding said the book, to be out next spring, will be about Lynne Spears' raising three children and will have a religious element."
What a crazy world!!!!

2532 days ago


Other sites are repoting she is fine smiling and said everything is o.k. no visial signs of her crying

2532 days ago


Seems like if we could somehow lock up about half of the celebs & paps - things would be much better

2532 days ago


Ding dang! Mah lips is ahurtin' y'all!!!

2532 days ago


She didn't change her clothes. She changed her sunglasses and put her hair back down.
Read the caption again very slowly. They are on break big deal. I would be nervous too.

2532 days ago


Yahoo headline...."Brit's Mom is going to write a parenting book." What a riot!!

2532 days ago


OOOOOOO good grief she probably has more than one pair in her purse. look how big it is.!! Tmz I came on to see what the verdict of the kids was and to NO surprise you have all these people foaming at the mouth about BRITNEY changing her sun glasses..unbelieveable the lengh you go to for this b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t...I wouldnt be surprised since your good friends with the judge if you dont already know the outcome.! It's the only reason i could comeup with to justify all your ridicules BRITNEY coverage.Maybe someone show look into all the leaks from the COURTS.

2532 days ago


Once we have Harvey in the courtroom - then we'll really have something - karma time!

2532 days ago


I sincerely hope Britney gets her life together. Until she does and stops acting out, then she needs to realize that her sons are not safe with her. She is not safe with herself at this point.

That being said, I don't feel particularly bad about giggling over her antics because she works very hard at showing her azz (literally and figuratively). And she still demands respect from a judge, child care workers, and the world at large. No.

I saw a posting a day or so ago that had a link to something called.....histrionic disorder. Take time to google it. It does pretty much track her behavior.

It's not a shame to be bi-polar, depressed, have post-partum depression or any of the other myriad disorders. What is uncalled for on her part is not addressing it and getting help, if not for her, then for the sake of her children.

You can't just ball up your fists and poke out your lip and act like a recalcitrant child.

2532 days ago


She is crying because she misses her dog, her drugs, and her booze

2532 days ago






She's not happy because everything is not going the way SHE wants it to go & because noone is kissing her butt like all the people normally around her do. She's FINALLY starting to realize this court stuff is REAL and SERIOUS stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




2532 days ago


I feel for her. I just hope she gets her head on straight and cleans up her act!

2532 days ago

Mom of 5    

The girl needs help; the kids need a stable family! She craves the attention so much that she has to do Starbucks and shopping runs when she's with her children - she forgets about them. I think her trying to get them back is all for show - they cramp her style (whatever her style is). She could have it all - instead, she's going to lose it all.

And don't be fooled any of you. The paps know where she is because she lets them know ahead of time. If she wanted privacy, she could have it. Why do you think we don't see that much of Paris Hilton anymore? She doesn't call them like she used to. Occasionally they get lucky and catch a star in a place where they hang out - most of the time they're told where to be.

2532 days ago
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