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Britney Changes -- Again!

10/26/2007 7:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brit Brit just walked out of the courtroom during the hearing and took a 10-minute break. She walked into the bathroom and presto change-o! -- she changed her dark black sunglasses for brown Chanel ones. She also took her hair down. It's intermission y'all!

Britney is extremely upset, and one observer said she was crying.


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I'm with Conky. I bet she did snort a line, or pop something before going back in the courtroom. And now she's plumping the lips, next she'll probably get tummy tucks, and then maybe she'll get on Trimspa, baby. She'll pop more pills and snort more lines, and probably end up like Anna Nicole Smith.... croaked! Another one bites the dust!

2555 days ago


Hi- Hoe- the Dairy- O - her gi-na smells just like her _ss!

2555 days ago


I can't believe that everyone is being so hard on Britney. I will admit that she has done some very stupid things recently but she has attempted to begin cleaning up her life. While I do not believe that she should regain sole custody or anything even close at this point I do believe that everyone deserves a second chance. These are her children and she has to care about them or she would not have been in court fighting for them. She also would not be meeting with all of these different people if she did not want these boys back. I believe that this is a wake up call for her and hopefully with help from varous sources she will be the type of mother that these children need. And for those of you that are criticizing her for crying or exiting the courtroom, changing hair styles and etc.--you are not in her position. Fighting for your children would be hard on anyone that loves them. I don't see crying as a weakness in this instance. She loves her children and is scared about losing them. What loving parent wouldn't??? Also if she is crying and upset she probably attempted to cover this up by applying makeup and etc. Just get over these silly little things and focus on the fact that she showed up at a hearing knowing that very few people would be supporting her for whatever reason.

2555 days ago


"Britney is extremely upset, and one observer said she was crying.",

Except one big problem. Just last week on the story about her running over the Paparazzi's foot, some (not all) google news articles said Britney was crying and hysterical and the Pap was rushed to the hospital.

The problem was that NEVER happened in the REAL video that was posted.

IF That was a lie (and it was) then how do we know she really cried in court? It's probably all made up, like usual.

2555 days ago


Oh, and one other thing. That photo of Britney "crying" if that's what it is, has been used a bazillion times.

2555 days ago


The only reason I can think someone would change their sunglasses when in a court room (not that anyone should be wearing sunglasses in a court of law, criminal, family or otherwise), is so perhaps the judge could see her eyes. It's been said she's wearing the sunglasses because she has pink eye (Eww... "Knocked-Up" anyone? LOL).
Maybe she let down her hair because it made her feel more comfortable? Ok, with all that said, there is no way she is a fit mother at this time. If the court doesn't see this, there is no hope for the courts in Cali! Her vulgar tirade against the paps before returning into court, her driving (if you can call it driving), and the huge laundry list of faux pas. Those kids deserve better in a mother, and she is unable or unwilling to give it to them!

2555 days ago


I don.t believe for one minute that Britney does not love her sons. She would not be in that courtroom if she did not. Yes she is having a hard time realizing being a mother does not stop at making sure they have every thing. She has the money to do all of this. Don.t forget she came from a child star right into an adult world, with no years to grow in. I am sure she is shocked at the way things are going. but she does have to finally grow up. I believe all child stars are spoiled. Why would they not be ? So much attention and getting just what they want.. I do not believe she will ever get full custody, which is good for her and her sons. She does have a priivate life that will interfer with being a full time mother. She is in show business and that is going to take up a lot of her time. The same with K Fred. He knew nothing about parenting either. I hope she realizes the power of the court and finally stops fighting them. They are trying to help her. Parenting is a hard job for any one, and with some one like her it is even harder. I believe in time she will be ok,, when she finally stops fighting her self. She is her biggest enemy and will learn you just cannot keep on being a teen ager and parent your children. Her freedom went to her head after the divorce and she got in with the wrong croud. . But she will do a turn around when she knows this judge means business and she s not going to be able to do just as she pleases. She has to grow up and be more careful abut her private life. She is still young and needs time to change. I hope for the best for both of them and that they come to terms and get on with their life. Those boys need both of their parents. But with out the fighting and paparazzi in their face everyt time they move. I feel the paparazzi should have legal boundries as to how far they can come to a person for pictures. YEs there is freedom of the press, but with respect for the people they are trampling over to get a picture of. They cause accidents and hardship on celiberaties. A lot still has to be worked on in this case. So both of you do it and put your sons first and give them the emotional love they need. Third parties should keep out of it.. They both might be young, but they can learn how to act the right way with help. GOD BLESS you both and respect each other so as to make it easier for your sons. That is what love is. Not sex. Fights get you no place, you both have a good judge who is trying so hard to be fair to the bothof you, but the kids come first. Get it ? Love you both.. just a fan . . .

2555 days ago


Inbreeding. That will cause idiots.

2555 days ago


# 119

Oh, that's very cute. Now you have taken my TMZ signature and started to speak for me. I must have said something in an earlier post that got you cranked.

How very silly and childish of you.

2555 days ago


I accidentally stumbled on this site and thought I would add my comments which is something I rarely do. I don't know much about Britney Spears other than she has a nice voice but not my kind of music. Some say she is hooked on pills. Maybe so. That means she has an addiction illness and sometimes people do abnormal things when they are on drugs.
This poor kid can't even go to the bathroom without the media commenting on it. She is under 24 hour observation from these media bloodhounds from RAG papers. This would drive anyone crazy. I see a lot of cruel mean spirited comments from some of the jerks on here hoping she loses her kids etc......What kind of people are you that would wish this on a young mother. The best thing for Ms Spears right now would be for the media and sites like this to back off and give her some breathing room and some privacy. She may well be a celeb but she is hurting right now and deserves some peace of mind.

2555 days ago


Britney, you marked horrible mistake in your life, you married Kevin
need help and correct your entire problem; you still a star, I believe with out you, there are many magazines, include TMZ will going out of business soon.

2554 days ago
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