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D.A. Will Not Charge

Orlando Bloom

10/26/2007 3:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that the L.A. County District Attorney will not file charges against actor Orlando Bloom over the accident he was involved in on October 12 that injured his two passengers.

In the D.A.'s Charge Evaluation Worksheet, the D.A. states that they are declining to prosecute the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star because of "insufficient evidence."

According to the document, Bloom "was being pursued by 4 vehicles containing paparazzi and one vehicle containing fans." Bloom "took evasive action resulting in a collision."

As for walking away, they say he "walked approximately 60 feet from the scene in an apparent attempt to avoid paparazzi's continued pursuit." They say "[Bloom] was not D.U.I. but was dazed."

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Baseball Junkie    

Audie, Granted that being rich, famous or attractive does not give someone the right to walk away from an accident, if you pay attention to the real case you might realize that Orli did not walk very far away from the car and the girls weren't badly hurt. We also don't know how badly Orli was actually hurt. The fact that he had no obvious wounds doesn't mean that he wasn't injured.

2553 days ago


Baseball Junkie, why don't you check the facts. I wouldn't say I voted one way or another unless I actually did. If I wanted to be all high and mighty, I would have said that I had voted that he was getting celeb treatment all along.

Seriously, I really admired Orli. I write fanfiction about him (or his character Legolas in LOTR). Me and my friends used to go stupid over him.

Anyway, I'm all for people getting what they deserve. My mother is a habitual drunk driver, and I threaten to call the cops on her everytime she comes home drunk. I tell her all the time that she deserves to go to jail for what she's doing. I wish that I could catch her in the act, so that she can go to jail and realize what she's putting her family through. I have vowed never drink because she's set such a bad example.


I honestly feel that there's a good chance that Orli could have been drunk. Look at his behavior prior to the accident! We'll never know, though, because the cops didn't take a breathalizer(sp?) test.Judgement call, or not.

BTW, you cannot make me feel stupid or uneducated for my comment (I realize that's what you're trying to do). Do not comment on me personally in the future.

2551 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Scarlet FBL,
I answered you in detail in the "Orlando Veers Away From Questions" thread. I checked the facts. You, obviously, did not. As far as "I wouldn't say I voted one way unless I actually did." There is no evidence of your vote one way or another so you can say anything you please. " "I write fan fiction about his character about Legolas" This is supposed to impress me? My father was first fandom and I've been reading fan fiction since "K/S". If you don't know what those terms mean then you are an idiot to call yourself a fan.
I'm sorry you're mother is a drunk driver but that does not mean Orlando is nor does it mean that you should take your anger over your mother's behaviour out on him. I realize it is upsetting to learn that your idol has feet of clay but he was always human. He never was Legolas. Legolas does not exist in the real world. He is a fictional character no matter how many "Mary Ann" stories you and your friends write about him.
Finally, no one can make you feel stupid and uneducated unless you feel that way yourself. If you have self doubts, you are the only one who can fix it. I know this from experience. Take it from one who is probably old enough to be your mother (although not a drunk driver, I've never even had a driver's license because my vision is too bad to be safe.) and Orlando's as well. Try getting some help from a real psychotherapist.

2550 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

BTW, don't try to tell me what or to whom I can write. I always have and always will write as I damn well please. If you don't want a response to your comments than don't challenge people to prove you wrong.

2550 days ago
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