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Ex-Worker Says It's a

Hard Knocked-Up Life

at Jay's Club

10/26/2007 1:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A woman is suing hip-hop impresario Jay-Z and his swank 40/40 Club, alleging she was fired because her preggy condition didn't suit the club's "sexy" and "unattached" image for the staff. But a source tells TMZ that the real reason Folake Ogundiran isn't working at 40/40 anymore is pretty simple -- she just stopped showing up!

In the suit, obtained by TMZ and filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Folake, who worked as a sales associate for 40/40, claims that when she told her bosses she was pregnant, a female supervisor snapped that she couldn't run a business "like this," and told her not to show up the next day. When Folake tried to report for work two days later, she says she was "barred from entering the workplace" and denied unemployment benefits.

Folake suggests that she got the 86 because her "gestational status" would be "inconsistent' with the image 40/40 wanted its sales people to exude, namely, "young, fashionable, unattached, and 'sexy," as the suit reads. She's suing for discrimination, and seeking unspecified damages. A source tells TMZ that Ogundiran did in fact stop showing up for work, and despite the club's efforts, she never returned.

40/40 rep Ron Berkowitz tells TMZ the suit is without merit and that "like many other lawsuits" brought against Jay-Z, "will likely be dismissed."

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i'm sorry, but jay-z is just awfully ugly.

2551 days ago


To Cart: what lawyers have u talked to buddy? woman cannot be fired for being pregant! have u ever heard of fMLA? ur retarded, i doubt u talked to a lawyer bc they would have told you all about FMLA and how it is illegal to discriminate against pregnant woman.

2551 days ago

lost in TMZ    

young, sexy and Un-Attached hmm, all that he is n't. He has a kid by some Jamaican chick huh? Ok. I get it, he is trying to get the younger crowd to be all that he is not.

2551 days ago


I don't know about other states, but in Maryland you can't be fire or not hired because of pregnancy but we can get the ax just because. If other states had this rule, everyone would be pregnant but the production levels would be through the roof.

2551 days ago

Ola Iya.    

Seems to me the name Monkey says a lot bout your intellectual level, there is nothing wrong
with a name that is't smith or jackson. I have u know that Folake has a beautiful meaning but oyou are too dumb to know

2551 days ago


Thanks for calling me a retard. We talked to 2 lawyers, the state department of labor, and her union. Since she was able to actully work, but not in a full capacity, they had the right to fire her.
Also the business did not have to comform to FMLA, even if they did, she did she did not meet the minumum of 12 months of employment. I'm so retarded that did not give you the entire situation.

2551 days ago

jay-z is just awfully ugly

2551 days ago


Hey Jizzy, ever live in NYC? Bartending and service jobs in general, never mind at exclusive clubs like this, are EXTREMELY hard to get there - you have to 'know people'. Men and women who work at places like this make pretty good money, and most of them are just normal hard working people trying to make it in a very expensive city. Maybe you should take your sexual frustration and ego issues somewhere else.

2551 days ago

Fine N Mellow    

Lets see how this all plays out.

2551 days ago


Hey 18, nice spelling there genius! Shouldn't you be in school now?

2551 days ago

Partially Pregnant    

If this lawsuit is NOT based on factual evidence, but is very frivolous, then it can be termed as another black-on-black crime!

Cart, the actress who was wrongfully terminated because of her pregnancy but won a substantial sum of money-I believe her name was Hunter Tylo.

2551 days ago


Okay...why would you want to work in a bar being pregnant anyways? I understand that it's good money...I've worked in an upscale restuarant/bar before and yes it is good money. But besides that, I mean you're pregnant and look at the environment that you're putting yourself in. Who wants to be surrounded by drunks who would run into you and people smoking while they're pregnant? It's just not a good environment!

2551 days ago

Women R Hizoes    

Good for Jay Z and the 40/40 management. She knew the bar had a "sexy" image when she applied there. If she chose not to maintain that image by allowing herself to become knocked up, she had a professional obligation to step down. It's not everyone else's problem that she is pregnant. That was a personal choice.

2551 days ago


Cause you is old, an she is Pregnant, and I can't have not old people and pregnant people in my club.

2550 days ago


actually, kiki, some states are "right to work" states, which means that an employer can fire you if he doesn't like the way your shoes look. An employer can always say you did something wrong. Once I received a job with a temp agency at a construction company. I got pregnant with my daughter about 2 months later. When I told the company my news, they chose not to hire me after the probationary period. By all accounts, I was going to be hired, but they changed their minds once I told them. Our attorney told us the same thing Cart's did - that they could do nothing because there was NO actual proof - because IN is a right to work state, the employer could fire me for no reason.

2550 days ago
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