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K-Fed Wants Brit Caught on Tape -- Commissioner Rules

10/26/2007 1:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Britney AM hearing is over -- it was all about videotaping Brit's deposition.

K-Fed's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, told the judge he wanted to videotape Spears' depo, because the way Britney speaks is as important as what she says.

Sources tell us that during Britney's last court appearance, her words to the Commissioner sounded sincere but they were dripping with sarcasm.

Spears' lawyer, Thomas Dunlap, argued that there have been tons of leaks and he didn't want the videotape ending up on

The Commish said he was not concerned about Britney being videotaped because she seems to court all that with the media. He said, "Your client's concern on paper makes sense, but the ongoing pattern with the media and with the kids doesn't square."

Parent Crap -- click to launchBut ultimately, Commissioner Scott Gordon ruled he would not allow a video because he was concerned about the content leaking to the media.

As for TMZ getting the story as to what was in the parenting coach's report, Commissioner Gordon said, "I am deeply impressed by the investigative work of the media, although I think it's a little stretch of their talent." Aw, shucks!


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Refresh y'all TMZ's got the courthouse surrounded. Video's started.

2552 days ago


Video? Wow. Look at all of those paps. The circus is in town.

2552 days ago

Julie G.    

#101 by OCD, I agree with you. I hope both of them will get help and work on some areas that they may need to do for the boys' sakes. It is not easy to do, but it would be worth it a try.

2552 days ago



2552 days ago


OCD and JR are the same morons with the same dull comments. They talk to each other as if they were different people. And you think Britney has a problem?

2552 days ago


106 jr hahaha, you are ocd. Your nuts. Stop talking to yourself.

2552 days ago

defender of the femme    

#10, I agree. It's bad when judges are influenced by the media. I believe some of this commisioners comments about britney's "habitual, continual, whatever" use of substances was made not by evidence, hard evidence, but by the influence of stroies he'd read. No one is immune to being persuaded or influenced, including judges. Also, that he would even address the media--by talking about how deeply impressed he is by their work (and then chides them), is courting the media. It sounds biased to me. This commish isn't talking about his tuna sandwich, and crying, but he's still courting the media, in a more savvy way. Of course, HE knows he is also a focus of attention.

I just read this post and then everything after, up to the end of the hearing where britney leaves "very upset" and kfed leaves "very happy". TMZ has definitely taken sides. Comments about kfed being a "sharp dresser", and britney being a wreck...I don't think she yelled the stuff Extra claims she yelled. At this point, certain reporters are feeling comfortable enough to flat-out lie. Once a few people said bad things, they started feeling safe. They can point to other people who lie about the same stuff.

Wasser is quoted as saying kfed and britney both care a lot about the kids. why mention kfed at all? Did she represent britney? or kfed? she wasn't representing the kids, bc she backed out. She was supposed to be britney's lawyer, and later makes it clear she was never on britney's side.

I still feel britney doesn't know who the driver was in all of this. Right now, I don't think she can even see it, or look back and remember clearly. But when the fog clears, and her hindsight is better, she's going to understand how she was set up and that this was not her fault. Give her one year away from the stress, and she's going to start putting two and two together. She needs to dig a little deeper and start making some connections as to which assistant she hired knew who.

Good idea for her mom to write parenting book. If britney is so slandered, shore up mom to take these kids back as an expert in parenting.

Britney will get them back, and maybe even get full custody down the road. The difference between kfeds side and britneys side is that britney reacted, she didn't plot. She's still not plotting or making strategies for getting kfed in trouble. kfeds party would try to get her drunk, and have a "friend" enable her and encourage her to do things she wouldn't normally do, simply because brit wouldn't know what was going on and would only hear the flattery. kfeds party would set her up with an assistant who would lie and say he witnessed all kinds of things. kfeds party would know someone in the media and use them as a tool. Kfeds party would try to alienate britney from her family, and would set her up to have affairs with men she didn't know well. britney...wouldn't even think of doing that. she might think of taking away his car, or leaking the news that he smoked pot around the kids, and she may have ended their marriage over the phone. but she never would go to the levels he's gone to, and her friends never would either. her family wouldn't even think of it. kfed's got a dirty party, and while britneys family may have christian values, it's time for them to fight back, and get dirty too. Jesus took a lot of crap without saying a word, but he also brought a lot of people down--calling them out for what they were, and destroying their business (turning over tables in the temple). I see britney and kfed in a reverse samson & delilah scene, with kfed seducing britney only to bring her down for the delight of others, cutting off her hair and whispering, "pleease...just do it for me", getting her drunk enough to confide her deepest secrets and weak spots. Kfed found the weak spots, and he and his group worked on her and brought her down. I believe, the first time britney almost split with him, after kid #1, he knew he wouldn't win custody. kfed knew that if she divorced him them, she'd get the kid. So he sleazed his way back into her heart, and got her pregnant, with the intention of giving himself more time to work on her, and to hire people who would work for him.

2552 days ago


OCD is a person who does care what is best for others. Jr and OCD are two different people. I agree with you OCD.

2551 days ago
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