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Million-Dollar Trove of Marilyn-abilia

Stolen to Be Sold?

10/26/2007 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The people who control the late Marilyn Monroe's estate are incensed that a distant relative of Marilyn's assistant has been hording a massive store of her possessions, including letters, notes, bank statements -- even perfume -- and plans to sell it off.

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe, LLC, the company that controls the star's posthumous holdings, is suing Millington Conroy, as well as a group of unnamed defendants, to stop them from auctioning or licensing any of the stuff they, according to the suit, have nabbed unlawfully. (Conroy is the son of Ruth Conroy, who was the sister-in-law of Inez Melson, who was Marilyn's assistant.) The suit alleges that back in 1994, Millington said in a deposition that all he had of Marilyn's were two pieces of correspondence between Ms. Melson and herself.

Turns out he had a lot more than that.

A spokesman for the estate of Marilyn Monroe said, "The parties are in discussions working toward a resolution of this matter, and a further statement will be issued subsequently."

According to the complaint, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Millington has "letters, notes, financial records, blank and cancelled checks, bank statements, receipts, recipes, jewelry, fur coats, hats, purses and perfume bottles." And the plaintiffs also claim that Millington has already had these things "photographed by a professional photographer" and "now imminently intends to sell the Marilyn Monroe Properties to memorabilia collectors for millions of dollars."

Neither Millington nor his lawyer could be reached for comment.

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2552 days ago


Marilyn, Elvis, Anna Nicole....why can't we just let these poor people rest in peace. They entertained us for YEARS and its about time we just let them go.

This is my first post I hope it's ok :)

2552 days ago


Well, askewcutie, as long as their money and value remain in our culture (pop culture or social culture) they are never going to rest in peace. I for one don't understand why it is such a problem that this guy has the stuff?????

2552 days ago


i love marilyn... they should just let her rest. why try to profit off of someone when they are gone? i understand the nostalgic things with her pic on them like shirts, pictures, coffee mugs... but her personal things? just keep them in the family. i know she only had like a half sister and i dont even know if her mother is still alive, but things like that should stay with friends and family...

2552 days ago


The problem with this guy having Marilyn's stuff is that it isn't his. How would you like it if you die and all of your possesions went to someone other than who was to have them. Marilyn's stuff is very valuable and this guy knows this (that's why he lied under oath and his the assets during a lawsuit). I find it very conveinent that this very valuable stuff was stolen from him and then returned. That happens to all of us huh?

2552 days ago


maybe oj is behind it!!!!!

2552 days ago


askewcutie, please don't include Anna Nicole in with a group of icons as Elvis and Marilyn Monroe! No comparison!!

2552 days ago


Anna Strasberg and *the estate of Marilyn Monroe* drive me crazy. Marilyn left her estate to Lee Strasberg (although there is talk that she was going to change her will before she died). After Paula died, Lee remarried. When he died, Anna Strasberg got control of the estate. She never even knew Marilyn! And now she is raking in millions and millions of dollars every year. It makes me sick. She should have donated Marilyn's things to a museum instead of selling them off to goodness knows who. Notice that she didn't start selling Marilyn's things until after Susan Strasberg had died and there was nobody left in the family to stop her. It makes me sad to continually see Marilyn exploited even 45 years after she left us.

2552 days ago

get it right    

I agree with Jackie. This is sad. Marilyn should be able to rest. I also agree with Tootsie, ANS is in no way comparible to Marilyn and Elvis, they were true legends who could actually sing and act for their period of time!

2552 days ago


Oh, come on now. I totally agree that her belonging should be given to relatives in her own family tree or close personal friends. BUT! To the Marilyn Monroe being in a different catergory than Anna Nicole is crap. People, she pretended to be the typical ditzy blonde in all her movies. She got money that way. She WAS a good actress, however. She let people control her into what roles she would play. She had the potential to be the Britney Spears of her day (pretrainwreck). She also died of an overdose, whether it be accidental or purposely -- as did Anna Nicole. Both women have a lot in common, the only difference is Anna Nicole got caught on camera doing it, and Marilyn didn't. Oh, and Marilyn had the POTENTIAL to be a great actress... Anna Nicole didn't really have any talents past modeling.

2552 days ago


Another one that the public/media killed... And there is still no respect for her now that she's gone.

2552 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

8# Look at Jim Morrison, same thing. He left all of he stuff to his girlfriend Pamela and she passed on and now her father controls everything. He also had never met Jim, but his is also taking in millions of his name.

2552 days ago

baby girl    

Sooo like how dead is she??

2552 days ago


Just like with any will, Lee passed on his estate and MM's to Anna. She's doing with it what she wants because she was left in charge. It diesn't matter that she never met her. Some years from now a great great grandchild you never met may be left in charge of your estate so your stuff doesn't get sold.

As for him having her possesions. He lied under under oath and they need to go back to where they belong and he needs to spend some time in jail.

As for # 11. You can't not go on a ranting rave about how Marilyn let people pick her work for her and blah blah blah. Remember she lived in the 50's! Things were way different back then if you were a woman. Ask your grandma about it. Women didn't have the freedom they have now. Before you make a comment about something like that, think of the time period. The world hasn't always been the way it is now.

2552 days ago

Rocco and David    

Why do people say 'rest in peace' ? - The deceased have no idea what's going on here.

2552 days ago
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