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TMZ -- Streaming with Brit

10/26/2007 11:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brace yourselves y'all! In just a short while, Britney Spears will face Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon at an L.A. court and battle to regain shared custody of her two kids. It's bound to be one of craziest courthouse scenes of all time!
Live Streaming Video @ 3:00 PM EDT
We'll have live streaming video of the Britsanity, starting at 3:00 PM EDT, which will run until she leaves the building.

Git yer bag o' Cheetos and orange sody ready -- this one's gonna get wild!


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you have riden this horse into the ground and its DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

find something/someone new to drive insane...someone who wont
go "nuts" as quick as Brit did for you. Unfair advantage TMZ!!

2551 days ago


#90 B.C.

I assume you would prefer that we send positive feedback to someone who regularly flashes her naked crotch, attacks inanimate objects with umbrellas & vomits all over herself? We should praise someone who drags small children through a throng of paparazzi, frightening them to death - just for a photo op? Or should we commend a mother for showing our young people how to dress like a slut & writhe against a pole? You obviously don't care about the impression Britney Spears has on many young girls, but some of us do.

2551 days ago



Hey, where is your prediction poll? Don't you know that people like to say, I told you so?

2551 days ago


Well said Brian & Marcus. My only concern is the safety of those precious little boys. Have a great weekend everyone and may God bless you all.

2551 days ago


Gloria Allred is off interviewing the missing dashboard pumpkins. They're today's secret witnesses. ;-)

2551 days ago


Dear Britney:

We know you have "issues". But there are some things that are fixable, such as:

1. The hair. Bald can be beautiful. Those extensions look like they were forcibly removed from the south end of a north-bound, sway-backed draft horse. He doesn't want them back.

2. Food stains. You apparently have enough clothes and change them often enough to carry spares. You can even keep a new "shirt" in your diaper bag. Lord knows, your "shirts" won't take up much space. Or you can wear a bib. There are options.

3. Panties. God made them just the way he made sunglasses. To protect our eyes. Wear 'em.

4. Driving debacles. Remember that rubber bumpers are your friend. They can be installed in various colors, to match your mood disorder. You might be able to see obstacles in your path if you remove some of the detrius from your dashboard and rear-view mirror. As my driving instructor says, "See the BIG PICTURE!"

5. Not being able to find your house. GPS. There is probably one in each of your cars now. Get your hairdresser to type in the location of your houses. Wait a minute....on second thought, don't use your hairdresser. He is not your friend.

6. Malfunctioning equipment, i.e., phones, gates, doorbells. Hon, you need a repairman squad to follow you around. You can buy them all cameras if you so desire. Make sure one of them is a Maytag repairman.

7. Lip enhancement. Since it is impossible at this point to dissuade you, the only advice I can give you is not to walk too fast. You might run into a window or parked car. In that case, it might take the repairmen to unstopper your lips from collisions with flat surfaces.

Be safe out there!

2551 days ago


I think I may have to take a break from -- this is insane...with all that is going on in this world....and you concentrate on this?

2551 days ago


# 98 LOL clever....

2551 days ago



I've been thinking the same thing! Usually TMZ has a poll running. Somebody must be asleep at the switch. Also, I agree with your prediction 100%.


2551 days ago

You people who say "TMZ sucks" are freakin' hypocrites. Then why in the hell are you here? You feed the monster.

2551 days ago

thats right    

TMZ sucks Britney Sucks everyone sucks!!!!!

2551 days ago


#99 OCD

LMAO! Actually I think it was the extensions & not the dogs that upset the PETA folks so much.

Could you please add the little plastic pumpkin lights? I mean, every time I see those strung across the dash of a Mercedes Benz I expect to hear "Redneck Woman" blaring out of the speakers.

2551 days ago


This is sick world we live in when a woman, albeit star, cannot walk 2 inches per minute without the Piranhas ready to attack. You guys are contributing to the "normal" life her children will be exposed to. It really makes me sick to my stomach to watch, but that's the problem...we all watch. So, the cycle continues, money to be made putting the misery and undoing of others to film....i guess that makes what you do legit? Hope those who hunt these people on a daily basis have a clear conscience.

2551 days ago

Team K-Fed    

Waiting sucks. But the court figures they better give her enough time to wake up, get coffee, get gas, change clothes (w/o panties of course) a few times, run over some paps, cry, go to taco bell....

2551 days ago

thats right    

team k-fed lol

2551 days ago
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